Ultimate List of Canadian Slow Fashion Brands 🍁

Now more than ever, local businesses need our support! It’s not only great to support Canadian fashion brands and producers, but supporting small business has a beneficial ripple though our economy – a BC study found that local businesses recirculated 2.6x more revenue back into the economy compared to chains!

So if you’re looking to add some pieces to your wardrobe, shopping from Canadian clothing brands can not only give you beautiful, unique pieces but also support amazing independent fashion labels, and a Canadian made clothing industry. Plus most of these brands incorporate sustainability into their business and products so you’re making a kinder choice for the planet too. 💚

I loved putting this list together and found some new brands I hope to support soon. I know you’ll discover some great Canadian slow fashion brands too! x

Symbol quick guide:

🌿 – Sustainable Materials
🧵 – Sewn/Made in Canada
♻️ – Low Waste Initiatives
🐰 – Vegan Brand
🎁 – Gives Back to Charities or Organizations
➕ – Plus Size Clothing
❤️ – A brand I personally own and love

Clothing Brands

18 Waits – menswear 🧵

After Evie – underwear 🌿🧵➕

Alder – women’s active & outdoor clothing 🌿➕

Aleur – loungewear 🌿🧵

Allison Wonderland – womenswear, eco-friendly line “Pillar” 🌿🧵

Anián – women’s & men’s casual shirts & hats 🌿🧵♻️

Anne Mulaire – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️➕

Anthology35 – women’s clothing 🧵

Arraei – women’s natural clothing 🌿🧵➕

Arturo Denim Co. – jeans & denim repairing 🧵🐰➕ (read our review)

Ashabi – bamboo clothing & accessories 🧵

Atelier B – women’s, men’s & children’s clothing 🌿🧵➕

Batik Boutik – women’s & men’s clothing, accessories & home good featuring African textiles

Beaton – women’s clothing, lots of linen 🌿🧵➕

Bellantoni – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️🐰

Beth Richards – swimwear 🧵

Birds of North America – cute & colourful women’s clothing 🧵

Blue Sky Clothing Co. – women’s clothing 🌿➕

Bodybag by Jude – women’s clothing 🧵

Bon Vivant – men’s clothing 🧵(most items)

Buttercream – casual knitwear 🧵➕

Calita – women’s underwear 🌿🧵

Cedar & Vine – minimalist linen capsule collection 🌿🧵

Cherry Gardens – minimalist loungewear 🧵

Cherry Velvet – vintage style dresses & accessories 🧵➕

Daub + Design – yoga & activewear 🧵

Duffield Design – women’s clothing 🌿🧵

Earth and Elle – natural fiber bras & underwear 🌿🧵

Ecologyst – active & outdoor apparel 🌿🧵(some products)🎁

Eliza Faulkner – women’s clothing 🧵

EMK – women’s, men’s & children’s clothing 🧵➕

Encircled – women’s knitwear 🌿🧵❤️

Canadian slow fashion - Encircled
Encircled top and pants, Kotn socks, Pyrrha necklace

Eve Gravel – womenswear 🧵

Fortnight – lingerie & intimates 🧵

Franc – women’s basics 🌿🧵🐰➕

Free Label – loungewear & bras 🌿🧵🐰➕❤️

Gaia Dubos – womenswear 🌿🧵

Glasnost – waxed cotton raincoats 🧵

Good Night, Day – handknit sweaters & wool accessories 🧵

Granted – handknit sweaters & wool accessories 🧵

Gus Sloan – jumpsuits 🧵➕(made to measure)

Harly Jae – women’s clothing 🌿🧵

Hernest Project – sleep & loungewear 🌿

Hilary MacMillion – women’s clothing 🐰🎁➕

Hoi Bo – women’s clothing & accessories 🧵

Horses Atelier – women’s clothing 🧵

Jennifer Glasglow Design – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️

Kaela Kay – colourful dresses & formal/businesswear 🧵➕

Kotn – cotton tees & basics (watch my review)

La Monarch – women’s clothing ♻️

Leckie Apparel – women’s clothing 🌿🧵

Lights of All – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️🐰🎁

Lola & August – luxury lingerie 🧵

Londre – swimwear 🌿🧵♻️🎁➕

Lumber Jill Apparel – flannel wraps & coats 🧵

Made by Josephine – women’s clothing 🧵

Mary Young – women’s & men’s underwear & intimates 🧵🎁

Meemoza – women’s clothing 🌿🧵

MeMi Collective – women’s clothing🌿🧵

Message Factory – women’s & men’s casual & knit clothing 🌿🧵

Mettamade – women’s knitwear 🧵🎁➕

Miik – women’s knitwear 🌿🧵♻️

Mildred – women’s clothing 🧵

Minnow – swimwear 🌿🧵♻️🎁

Msichana – colourful womenswear from artisan fabrics & accessories ♻️➕

My Inner Fire – yoga & activewear 🌿🎁

Nettle’s Tale – women’s clothing & swimwear 🌿🧵🎁➕

Nomi – minimalist linen clothing 🌿🧵

NoMiNou – yoga & activewear featuring artist collaborations 🌿🧵

Norden – winter coats, parkas, raincoats & light jackets 🌿♻️🐰

Obakki – women’s clothing & homegoods

Oge Ajibe – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️ ➕

OkayOk – unisex & children’s tees & streetwear 🧵

Ovate – minimalist womenswear 🌿🧵

Power of My People – button down shirts & work/casual wear🧵➕

Prairie Sweater Co. – women’s casual, maternity, & nursing clothing 🌿🧵➕

Prana Vida – yogawear 🌿🧵

Preloved – lounge & casualwear from deadstock fabric 🌿🧵♻️

Rock & Prairie Clothing Co. – small collection of women’s staple pieces 🌿🧵♻️➕

Salt – women’s & men’s clothing 🌿🧵

Saltwater Collective – swimwear 🌿🧵➕

Sarah Sue Design – women’s clothing 🌿🧵♻️➕

Selfish – swimwear 🌿🧵

Sessa Wearables – women’s & men’s clothing from deadstock fabric 🌿🧵♻️

Siggi – colourful women’s clothing 🌿🧵

Simone’s Rose – women’s clothing 🌿🧵➕

Smash + Tess – women’s, men’s & children’s loungewear 🧵

Smoking Lily – women’s & children’s clothing, accessories, & home textiles

Sokoloff Lingerie – lingerie & intimates 🧵

Tamga – women’s clothing 🌿❤️ (check out my video about styling colour and pattern with Tamga)

Canadian slow fashion - TAMGA Designs
Tamga skirt

Tentree – women’s, men’s & children’s casual & outdoor apparel 🌿🎁❤️

The Good Tee – women’s, men’s & children’s fair trade basics 🌿

The Sleep Shirt – Pjs, nightshirts & loungewear 🧵➕♻️

Thief & Bandit – hand-printed clothing 🌿🧵➕

This is J – women’s, men’s & children’s pajamas & loungewear 🧵

Tony Chestnut Design – women’s clothing 🧵

Uniform – women’s natural casualwear 🌿🧵

Unika Swim – swimwear 🌿🧵➕

Ursa Minor – women’s clothing 🧵

Wolfe Co. – women’s & men’s lounge & casualwear 🌿🧵

Yoga Jeans – jeans & denim 🧵

Accessory Brands

457 Anew – recycled & upcycled bags 🌿🧵♻️

Alice + Whittles – natural rubber boots & recycled shoes 🌿❤️

Anupaya – hats & homegoods 🧵(some products)

Berg + Betts – Watches with upcycled leather straps

Brave Soles – leather shoes & bags ♻️ (recycled tires in some products)

Duval – leather bags 🧵

Erin Templeton – leather bags 🧵♻️ (some recycled leather products)

Friday Sock Co. – men’s, women’s, & kid’s patterned socks

Mariclaro – upcycled bags 🌿🧵♻️

Poppy Barley – women’s & men’s leather shoes & accessories 🎁

Pyrrha – recycled precious metal jewellery 🌿🧵♻️❤️

Rok Cork – cork bags 🌿

Stay Home Club – various accessories & homegoods 🧵(some products)

Unbelts – elastic belts 🎁➕❤️(read our review)

Alice + Whittles natural rubber ankle rain boots in mustard
Alice + Whittles natural rubber boots

Canadian Stores Carrying Multiple Sustainable & Ethical Brands

AllTRUEist – women’s & men’s vegan shoes & accessories

Arc – women’s clothing, underwear, & accessories

Azura Bay – underwear, lingerie & loungewear

New Classics – women’s clothing & accessories

Zinnia Textiles – women’s, men’s & children’s clothing & accessories

Canadian Children’s Clothing Brands

Bajoue – baby & kid’s clothing & accessories 🌿🧵

Heyfolks – baby & kid’s shoes 🌿🧵 (some products)

Jax + Lennon – baby, children’s & adult clothing 🧵

Les Petite Natures – baby & kids clothing 🌿🧵

Little & Lively – baby, kids, & youth clothing 🧵

Lux and Dae – kid’s accessories 🧵

Mini Mioche – baby & kid’s clothing & accessories 🌿🧵🎁❤️

Mini Street – kids & “mommy + me” clothing 🧵

Modern Baby – baby clothing & accessories 🌿🧵

Nest Designs – sleepers, swaddles, sleep sack & other baby products 🌿🎁

Nooks Design – baby & kid’s wool footwear & accessories

NudNik – kid’s zero waste clothing 🌿♻️

Ole Design – baby & kid’s clothing & accessories 🌿

Parade Organics – baby & kid’s clothing & accessories 🌿❤️

Pure Colour Baby – baby & kid’s clothing 🌿🧵❤️

Q for Quinn – baby & kid’s socks, underwear & pjs 🌿🎁❤️

Rain People – baby & kids bonnets 🧵❤️

Simply Merino – wool baby, kid’s & adult clothing 🧵

Soft Soul – cork baby & toddler shoes/slippers 🌿🧵🐰❤️

Trucs d’enfants – gender neutral baby & kids clothing 🌿🧵

Wee Woollies – wool baby & kid’s clothing 🧵

Also be sure to check out Shop Local Canada! They have a HUGE directory of Canadian businesses and even a discount club where can can get exclusive deals on Canadian brands.

Is there a brand I missed? Please share them in the comments!


49 Responses

  1. Sundée Himburg
    | Reply

    Blackbird studios in Hamilton Ontario. Amazing designs. I have five of their dresses and I love them

  2. Angie
    | Reply

    Ang Hill is a women’s clothing brand in Edmonton. Ethically made by hand with cute little love messages on each piece! Also, have a new kid’s line, little hill 🙂

  3. LPD
    | Reply

    I love Birdie and Bub, based in New Brunswick. Lovely made in Canada options for littles and ladies. Great quality and nice designs.

  4. Katie Lo
    | Reply

    Muttonhead in Toronto!

  5. Mackenzie
    | Reply

    May I also suggest Lennard Taylor from Winnipeg? https://lennardtaylor.com/

    All items are made in Winnipeg, if an item no longer fits/rips/stained, Lennard will make it into something else for you. When it’s no longer able to be made into something else, you can return it and he will incorporate it into his art pieces.

  6. Tim
    | Reply

    Thanks for this list! Might I also suggest Province of Canada. They’re products are all made in Canada and super high quality! Plus they recently opened a shop in downtown Toronto.

  7. Becky
    | Reply

    This list is fantastic, thank you so much for putting it together!

  8. Willow
    | Reply

    Hello lovely My Green Closet people! I’ve been a watcher on youtube for a couple years, but first time commenter.*blush* I like shopping Canadian made so I just have a few possible additions, if you like and can muster the will to edit this for the 40th time. Hope something in this helps someone! I had to double space to make it legible, sorry.

    Erdaine – women’s merino knitwear, made in Canada

    Linen Ladder – Oeko-tex certified linen clothing and accessories. I ordered a few months ago and the clothing arrived with no plastic packaging except for the outside mailer. I think the quality is really good, for the little my ‘random person on the internet’ opinion is worth! Not labelled plus size, but quite loose cuts. Made in Canada, sustainable materials.

    Econica – Women’s wear, accessories and lingerie made of cashmere, bamboo and organic cotton. Made in Canada, sustainable materials, plus sizes.

    Nights in White Flannel – Cottage industry making flannel and cotton pajamas for all ages. Made in Canada, plus sizes.

    Kamiks – Shoes and boots, made exclusively in Canada and US. Offer rubber boot recycling. Made in Canada, low waste initiatives.

    Sabrina Butterfly – Womenswear made in house in AB, carries jewellery and socks made in Canada, US and Italy. Made in Canada

    Salts and West – Bamboo womenswear and underwear. Made in Canada.

    George C Kirk’s – Moccasins and other leather goods. Made in Canada.

    Movement Global – Bamboo womenswear and sports bras. Made in Canada.

    Whiteout Workshop – Silkscreened lothing and accessories, Made in Canada.

    Jerico – Custom t shirts. Made in Canada.

    Sea of Wolves – Stretchy silkscreened womenswear. Some fabrics Oeko Tex certified. Made in Canada.

    Victoriana Imports – Organic cotton nightdresses. Sustainable materials.

    Heather Case – Mostly linen womenswear. Made in Canada.

    Manitobah Mukluks – Indigenous owned leather footwear company. Have made in Canada styles.

    Little Deer Handmade – Women’s and girls’ clothes, mostly linen. Some fabrics OekoTex certified. Made in Canada.

    Hides in Hand – Leather goods, work exclusively with Canadian leather including wildcaught deer and moosehide. Definitely -not- vegan, but Made in Canada. I hope that’s okay.

    Thank you to anyone who managed to get through this partial encyclopedia of a comment. I hope you’re doing well!

  9. Barb Christensen
    | Reply

    FIG based in Montreal. Some lines made in Canada. Beautiful travel clothes! Thanks for putting list together!

  10. christian
    | Reply

    Wuxly Movement! – Canadian made outerwear that uses sustainable/innovative materials while being animal-free !

  11. Fiona Cook
    | Reply

    Anne Mulaire is launching more inclusive sizing on April 12!

  12. Katie
    | Reply

    First of all thank you so much for making this list. Also Please include Seed! https://theseedstore.ca/collections/products

  13. Gina
    | Reply

    So glad I discovered this list. Thank you for putting it together.
    A couple maritimes slow fashion/ made in Canada companies I have clothes from:
    Birdie & Bub https://birdieandbub.com/
    Bambee apparel https://www.bambeeapparel.com
    Poison Pear https://poisonpear.com/

  14. D Hall
    | Reply

    It would be great to have information as to where the materials including raw materials are not sourced from countries using forced labour as an example.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      The important this is not avoiding certain countries (forced labour unfortunately happens everywhere, including Canadian and US factories), but hopefully buying from brands you trust are ethically sourcing and fairly paying everyone in their supply chain. The best thing to do to try and ensure this is ask questions about their material sourcing and manufacturing and see how transparent the brand is willing to be!

  15. Marcela Saitua
    | Reply

    Great list – but, I have to say that I am going a little stir crazy. I need clothes for a 12-year-old boy. So many places to shop for women’s, men’s and baby clothes. Most sites have kid’s clothing sizes that only go up to toddler sizes or, if you’re lucky, size 6/7. Any suggestion for a 12-year-old?

  16. LVS
    | Reply

    A wonderful store that focuses on Canadian-made clothing and accessories is Victoire. They have closed their Ossington location in Toronto but still have a brick and mortar in Ottawa, and an excellent online store.

