How to Carbon Offset your Travel

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Last Updated on May 25, 2021

In this video we’re talking about why carbon offsetting is important and how to offset your travel.

We know that transportation has a large environmental impact, but it can also be very difficult to avoid. Flying is especially bad (although there are ways to fly better) and one way to help compensate for your CO2 emissions is through carbon offsetting.

How to Carbon Offset
  1. Find an organization/program you like
  2. Calculate your carbon emissions
  3. Donate to your chosen program

Finally another way to help reduce your flight impact is by choosing greener airlines and airplanes, or maybe fly though greener airports if you have the choice. Of course opting for trains (check out Writing from Nowhere’s post about Amtrak travel in the US) or busses is a lot more sustainable than flying, so choose those options where possible.


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  1. I didn’t know ANY of this about carbon offsetting! Thank you for putting together such an articulate video, and thanks for the reference to my Amtrak piece 🙂 I’m a big advocate for considering train travel over air travel in the US!

  2. […] through Schiphol or on an airline that is actively working to reduce their CO2 emissions, check out this post from My Green Closet which has tips on other ways to carbon offset your […]

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