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Underprotection is a Danish lingerie, lounge, and swimwear brand. They use materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, bamboo, and lyocell. The products are made in a Fair Wear Foundation factory in India.

I needed a new swim suit and was searching for something cute, that I could actually swim in, with decent coverage (can’t do those super cheeky bottoms). Initially I was looking for a one-piece but wanted a brand I could try on, since I have a long torso and it’s sometimes hard to find swimsuits that fit. This definitely limits options, but I found a local store that carried Underprotection and went to try on suits. Unfortunately, they only had one style and it wasn’t what I was looking for, but I tried it on anyways to at least get a sense of their fit. After looking at their other styles online, I instead decided to get one of their two piece suits and having tried on the other suit, I knew I likely needed a S top and M bottom. The pieces I wanted weren’t available in my size in a matching set but, I’m happy with the top and bottom being different colours.

The fit is pretty good, although the top is a little tight. I probably should have actually gone with a size M top, but the zipper on the front makes the fit more flexible- it’s very comfortable unzipped a little and secure for swimming when zipped up. The material is recycled polyester (from bottles and other plastics), and it’s thin but double-layered and quite soft (no cup inserts though, if that’s something you like). I’ve only worn it once, so I’m not sure how it will hold up over time. However, the construction is not the best; the stitching on the top is wobbly and uneven in areas, and in a couple spots the elastic doesn’t lie flat. It won’t affect the performance, just aesthetically, it isn’t as nice. In comparison, the bras don’t seem to have any sewing issues, so it might just be that the factory isn’t as comfortable working with swimwear materials. I’d be disappointed if I had paid full price, but having gotten both pieces on sale, I don’t mind as much the few sewing issues.

not the best sewing

Since I was ordering the swimsuit and also needed some more underwear, I decided to pick up a few other pieces as well. I ended up getting their Naomi bra and briefs in purple, and the Kira bra in nude. They have some really cute bralettes and soft-cup bras with different materials and styles. The sizing is difficult though, because everything is sized XS-L. Based on their size guide I could be an S or M, but I went with M (In both the bra and briefs) because I can always take pieces in a bit if needed. The size M fits fairly well, the band and straps are both adjustable. I can see maybe needing to take in the bands a bit though as the bras stretch out. The Naomi style does have more coverage with the cups so I probably could have sized down without any issues, but overall the bras are a decent fit and comfortable for such basic sizing. However, because the sizes are so simple I would recommend seeing if you can try their bras on somewhere before ordering.

Naomi bra and briefs
Kira bra

The Naomi set is mainly made from lyocell while the Kira bra is recycled polyester lace. Something that was surprising, is both bras have plastic boning on the sides. It’s nicely encased in soft fabric but typically styles like this don’t have boning, and it wasn’t mentioned in the item description. I found the website in general to be lacking in good photos of the pieces to see both sides and the details, and their item descriptions could be a lot better. The material description is just for a base fabric, and they don’t mention things like the elastics, hardware, or boning and casing materials.

inside with boning casing

If you’re looking for soft fabric bras and bralettes (no under-wire) they have some really cute styles and nice materials (*See updates), although the sizing can be challenging especially if you’re ordering online. I don’t think I would get another swimsuit from them, however; because of the sewing issues mentioned above, I’d try a different brand for swimwear.

Find more underwear and swimwear brands in the directory, and I also have a video about sustainable underwear.

UPDATE: After only about 3 months the elastic/trim on the underwear is very disappointingly fraying and coming apart and the purple bra is also having quality issues. I also ordered a velvet body suit from them and while the style is really cute the fit/cut is weird. The bust darts are way too high and the crotch snaps are very far back making it awkward to wear. I would definitely recommend trying on Underprotection garments and thoroughly inspecting for fabric/trim quality and construction before purchasing.

2nd UPDATE: After wearing the swimsuit only a few times the stitching on the bottoms is coming apart along the seams exposing the elastic. Overall the quality has been very disappointing.

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  1. gitte
    | Reply

    Hi, I’m searching for good underwear brands. I have a 65C (aka difficult to find) and I don’t trust XS – S sizes for bra’s, as they don’t consider some people have a small frame with proportionally not big but not tiny boobs. I’ve looked at underprotection, and their XS+ sizes should fit me, but I am concerned about their quality based on this review. Do you happen to know if anything already changed?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I don’t know if their quality has improved at all, but you should check out Lara Intimates! They have small bands and the comfiest bras!

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