  17. Valentina Duran
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing this list! 🙂 I have another brand that I want to share as I love it. Indiarts Collective, a vancouver based social enterprise that offers handmade, ethical products co-create with artisans in South America. Every product is so well made and support traditional and indigenous artisans in Latin America. Check them out! http://www.indiartscollective.com

  18. liz cohoe
    | Reply

    Check Lillie & Cohoe Handmade luxury hats. Designed and manufactured in Nelson BC. for 29 years using natural and luxury fabrics, some dead stock fabric as well. Staff employed for 20 years +

  19. Chantal Sloan
    | Reply

    Vie Boutique – vieboutique.ca
    All upcycled clothing

  20. Catherine Leclerc
    | Reply

    Samara & Co gathers Canadian eco-conscious brands + they give back.

  21. Hilary Barber
    | Reply

    And Os and Oakes!

  22. Hilary Barber
    | Reply

    Hi! You could add Today’s Modern Bébé, Second of November, Petits Villains and Happy Apple to the kids list.

  23. Brit
    | Reply

    Please add Wolfe Co. Apparel and Goods. All of their clothes are made in Toronto and they outsource accessory production to local artisans across Canada.

  24. Aya
    | Reply

    Nomi Designs has some beautiful linen pieces

  25. aya
    | Reply

    Trucs d’enfants for children’s clothes!

  26. Alexis Scott
    | Reply

    This is such a great list! I’m finding a lot of companies selling underwear sell bralette but not a supportive bra. Does anyone have any suggestions for me??

  27. Mackenzie
    | Reply

    Thought of another one: Ola Dubois in Victoria uses upcycled materials.

  28. Mackenzie
    | Reply

    Lennard Taylor, EMK Clothing, Made by Josephine all in Winnipeg are other ones to add.

  29. Naomi
    | Reply

    Great List!
    May I suggest Oona Clothing – based in Vancouver, making underclothes for all sizes and genders. Tina sources fabric locally and hand makes the clothing, including silk screens.

  30. Meredith
    | Reply

    PixieMood has excellent vegan material/cruelty-free bags!

  31. Loxy
    | Reply

    I think The Sleep Shirt fits some of your categories: http://www.thesleepshirt.com/about/

  32. Natalie
    | Reply

    This is a fantastic list, thank you! I would suggest adding Smoking Lily, a personal favourite. Victoria based with a shop in Vancouver, they use sustainable fabrics and deadstock, design and sew everything themselves, and strive for a zero waste manufacturing process.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Oh yes! I know of them, can’t believe I forgot 🤦‍♀️ Thanks!

  33. Abby
    | Reply

    IndiArts Collective is a great one based in Canada. All of the products are ethically made and traded from communities in Latin America, with an emphasis on selling mostly bags. 🙂

  34. Aya
    | Reply

    Oh, and Betina Lou as well!

  35. Aya
    | Reply

    Thank you for the list! Love Encircled and Franc very much 🙂
    Lowell MTL is a great company – got a nice leather tote bag from them 🙂
    Uppdoo as well!

  36. Cathy
    | Reply

    Thanks for this list, which I will be using again and again. Check out Marigold Montreal, Créations Encore, Rien ne se Perd and Maillagogo, all lovely Québec clothing brands (all made locally).

  37. Anna
    | Reply

    Fluevog shoe!

  38. Sarah
    | Reply

    Both women’s wear- Prana Vida Style, and Mettamade 🙂

  39. Heather Stewart
    | Reply

    This is J
    Little and Lively
    Jack and Lennon

    All great companies with a lot to offer!

  40. Nayane Morais
    | Reply

    I think Mejuri is a canadian Brand for ethical jewellery… I’m Brazilian but I have been living in Canada for almost 3 years now and I love when I find some Canadian sustainable brand. Love your blog <3

  41. Maddie
    | Reply

    Accessory brand – Jewels by sjb 🙂

  42. MamaSquirrel
    | Reply

    I have enjoyed dealing with Duffield Design in Ontario.

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