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A stroller was definitely the item I spent the most time researching – we had a lot of functional requirements PLUS I wanted something eco friendly. With so many strollers on the market I was actually surprised how difficult it was to find a company that prioritized sustainability and transparency.

Enter: Bumbleride.

I was thrilled to find Bumbleride because it checked our boxes and is pretty comparable or even better priced than many of the non-sustainable brands I looked at.

If you’re in the same boat, looking for an eco friendly and functional stroller, here’s my review of Bumbleride:

Bumbleride Era review

We have the Era model* (in Dawn Grey) which I chose mainly for it’s convertibility – it can be used from infants to small children (up to 55lbs), as well as the air-filled tires and suspension since I knew we’d be taking it through snow and on gravel paths and other rougher terrain. Additionally I wanted something which wasn’t too large and awkward to take into stores and that folded easily and compactly.

The Era met all our wishes and had some nice bonus features like an adjustable handlebar which is great since my husband and I are very different heights. I also really like the large storage basket underneath which provides enough room for whatever we need or even a grocery run.

It has a very large pop-out canopy which initially I didn’t think was necessary, but has been great for keeping the sun off baby at whatever angle. My only tiny criticism would be that it would be nice if there was a little loop inside the canopy to hang a toy or something to look at when the baby is fully reclined.

The Era handles our snowy and sometimes very icy afternoon walks amazingly well and baby B has some quite peaceful naps in it.

Going for a walk in the snow with the Bumbleride Era

Bumbleride uses fabrics made from 100% recycled plastic bottles that are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’ve been tested and don’t contain any toxic chemicals – pretty important for babies who suck on everything and also good to know nothing harmful is against their skin. Additionally they offer organic cotton infant inserts and seat-liners which is great if you prefer something more natural or have a baby with very sensitive skin.

The cork handlebar is also not only a sustainable material but also doesn’t feel freezing to touch in winter like plastic or metal can be. I would actually love to see them incorporate more cork into their products!

They also manufacture the strollers in a family-run factory in Taiwan which pays fair wages, doesn’t have overtime (which is unfortunately required in many factories) and actively works to reduce their waste.

They also have accessories to customize your stroller

We also got the bassinet attachment. It isn’t necessary as you can use the stroller with newborn infants and they also have the organic infant insert for more support, however I like being able to unclip the bassinet and move her without disruption if she’s napping. The bassinet is overnight rated so it’s safe to sleep in for long periods. When we’re visiting people and not using the stroller we will still bring just the bassinet so she has a place to nap.

Using the Bumbleride Era with bassinet attachment

If you go out a lot and plan on having your baby nap in the stroller quite a bit, or if you want a bassinet that also attaches to a stroller, it’s a useful addition. I also find it’s especially convenient when going to restaurants or cafes since you can put the stroller next to your table and there’s a nice place for baby to sleep.

We also have the parent pack attachment which includes 2 cup holders and a little space for your phone, keys, etc. It’s a great attachment for us since almost all of our outings involve bringing or picking up a coffee or tea (in our reusable mugs of course!).

Additionally they offer adapters for various brands which allow you to connect your infant car seat to the Bumbleride stroller frame. We opted to get a convertible car seat instead of the bucket + forward facing, but if you have an infant bucket seat it seem like a great option.

Overall, I’m very happy with our Bumbleride stroller, and love all the practical and sustainable features. We’re looking forward to using it for years and trying out the different positions as she grows. 🙂

If you’re looking for an eco friendly stroller I hope this review was helpful!


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* For transparency – I approached Bumbleride and they did gift me the stroller, however I was ready to purchase it myself and as always, getting gifted products does not affect my reviews of them.

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  1. Jennifer Lopez
    | Reply

    Great review! planning to get this once it comes back in stock! Question though, how long were you able to use the bassinet attachment? My wife is wondering if it is worth the extra expense…

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Honestly we didn’t use it as long as I thought we would and I think in many cases the infant insert would be enough. However what I did love about the bassinet was that it is overnight rated and we could bring it when going anywhere for my daughter to nap in (sometimes we would even just bring the bassinet and not the stroller if we were visiting people). If you think you could really benefit from a bassinet that can be used both in a stroller and around then I think it’s worth it, but if you’re just using it for walks than the infant insert if probably fine.

  2. Stephanie
    | Reply

    Great review! I just got a Bumbleride Era so I’m glad to see it will work okay in light snow.

  3. Sofie
    | Reply

    Thanks for the review! I do have a question, i don’t know if you can answer: do you know how big the seat unit is when reclined? Our dautgher is really long 🙂 I wonder if she will be comfortable napping in it for the next year or two (she is one now 🙂 )

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      The seating area can open/fold down at the feet and so it opens up and turns from “infant mode” to a regular stroller as they grow, and it’s fairly easy to adjust from sitting to more reclined.

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