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This was written for you by Maggs Inzaghi


Back in the 80’s my home town used to be rainy and chilly by the end of the summer, my neighborhood was at the edge of the city surrounded by coffee planters at top of a cute little hill. Now we got two malls, a hospital and big office buildings.

I was a very quiet girl, I enjoyed stay in doors with my coloring books and Barbie dolls, but from time to time my grandma pushed me outside to play. She set a patch work blanket (sew by her) under the apricot tree so I can take my Barbie dolls camping.

Every other week grandma’s daughters came to visit, I remember my cousins and I were about 4 or 5 years old, that was a rainy afternoon but it stopped during the visit. So I told my cousins I wanted them to see my pool in the garden, it was a big aluminum tub were my grandma collected rain water for the plants. So this little devil climbed to my shoulder to whisper to my ear “do bad things” and I encouraged Edith and Karla to jump in the water, of course I just watched. I guess the water was cold because they yelled at first, then we started laughing until someone inside the house wondered where we were.

Edith’s mom almost fainted, Karla’s parents got super upset because she didn’t remove her shoes and my grandma just laughed and asked “why did you do that to them?”. My grandma offered some of my clothes so the girls could change and leave, also packed a big bouquet of herbs to each one so they could take a hot herbal bath at home to prevent a cold.


Grandma’s Remedy

The bouquet had rosemary, rue, peppermint and basil; it has to be boiled using about 2 liters of water adding a cinnamon stick, and then throw it into the tub adding some more warm water, trying to make a steamy bath. My grandma said that the natural scents and steam will act on the lungs and throat and help to sleep.

After one of those herbal baths, my grandma sent me straight to bed under a bunch of covers. I really don’t know what’s on that special herb combo but it worked in some way, it was very relaxing and definitely helped me to breathe when I was sick.

Don’t get me wrong, she was pro science, vaccines and antibiotics; she trusted doctors eyes closed but she believed that there’s always a way to prevent major illness by acting fast. She was never too tired to make a tea for a stomachache or a sore throat, also she knew when that wasn’t enough and took us to the hospital not without saying “if only you had worn a jacket”.

I challenge you to look deep into your memories and bring back those pieces of knowledge that you won’t find online and that bring us comfort and heal our bodies plus our spirits.



About Maggs Inzaghi

Most of my friends call me Maggie, I’m a 34 year old Mexican born and raised in Xalapa, Veracruz, living in the Caribbean. Geek, coffee addict and fictional writer with a business school degree. My roommate is a white schnoodle named Jean Valjean.


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  1. Rebootd
    | Reply

    Excelente muy buen blog Maggs. 👏

  2. Yai Glez
    | Reply

    I love it, its true sometimes I played with you too. I remember we enjoyed and grandMa was the best in the world I love her so much and I love you too Gigi.

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