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My Green Gift Guide
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It’s getting into the holiday season and if you’re shopping for gifts this year, why not buy from conscious brands? This list contains both North American and EU based companies, but most ship internationally. (note: this post is possible through partnerships and affiliate links, you can support great brands and also … more

Green Barcelona
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Barcelona was at the top of my list of places I wanted to visit while we are living in Europe, so I was thrilled when we were finally able to go last month. It’s not only a gorgeous city with beautiful parks, little streets, and interesting architecture (Gaudi!) but the … more

Simple, Safe & Eco Friendly Cleaning
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My home cleaning products are super simple, these are the few ingredients I use: Vinegar – white and apple cider Baking Soda Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap (I love the peppermint scent) dilution cheat sheet  I usually use the vinegar at a 50/50 ratio for both my yoga mat cleaner and … more

I will never be Zero Waste
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I am all for reducing waste and I think an important part of living sustainably is lowering your impact and waste. I also share low/zero waste products and solutions however I can’t see myself adopting a zero waste/plastic free lifestyle with the way things currently are, here’s why:   Garbage … more

Foundation of a Sustainable Wardrobe
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  The 4 areas I consider to be the basics of building a sustainable wardrobe are:   Wear – make sure you’ll actually wear and get a lot of use out of your clothes. When buying something new, commit to at least #30Wears and ask yourself questions before buying it … more

Minimalist Apartment Tour
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My most requested video is finally here! I hope you enjoy this tour of our home in Germany. My husband Ben and I try to live minimally but still have a functional space that meets our needs and feels comfortable. Even though this apartment is not the ideal place for … more

Fall 10×10 Challenge Recap
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This year I again took part in the fall 10×10 challenge. Created by Lee Vosburgh from Style Bee, the challenge involves selecting 10 items and styling them in 10 outfits over 10 days. What I love about this challenge is that it’s not only a great way to try out … more

Shopping for Ethical Running Shoes
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Recently I needed to replace my running shoes and decided to film the process of researching and finding a new pair. This is an example of how I approach shopping for an item and dealing with not being able to find exactly what I’d like. With specialty items like this … more

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