Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

It’s time for a new capsule wardrobe! Since it’s winter, this one is a lot darker and cozier. I’m looking forward to comfortable sweaters and warm layers. This capsule has 30 pieces and I plan to add the final 3 after a couple weeks to see what I find I still need.

I also created a video that goes into more detail about the clothes I chose for my capsule, and how I put it all together. You can watch that video here.


My fall Project 333 wardrobe was a lot more challenging than summer, simply due to the fact that you wear so many more clothes in the fall/winter, but it was still a great experience! You can watch a recap video of how my fall capsule wardrobe went here.


Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

After doing Project 333 this summer (you can watch an update of how it went here) I’m doing it again for fall!

It was harder to put together the fall capsule wardrobe because I love to layer and of course wear a lot more clothes in the fall, but I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now and so far it’s going well. It’s fun to create new outfit combinations and having a capsule wardrobe made packing and moving overseas with only a couple suitcases way easier (I live in Berlin now!).

I chose a variety of garments all within a neutral color palate, and accented with red, blue, and purple tones. In addition to the items shown in the video, I added a jean jacket and a pair of burgundy leggings which brings my total to 33. I also unfortunately couldn’t pack the ankle boots or the small black purse (my bag was just at the weight restriction) so I’ll be on the hunt for perfect vegan replacements.

During the move I spent a month in Edmonton (where I’m originally from) and the local media was interested in my capsule wardrobe and the Project 333 challenge – so exciting! I was interviewed by the Edmonton Journal, you can read the article here. I find it immensely encouraging when people are interested in and want to learn more about sustainable fashion options, reducing consumption, and slow fashion ideas in general! 😀

Right now I’m getting settled in to a new life in Germany, and plan to get into a routine of making more videos. So please check out my youtube channel.


Summer 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

Recently I’ve been very interested in the idea of a capsule wardrobe; essentially a simplified and versatile wardrobe with minimal pieces. I’ve been working on simplifying my life and belongings and it’s also perfect timing for something like this since we’ll be moving 3 times this summer & fall.

I came across this awesome website, Project 333, which has great info and decided to try the project 333 challenge which means you try to live with only 33 clothing and accessory items for 3 months. These 33 items include clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry (which I didn’t include in mine, but will try next time), outerwear, and any accessories. You don’t include things like underwear, socks, sleepwear, or work-out clothes. Seems simple?

Creating my project 333 wardrobe was an interesting challenge, these were the main things I considered when building my wardrobe:

  • Lifestyle/everyday wear – since I don’t work in an office or require business attire I usually dress fairly casually
  • Versatile garments – can they be dressed up or down? Can they be worn different ways?
  • The weather – summers in BC can get pretty hot but can also be rainy and chilly
  • Colours – I like grey as a neutral and then adding colours that work together (a lot of the project 333 wardrobes I’ve seen online tend to rely heavily on black, but some color is always nice in the summer)

I think it’s easiest to start by pulling out the clothes you wear most often (hopefully your favorites) and then building from there. This is also a good time to remove any clothes that you no longer wear.

My summer capsule wardrobe consists of:

  • 1 pair of jeans – dark wash skinny jeans
  • 3 pairs of shorts – plaid denim, grey high-waist chambray, & mustard velvet
  • 2 skirts – red chiffon maxi, & pleated blue shorter skirt
  • 1 blazer – rust colored boxy fit
  • 1 casual jacket – white over-sized
  • 1 cardigan – loose-fit cotton
  • 1 flannel button-up – plaid red/navy
  • 1 blouse – cream loose-fit
  • 2 dresses – one casual linen & one fancier strapless
  • 1 crop top – matches blue skirt (the skirt and top actually used to be a dress)
  • 4 t-shirts – drapey olive green, loose grey, v-neck grey, & fitted black
  • 3 tank tops – fitted turquiose, looser navy, and trapeze silk
  • 1 belt – brown
  • 1 hat – cotton
  • 1 scarf – multi-coloured stripes
  • 4 shoes – boots, nude heels, sandals, & flats
  • 3 bags – 1 large black, 1 medium white clutch, 1 small yellow

= 31 total!

So I actually ended up 2 short. Now I decided not to include jewelry because I usually only wear just a necklace (which I guess could count as another of the 33 items) but when I do wear jewelry I like to stack a lot of bracelets or wear multiple rings so I easily could have used half of the 33 items just on jewelry. Since this is my first time I’m going to try without including jewelry and depending how it goes, I might try including it next time. Also since I didn’t hit 33, I’m leaving the last items open (I honestly had a lot of trouble selecting other things I might want) and will fill them in if I feel like there’s something else I really need.

**I filmed an update video about how my first project 333 capsule wardrobe worked out.


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