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Fall 10×10 Challenge Recap
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This year I took part again in the fall 10×10 challenge. Created by Lee Vosburgh from Style Bee, the challenge involves selecting 10 items and styling them in 10 outfits over 10 days. What I love about this challenge is it’s not only a great way to try out a … more

Shopping for Ethical Running Shoes
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Recently I needed to replace my running shoes and decided to film the process of researching and finding a new pair. This is an example of how I approach shopping for an item and dealing with not being able to find exactly what I’d like. With specialty items like this … more

Low Waste Flying
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My husband Ben has a job that requires him to fly often. He was getting frustrated by all the plastic generated on his trips, so there are some things he decided to bring on his trips to reduce the amount of plastic waste created when flying: A cup/bottle – plastic … more

Fall Capsule Wardrobe
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please note: this post contains some affiliate links   The items I’m including in my capsule wardrobe for this autumn: 1. Wine bodysuit from Miakoda* 2. Velvet bodysuit from Underprotection (read my brand review) 3. Navy tee from Lanius 4. Black tee from Funktion Schnitt  5. Grey tee from Kuyichi 6. … more

Hygge Holiday in Belgium
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Ben and I recently planned a little trip to the country. We wanted to relax, spend time hiking and walking in nature, cook meals together, and just enjoy time away from the city. We stayed in this beautifully renovated barn on a Belgian farm and it couldn’t have been a … more

Choosing a Facial Oil
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I love using oils; I’ve completely replaced creams and moisturizers with them, and enjoy the simplicity and benefits to my skin that come with using them. Some questions that I often get in relation to oils are: “Which oils do you prefer?” and “How can I find the right oil … more

Is it Inauthentic to Edit your Photos?
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There are always discussions around the “fakeness” of social media and Instagram – how it’s made up of perfectly composed images that crop out the ugly parts, people doing something just “for the gram”, only showing all the best parts of your life, and editing/photoshop. I totally understand this; obviously … more

Research and Reliable Information
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On youtube and social media I try to share how I live more consciously, but the part of my life you don’t see is the hours and hours I spend researching – looking into brands, reading studies, and catching up on the latest sustainable fashion news and blog posts. When … more

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