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I’ve lived in Cologne, Germany for the last couple years. It’s not really a big travel destination unless you’re coming to see the Dom or for Karneval but it has some great places for conscious fashion and veg food! Here are some of my favourites:


Fairfitters – Lovely store with lots of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories.

Green Guerillas – Selection of men’s and women’s casual wear, lots of tees and basics.

Kiss the Inuit – Another option for men’s and women’s casual wear.

Lanius – Cologne label with a few stories around the city.

ShipSheip – Little boutique carrying some men’s and womanswear from their own line, as well as from Dedicated, Jungle Folk, rentals from Kleiderrebell, and accessories.


KattaKatta – Consignment store with an often over-stuffed selection of unique pieces.

Polyestershock – Cute vintage boutique with some lovely items – plus they do alternations!

Vintage & Rags – Large selection of men’s and women’s vintage clothes and accessories.

Vintage Emde – Curated vintage selection with lots of staples and unique pieces.

Kleiderei – A clothing rental store where with your monthly membership you can borrow clothes, like a library! (can also buy clothes)



Bunte Burger


Edelgrün – I couldn’t ask for anything more. This place has a great selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes with a focus on healthy, whole foods and sustainability (bring your own takeaway containers and they’ll give you a discount!)

Bunte Burger – Loaded vegan burgers with lots of different combinations. They have a location in Ehrenfeld, but also food trucks at events and around the city.

MeiWok – Salad, soup, SE Asian curry, stir-fry, noodle, and rice dishes, plus a selection of healthy smoothies and juices. I typically go with the daily special and haven’t yet been disappointed.

Cafe Hibiskus – Great for afternoon coffee and a slice of vegan cake.

485 Grad – Italian pizza place, not totally veg like the others but they have a couple really delicious vegan pizzas.

Chum Chay – Vegetarian Vietnamese food, really cute place with an lovely outdoor courtyard in summer and flavourful dishes.

and finally…

Eisfeld – Amazing ice cream, always with some vegan options. My favourite is apple if they have it.

Find everything mentioned and more…


Menstrual Cups are a Period-Changer

I’m late to the menstrual cup game; I had heard about them for quite a while before I actually tried one out. It’s too bad I waited so long, though, because I’m never going back!


Why I love using a menstrual cup:

1. The biggest personal benefit for me is how long you can leave them in (up to 12 hours!), so I don’t have to worry about changing it during the day.

2. It’s very sustainable – using a menstrual cup means a zero waste period. Every month menstruating women throw away pads, tampons, applicators, plastic and paper packaging. Using a menstrual cup cuts out all this trash.

3. They save money. While menstrual cups are more expensive up front (they seem to range from about $20-$40), you actually save a lot of money if you add up everything you would otherwise spend on other kinds of period products.

4. Tampons may contain toxins. There’s debate and not much research into whether tampons contain things like dioxins or pesticides, so I’d rather play it safe.

5. Less clutter. I love being able to minimize the things I own, so not having boxes in the bathroom or tampons floating around my purse is wonderful.

I decided to get the OrganiCup, both because I love the minimal and recycled paper packaging and organic cotton bag (it’s also certified vegan), and also because based on my research, it seemed like a good firmness and size to try as a beginner.


How to choose a menstrual cup

I did a lot of research beforehand and watched/read different cup reviews online. I really recommend the Youtube channel Precious Star Pads; she has a ton of great information and reviews.

Watch her How to choose your first menstrual cup video. (She also did a review of the OrganiCup)

You’ll want to be mindful of:

  • size – the height of your cervix, your flow, and whether or not you’ve given birth can all affect the size you’ll need
  • firmness – firmer cups are easier to open but can be uncomfortable and press on the bladder, while softer cups might get squished and unseal if you have strong pelvic muscles


Using a menstrual cup

It can definitely take some practice to get used to inserting and removing a menstrual cup. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away; it took me at least a couple cycles before I really felt comfortable using it. To insert the cup, it needs to be folded (most manufacturers recommend a C-fold or “punch down” fold, but there are also others). After the cup is inserted, it should unfold – it’s good to check that it has unfolded properly by running your finger around the outside of it.

Again Precious Star Pads has a helpful video on tips for inserting cups.

Removing the cup can be difficult at first – the first time I used one, I panicked a bit when it wouldn’t easily come out. The trick I found is to use your muscles to help push it down and squeeze it with your fingers to break the seal. I have high cervix so I also really like the stretchy stem on the OrganiCup which helps with removal.

