5 Seriously Cool Conscious Brands

If you still think that sustainable fashion = crunchy granola clothes, these 5 brands prove that those days are over.



The Swedish brand Deadwood makes leather jackets from 100% recycled leather. We know that leather is bad for the environment, and so are a lot of vegan synthetics, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a biker jacket. Re-purposing and up-cycling leather is the perfect way to extend the life of existing materials and avoid supporting the cruelty and harsh impact of leather and synthetic leather production.


Zero Waste Daniel

If you associate patchwork with quilts and grandmas, prepare to have your world changed with Daniel Silverstein’s patchwork garments. Using factory scraps, Zero Waste Daniel creates new textiles while producing no fabric waste themselves and fully embracing a zero waste mindset (Daniel is also the co-owner of Package Free Shop with fellow zero-waster Lauren Singer). I Iove this creative approach to waste, design, and textiles, especially with pieces like their Bowie shirt.




The brand I most lust after and wish I could buy every piece from is Complexgeometries. They are Canadian and have beautiful draped garments and unique silhouettes. With fast fashion and brands competing to keep their prices down, we see a lot of the same easy-to-sew cuts and fabric saving shapes, but with Complexgeometries you can see the creative design and pattern-work in each garment. I love their style, and as someone who really enjoys pattern-drafting and draping, I can’t help but geek out over their designs, a lot of which are versatile/transformable and can be worn different ways.



Sexy skin, flirty dresses, and trendy cuts, Reformation has a huge collection of styles for the weekend, weddings, the office, or a night out. All of their clothes are made in their LA factory – some from vintage and deadstock materials – and they share the C02, water, and waste impact of each garment.



Dedicated rises from the organic t-shirt fog (seriously, how many brands are making organic tees now?) with their graphics and prints. Another Swedish brand, Dedicated does street wear well, especially for men. All my friends that I’ve shown their stuff to who don’t prioritize sustainability love their styles, and that’s the best way to get people into conscious fashion!



Find more conscious brands in the directory.

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  1. Carolyn
    | Reply

    If you haven’t already, check out Sans Beast, an Australian brand, which uses vegan leather. I’m new to the world of vl, but their stuff looks cool as well as ethical.

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