Colorful Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2023

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We seem to be getting a warm, early spring and I am ready for a wardrobe refresh!

As talked about in this video, my spring wardrobe really marks a post-pandemic and no-longer-new-mom era. I’m going out a lot more than I was the last few years and settling into a part-time WFH and preschooler parent life.

Items in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe


Pale Blue Organic Cotton Tank – Colorful Standard

Red Boxy Organic Cotton Tee – Colorful Standard

Black Organic Cotton Tee – Organic Basics

Cropped Zero Waste Tee – Anne Mulaire

Green Drapey Tee – handmade

Cropped Hemp Puff-sleeve Top – VALANI

White Linen Shirt – secondhand

Brass Mockneck –

Printed Turtleneck – Thief & Bandit

Orange Cotton Sweater – secondhand


Winter Leggings – Anne Mulaire (read my AM legging review here)

Printed Pants – TAMGA

Navy ‘Dressy Sweatpants’ –

Plaid Linen Pants – handmade

Brown Organic Cotton Jeans – Made Trade

Green Linen Skirt – Son de Flor

Floral Printed Maxi Skirt – TAMGA

Dresses & Jumpsuit

Blue Deadstock Tee Dress – Tonle (learn more about Tonle’s circularity here)

Black Printed Dress – Mata Traders

Organic Cotton Apron Dress – Tove Wear

Green Knit Organic Cotton Dress – tentree

Light Purple Linen Collar Dress – Son de Flor

Blue Linen Wrap Dress – Son de Flor

Purple Linen Jumpsuit – Magic Linen

Layers & Outerwear

Navy Organic Cotton Cropped Cardigan – tentree

Beige Cardigan – old

Rust Cardigan – Eileen Fisher

Oversized Deadstock Jacket – NAZ

Brown Raincoat – secondhand

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