Annika Heller

Hamburg, Germany |

To me conscious fashion means wearing clothes that harmed nobody and be more mindful about your wardrobe.


What influenced you to start thinking more about how your clothes are made?

Friends at art university started talking about it. I watched the true cost and after backpacking for a while I realised, that I don’t need much but things that really last. I didn’t want to be part of something that is so bad for other people and the environment.


What have you learned or discovered on your conscious fashion journey?

First of all it feels so good to know that your shopping isn’t bad for anyone. Nobody has to pay for it. It feels good to know, where your clothes are made or that they had a life before you found them. The longer my journey gets, the harder it is for me to understand why people refuse to think about the dark sides of fast fashion. And I realised, that many people just don’t know better and if they see that you can do it, they start thinking about it and that is really cool.


Do you have any difficulties with shopping inline with your values or areas you’re working on improving?

I used to have difficulties but I found good solutions for me. Shopping fair fashion on sale for example. I’m working on improving my wardrobe so I don’t feel the urge to buy things anymore. Right now there are still things missing so I hold on to items that I don’t really like anymore. And I’m working on a capsule wardrobe but the weather in Hamburg makes that a really difficult mission 😀


What are your wardrobe staples?

A tight, comfortable black jeans, oversized T-Shirts, long Cardigans, a jacket to put it all together.


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