Are you a sustainable or socially-minded fashion, beauty, or lifestyle brand who could use help showcasing your product’s benefits, communicating your brand’s values, and reaching conscious customers?

As an mindful shopper and slow fashion advocate (through a successful youtube channel, blog and social media following), Verena ‘Erin’ Polowy knows the importance of effectively communicating and resonating with your target market.

Her education and experience working in the fashion industry and marketing, as well as her experience as a conscious influencer, means Erin understands all sides of the brand – influencer/press – customer relationship.

” Far too often I see huge disconnects: brands doing wonderful things but no one knows, companies trying to use influencer or affiliate marketing but going about it completely wrong and damaging potential long-term relationships, or customers having trouble finding the brands that fit their values. I can help bridge those gaps. “

Erin has a wealth of knowledge and experience to lend to your business, helping you better reach, communicate, and connect with your potential customers.

Get advice with:

  • Influencer outreach & relationship building
  • Social media strategy
  • Effectively communicating your mission & values
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing
  • Customer experience assessment & recommendations

Consulting pricing is offered on a sliding scale based on your company size and to brands that are a good fit and genuinely trying to make a difference in the industry.

Contact Erin to Arrange a Consulting Session: