Beth Rock

Indianapolis, USA |

To me conscious fashion means…  Simply caring about your fellow human beings and their welfare. 


What influenced you to start thinking more about how your clothes are made? 
Actually, I started to view the YouTube Channel “My Green Closet” and that is how I first learned of the Rana Plaza tragedy.  After, I became aware of the ugly side of the fashion world, I decided I did not want to contribute any of my money to harsh practices that affect people and our planet.


What have you learned or discovered on your conscious fashion journey?
I’ve discovered the joy of second-hand shopping and the cost savings is an added plus!


Do you have any difficulties with shopping inline with your values or areas you’re working on improving? 
Well, I must admit that my on-line purchases have not always fit according to size.


What are your wardrobe staples? 
I love simple items like a great fitting pair of pants paired with a simple sweater.  Sandals are also a lot of fun for me!