Finally you’ll want to sanitize your cup between cycles by boiling it. While there has been a confirmed case of TSS with a menstrual cup there is not at all high risk, and you also have a risk using tampons.


For me, menstrual cups are the perfect option for a green period. Have you tried them?


UPDATE: OrganiCup reached out after seeing this post offering a promo code, if you’d like to try it out use MYGREENCLOSET for free shipping!



Alex van Os – Op Shop to Runway on Instagram

Alex shows all the amazing treasures you can find at the thrift store, and I can’t get enough of her secondhand outfits.



Lisa from At Least blog and atleastblog on Instagram

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I love Lisa’s style, aesthetic, and fair fashion-focused content. I met her in Berlin at the beginning of the year and she is also the sweetest person. 🙂



Lara Intimates 

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A new brand that I’m really excited about is Lara Intimates. They use reclaimed materials, re-purpose their fabric scraps, and make everything in their London factory/studio. The lingerie is not yet for sale, but I love following their production process and seeing their beautiful designs on Instagram.



Who do you enjoy following?


How to Carbon Offset your Travel

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In this video we’re talking about why carbon offsetting is important and how to offset your travel.

We know that transportation has a large environmental impact, but it can also be very difficult to avoid. Flying is especially bad (although there are ways to fly better) and one way to help compensate for your CO2 emissions is through carbon offsetting.

How to Carbon Offset
  1. Find an organization/program you like
  2. Calculate your carbon emissions
  3. Donate to your chosen program

Finally another way to help reduce your flight impact is by choosing greener airlines and airplanes, or maybe fly though greener airports if you have the choice. Of course opting for trains (check out Writing from Nowhere’s post about Amtrak travel in the US) or busses is a lot more sustainable than flying, so choose those options where possible.


What’s in my Beach Bag

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My beach/pool essentials:

Sunscreen is a must. I’m currently using Eco Cosmetics SPF 30, which is an okay sunscreen. The ingredients aren’t the best compared to other eco-friendly sunscreens, and I don’t like the feeling of it on – it’s kind of sticky, though I prefer that to a greasy sunscreen – so I want to try some other brands as I still haven’t found one I love.

Hat and sunglasses, again for sun protection. (Both pictured are secondhand)

 A water bottle – my husband and I always bring our S’well (pictured) and Soul bottles on any outdoor adventure. You have to stay hydrated, especially on a hot day!

Snacks are also essential. I like to bring fruit in my bag, and on a hot day, juicy fruit is especially delicious. Veggies and hummus are also great, and although it’s not the healthiest, we’ll usually pick up a bag of chips on the way too.

– Something to read. I love lying outside with a book and am a huge fan of e-readers because of how compact they are. I also always have podcasts on my phone, and on a lazy beach day we might listen to some episodes as well.

– Of course I need a swimsuit. Earlier this summer I was still using a swimsuit that I’ve had for over 5 years but unfortunately, this was its last summer, so I recently ordered a new one from Underprotection.

Towels are another obvious one. I don’t want to wreck our nice bath towels, so we usually also bring a blanket to lie on. However, I’m getting a Turkish towel for camping/outdoor activities because they are light, easy to pack, quick drying and really versatile – you can also wear them! For examples of these towels check out Coyuchi (US), Ottoloom (NZ), and Karawan (FR) – which I’m ordering from Avocado Store.

– Finally, this is not an essential, but I’ll often throw rose water or a hydrosol into my bag. When it’s really hot out, a mist spray is so refreshing! I particularly like chamomile because it can be calming to the skin, and I’ll usually dilute a chamomile hydrosol with some water in a little spray bottle.

I carry everything in an organic cotton tote bag. 🙂


To wear over my swimsuit, I like a loose jersey tunic or dress. My navy tunic is perfect because it’s comfortable, cool, easy to get on and off, and covers my shoulders where I usually burn.


100% Pure Lip Product Reviews

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When switching to more natural beauty products, I think the lips are the best place to start, because you ingest a bit of whatever is on your lips. One of the first natural lip products I tried was a 100% Pure lip glaze, and 100% Pure continues to have some of my favorite lip products- they’re all fruit pigmented, how cool is that!?


