Minimalism & Sustainability

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For me minimalism and sustainability have always been connected. A big part of the environmental issues of our stuff is how much of it there is, so reducing how much stuff you purchase is a wonderful way to reduce your impact. Living more minimally also often means that you can “buy less and buy better”- buy fewer things but invest more in them so you can afford to buy higher quality items and support brands that manufacture in an ethical and sustainable way.

Versatile Makeup

I love products that are versatile and can be used for multiple things, especially with trying to have minimal beauty products and a ‘makeup capsule‘.


Products mentioned:
100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer (in Alpine Rose)
Red Apple Lipstick custom eyeshadow palette with Brownie Points, Black Magic, Clean Slate, and Buttercream *
100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint (in Pink Grapefruit Glow)


Do you have any versatile and multipurpose products you like using?



* this product was a gift from Red Apple Lipstick but anything I receive as a gift is under no-obligation and all reviews are my own thoughts and opinions

Why Clothes Don’t Fit

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I decided to make this video is because in the last couple months I’ve:
– overheard some girls in a dressing room complaining about how their chests were too small for the clothes
– had a client say they are a “weird” shape so clothes don’t fit
– had another client list off the “problems” with their body
– saw a comment about how a person’s hips were too big to fit pants
and these are only the remarks I noticed and remember!

Unfortunately too often with conversations and thoughts about how clothes fit, people will find fault with themselves instead of the clothes. Instead of “this shirt is too tight in the stomach” it’s “my stomach is too big”.

This is a discussion I want to have and also explain a bit about how fitting clothing generally works, because I never knew that a lot of brands will fit on only one body type. Also it is important to note that not all brands only design for only one body shape and some brands spend a lot of time developing a fit that reflects their customer.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Further reading about vanity sizing and size standardization:

The absurdity of women’s clothing sizes – apparently standards were last updated in the 70s and currently a company (ASTM) has standard size charts but you have to pay to see them (so I couldn’t compare them) and I also couldn’t find much about how they got those numbers.
One Size Fits Most

Our Green Wedding

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Some of the things we did to try and cut down on the environmental impact of our wedding 4 years ago and also a few things I would do differently now.


A change I would make is sending digital invitations, you can save paper, energy, and also money! I really like Greenvelope’s card and invite designs*, the also have helpful features like maps and RSVP tracking





Photos by Ryan & Beth Photography see more photos from our wedding.

Our favourite charity, the David Suzuki Foundation


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How to find your Personal Style

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Finding and developing your personal style can help you to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your clothes. Style can also be a wonderful tool for personal expression.

Some people have a very clear sense of their style but for others just figuring out the clothes you like can be challenging. This video includes some of my thoughts and tips on personal style and where to start with developing yours.


Do you feel you have a good sense of your personal style?

What is Good Quality Clothing?

With capsule wardrobes, investment pieces, or just for a more sustainable wardrobe buying good-quality clothing is important, but how can you tell if a garment is good quality?

These are some things to look out for:

Check the fabric

  • is it appropriate for the garment’s function
  • can and will you properly care for it (eg. handwash)
  • does it seem thin
  • is the weave/knit tight
  • is the grainline straight (threads run vertical and horizontal at the centre front and back) – unless draped or bias cut styles

Check the seams and sewing

  • are there loose threads
  • are the seams straight or crooked
  • are the stitches short (longer stitches = quicker to sew)
  • are the seams tight or when you pull gently do they open
  • look for high-quality finishing (eg. french seams, blind hems, etc.)
  • look for longer hem allowance

Other signs of good quality clothing

  • matching stripes/plaids at seams
  • extra buttons or thread included
  • lining on structured jackets, skirts, coats, and dresses
  • outside fabric on inside facings (areas next to front opening at neck)
  • flat covered zippers (unless the zippers are purposely exposed)
  • hook and eye on top of invisible zippers
  • straight and even buttonholes with tight stitching
  • pockets with outside fabric on area that can be seen in pocket
  • straight and even top-stitching
  • extras seams for good fit


When shopping online it’s difficult to tell if something is good quality. Search for and read reviews to see what people say about the construction, fabric, and quality of the garment.





Winter 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

I’m really excited about this winter season with lots of cozy knits to wear.

This capsule wardrobe came to 30 pieces and I will likely be adding in my wedge booties and possibly a second pair of jeans but I’m going to see how it goes.

I follow the Project 333 capsule wardrobe which you can learn more about here. As usual I don’t include jewellery, athletic clothes, sleep and lounge wear, and underwear/socks in my items. I also decided this season to not include my winter coat or mittens since I don’t see them as part of my outfits but I probably could have easily included them.

The items in my capsule are:

1. grey tank – Comazo earth
2. black tank
3. sequin tee
4. black tee – MEC
5. plaid flannel – secondhand
6. grey woven long-sleeve – handmade
7. draped long-sleeve
8. grey knit top – People Tree*
9. cranberry knit top
10. tan sweater – handknit
11. mustard & navy sweater – People Tree*
12. chunky knit vest – handknit
13. Icelandic sweater – secondhand
14. check tunic – People Tree*
15. cocoon cardigan
16. purple wrap dress
17. brown body-con dress – handmade
18. black flared skirt
19. beige flared skirt – handmade
20. black knit trousers – People Tree*
21. burgundy leggings
22. jeans – Naked & Famous Denim
23. cranberry knit scarf – handknit
24. indigo scarf – handmade
25. white knit hat – handknit
26. blue knit toque
27. light grey large envelope bag – Matt & Nat (why I no longer support Matt & Nat)
28. black clutch/shoulder bag – Matt & Nat
29. cream heels
30. grey boots – Vegetarian Shoes


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