Meow Meow Tweet baking soda free deodorant

Finally found a Baking Soda-Free Deodorant that Works!

Last Updated on May 15, 2021

I’ve been using deodorant with baking soda as the active ingredient for years (you can get my easy DIY recipe here) however when I talk about how much I like baking soda deodorants I always get comments from people who can’t use it because they find baking soda irritating. I also get asked for recommendations of BS-free natural deodorants – so I made it a mission to save your red pits and find a good one! 🙂

I’ve been testing out a few different ones and can finally say I found one that works! It’s the Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick by Meow Meow Tweet* which I tried in the grapefruit scent. This also was the one I had the highest hopes for because I’d heard good reviews of it, and I actually am pretty impressed.

Meow Meow Tweet baking soda free deodorant stick

It holds up great during the day. If you’re sweating a lot it’s not the freshest by nighttime, but on a typical day I found it worked really well. I also got their Underarm Primer* which I love using. I did notice a difference in staying power when using the primer and deo together – especially if you’re going into a second day, the primer gives your pits a little refresh.

I also conducted a very scientific (and kinda gross) test to see if it actually worked as well as I thought: I wore the MMT deo + primer on one armpit and my regular BS deo on the other for a whole, normally active day. At the end of the day, for another opinion, I asked my husband Ben to smell both (yeah… 😬 glamorous life of a blogger-husband🥇) and he verified that he couldn’t smell any difference!

baking soda free deodorant

The deodorant has a coconut oil and arrowroot base, just like my DIY one, but instead of baking soda it uses magnesium hydroxide (a mineral also often used in antacid tablets), as well as cacao and shea butter, and essential oils. The stick application is really convenient to use. I don’t mind cream deodorant application but I get that some people prefer not to use their fingers. It’s also sustainably packaged in a cardboard tube! Plus if you’d like to just test it out and see if it works for you they have a “mini” size.

I’d recommend getting the primer if you have very sensitive skin or want some extra smell-defense. You can also use the primer with their baking soda deos to help with irritation and especially with transitioning to natural, baking soda deodorants; when I first started using a BS deo I initially found it a little irritating but then my body adjusted to it and there weren’t any issues, the primer is designed to also help with this transition.

Meow Meow Tweet underarm primer


Also awesome – Meow Meow Tweet* is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, they even replaced their use of palm oil with blends of other plant butters and oils. I was initially drawn to their fun packaging and adorable illustrations and love their focus on natural, organic ingredients and sustainability. 💚



*indicates an affiliate link – I am a MMT affiliate but that did not affect this review, my opinions are always my own. If you’d like to try out their products, purchasing through my links also supports My Green Closet with a small % commission, thank you!

5 Responses

  1. Stella
    | Reply

    Hi Verena, thank you so much for the review!

    I have used your recipe for a natural deodorant for quite a while know and luckily, I haven’t experienced any irritation. But I wonder, can it, in any way, be unhealthy/dangerous to use baking powder on the skin? – does it clog the pores, or how does it work?

    I’m no expert regarding either chemistry or dermatology, so can’t imagine what the risks or whatever might be – if there are any.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Hi Stella,
      I’m also no expert in chemistry or dermatology, but based on the research I’ve done a lot of people use baking soda deodorants without issues. Some people have sensitively which obviously then it’s good to avoid baking soda. Some people are also concerned about how baking soda might affect your skin PH and you can do more research into that, but personally I’m not concerned about it.

  2. Sherry
    | Reply

    Thanks for this review! I’ve switched to natural deodorants too, and I have seen the Meow Meow Tweet brand out there and wondered about it. It’s great to have a personal, trusted review of whether or not a product really works.
    I will say, for the benefit of anyone else wondering, that I have had excellent success with Canadian brand Routine, which also has a number of baking-soda-free options: they, too, are onto the magnesium tip. I love that it WORKS like heck, no question, and that it’s made in Canada too.

  3. Anne-Laure
    | Reply


    I have been using natural deo for a while but always face the same issue with white clothes. All deo’s leave yellowish or greyish stains under the arms…. I heard it comes from the essential oils…Does this one also do this?

    Thank you!!!

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Oh no 🙁
      I typically don’t wear white, but if I do I’ve occasionally seen a little discoloration. Although I’ve found it washes out pretty easily so it hasn’t been a big concern for me.

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