Lip Glaze

I love the texture of these; they are creamy with build-able colour, and I haven’t had any issues with my lips feeling dry. I’ve used the colours Cabernet (a classic red), Coquette (nude-ish medium pink) – a great everyday colour – and Elderberry (sheer pink/red) which is more sheer than the others, more like a tinted balm.


Honestly from these photos it doesn’t look like much of a difference in colour, but Coquette is quite a nude pink compared to Elderberry, which is more of a sheer blue-ish red.



Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick

100% Pure lip stick review - Calendula

I have this in Calendula which is peachier than I was hoping for (my photo looks very orange). The issue I have with ordering lip products online is that a lot of the shades look similar, and it’s very difficult to know what the colour is like from a photo. I try to find different videos and photos of swatches but it can still be difficult. As a lipstick, it’s nice and wears well, although in comparison to the lip glazes, the colour is more matte and I find it a bit drier.




Lip & Cheek Stain in Cherry (only one colour)

This is very different from their other lip products; it’s a build-able stain and can provide a very vibrant pink with a few coats. I really like the colour of it and the control you get with the application, but it’s not moisturizing (although I don’t find it drying either), and putting a balm over it takes some of the product off and makes it so that it doesn’t ‘stick’ anymore. It also has a very bitter taste. I don’t actually mind it, but you definitely realize it when you lick your lips, so I would avoid it if you don’t like lip products with a weird taste. It claims to be a cheek tint as well, although I rarely use it on my cheeks, because it dries quickly and is difficult to blend in.

Lip stain – Cherry



Lip & Cheek Tint

This I use more as a cheek tint, but it’s also nice on the lips. It’s like a tinted balm and you can build up the colour. I used to have it in Shimmery Strawberry, but when replacing it decided to go with one without shimmer and got Pink Grapefruit Glow instead.

Pink Grapefruit Glow



Have you tried any 100% Pure lip products?


5 Product, 5 Minute Makeup

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It’s summer so I try to keep my makeup light and natural, also including sun protection. This is the super quick and easy makeup look I’ve been wearing most days using green, versatile products. It also is perfect for travelling and packing light.

5 Product, 5 Minute Makeup - Green Beauty


Products used:

1. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer in Creme (I’ve used both Creme and Alpine Rose, both are a little too dark but Alpine Rose is a bit better for my skin tone)

2. Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer in Barely Beige

3. Red Apple Lipstick custom eyeshadow palette (colours I used are Brownie Points for eyebrows and Black Magic for eyeliner)

4. 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara in Blackberry (I would not recommend the blackberry shade if you have blond eyelashes like me as it can be very purple, the black or brown is probably better)

5. 100% Pure Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Grapefruit Glow (Shimmery Strawberry is also a great shade if you want some shimmer)




Why I No Longer Buy Matt & Nat

I used to be a huge Matt & Nat fan. The first bag I invested in over 10 years ago was from Matt & Nat, and since then, almost all of my bags have been Matt & Nat. But sadly, I’ve had some heartbreak.

First of all, I want to say that I love their styles and that they’re vegan, and the bags can be good quality (although the quality seems to have gone done over the years). I used to recommend them for all these reasons, but have now stopped promoting them and removed them from my directory. Here’s why:

They’re not transparent and I can’t get any information about their manufacturing.

About two years ago I was looking for a backpack, and I checked out Matt & Nat. Reading through their website, I had some questions about their transparency page and manufacturing process. I don’t like companies that use vague/general statements like “the conditions of the workers developing it are up to par with our standards” so I sent them an email asking for more information about their ethical/labour standards, whether they worked with a lot of factories or just a few, and asked them to elaborate on their SA8000 certification, because the website only says that “One of our factories operates by the SA8000 standard“. I got a response saying, “I have forwarded your inquiry to the appropriate representative who will be able to give you more information on this“, and then… Nothing. After a few months I sent another email, and again, no response.

I also took part in Fashion Revolution’s #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign asking Matt & Nat “Who made my bag?” which, unsurprisingly at this point, also got no response.

I regret buying the backpack from them, even though it’s a great size and I love the style because I also learned that:

The majority of their bags are made from PVC.

We know that synthetic vegan leathers are not good for the environment, but PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is significantly worse than the other common material PU (polyurethane), as it has a negative impact throughout its production and life cycle and may also possibly be hazardous to our health. On Matt & Nat’s website they even say that “PU is always preferred over PVC, as it is less harmful for the environment“, so I assumed that most of their bags were PU. They also present themselves as being an eco-conscious company, using recycled bottles and cork (and it is awesome they use those materials!), but it turns out a lot of their bags are still PVC. The bag’s outer material is also not included on their website listings, so it’s very difficult to know whether or not a bag is made from PVC.

I checked the tags on my bags, and most of them, including the backpack, are PVC. Currently Matt & Nat’s ‘Dwell’ and ‘Vintage’ collections – which make up the majority of their bags – are made from PVC.

Finally, Project Just (sadly no longer available) also recently released a profile on Matt & Nat that confirmed my worries about their transparency; their investigation also found that there is no information about whether or not Matt & Nat monitors any of the environmental impact of their supply chain.

So, in conclusion, I think their styles and availability is a pro, and I like that they’re using some eco materials like cork and recycled PET, but until they offer more information about their manufacturing process and their current and future use of vegan leathers/PVC, I don’t feel comfortable supporting them and can’t help but feel there is greenwashing going on.

Updates – Things Are Worse Than I Thought

UPDATE: It’s been mentioned in many comments (check them out below) that Matt & Nat does not seem to treat their employees well and has a lot of negative and worrisome reviews on Glassdoor.

UPDATE: I removed a little part of this post saying “they moved their production from Canada” this was included because I remember when I purchased my first bag 10+ years ago being told it was made in Canada (although this might have been a mistake from the shop employee or me misunderstanding because they are a Canadian company) when I looked into them again years later they were manufacturing in China and I assumed they moved production. However it has been brought to my attention that the bags were never made in Canada.

UPDATE: I spoke with a store owner who had a bad experience working with Matt & Nat. They told me the bags come shipped in excessive plastic packaging and when dealing with Matt & Nat they can be rude and also aren’t very transparent with answering questions about their product and manufacturing.

UPDATE: Matt & Nat reached out to me saying they read this post and wanted to answer my questions. While they did provide more information, some of their answers were confusing/vague and I have yet to get a response to my follow-up questions. They also offered to send me a free bag to “restore my faith in their brand”  which honestly makes them seem even more shady to me – I want answers, not a bag.

What are your thoughts on Matt & Nat?

For some alternatives check out my round-up of sustainable bag & purse brands!


Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

Items in my summer capsule wardrobe:


1. Knit draped tank – DIY (video)
2. White silk tank – DIY (video)
3. Purple tank – Comazo | earth
4. Blue bustier/crop top – DIY (video)

5. Black v-neck tee – Funktion Schnitt 
6. Brown oversized tee – (dyed)
7. Navy tee – Lanius
8. White linen tee – Lanius


9. Gold/green blazer – secondhand
10. Beige cardigan – 5+ years old
11. Blue “denim” shirt – secondhand

12. White draped jacket – 5+ years old
13. Denim oversized jacket – secondhand


14. Black denim shorts – secondhand
15. Green belted shorts – Armed Angels 
16. Light jeans – MUD Jeans
17. Black knit trousers – People Tree *

18. Linen midi skirt – NotPerfectLinen *
19. Floral pencil skirt – secondhand
20. Red maxi skirt – 5+ years old


21. Tank body-con dress – secondhand
22. Floral linen dress – DIY
23. Navy tunic dress – People Tree *

24.Grey/black silk dress – 5+ years old
25. Grey Tee dress – Kowtow
26. Navy maxi dress – 5+ years old


27. Backpack – Matt & Nat – I used to support them but no longer do which I explain in this post.
28. Beige cross-body bag – Angela Roi
29. Black wide-brim hat – secondhand


My capsule is adapted from the Project 333 concept and as explained in the video, from this capsule going forward I’m no longer including shoes.




*indicates an affiliate link, thanks for supporting me by supporting these great brands! For more info on the use of affiliate links please see my disclosure policy.

Ben’s Summer Outfit

My husband Ben has also been building a more conscious wardrobe so I’ll occasionally share some men’s looks and brands.

Being quite tall and slim, Ben often has difficultly with secondhand shopping and ordering clothes online so the majority of his clothes are from local ethical/sustainable stores.


Ben is wearing:

Nudie Jeans Co. skewed stripe tee

Bleed Clothing shorts

Natural World slip-on shoes – organic cotton and rubber


Bought from Green Guerillas and Fairfitters in Cologne.



Find more menswear brands in the directory.

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