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Beth Rock | Indianapolis, USA |


I’ll confess my love of fashion as a form of personal expression that I never tire of. Clothing is not only a basic need, for me it has become a hobby. You know the feeling when you find an item that is constructed of fine material and also fits you in a uniquely perfect way? Most likely, only a select few items you own have that “WOW” factor. When you find an item like this, you don’t hesitate you just purchase it. Further, you cannot wait to wear it. Everyone tells you how great you look and you feel great when you put it on. It’s a crazy unique love for you to enjoy.

My experience in finding the most treasured wardrobe items is when I have nothing I am particularly looking for. I’ve found my most loved items when I have been browsing while on vacation. I remember being on vacation in Germany when I stumbled upon a second-hand shop and found a gently used pair of Hush Puppies in the “for sale” bin. I spotted a pair of shoes and immediately thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” No one wanted these shoes? I estimate these particular shoes where made in the 60’s or there about. Brace yourself for cringing, as I paid all of $2.50 for these lovelies!

Friends, when I slip these shoes on I feel so “Fashion Forward” and I am thankful that I was able to acquire them for so little money. When I wear them with a pair of jeans they look like cowboy boots, as a result, they are versatile. I’ve worn them with a neutral skirt and with a pair of suede pants. The stitching is top quality and the mesh floral detail makes them interesting and unique. I have never seen another pair of shoes that are even similar to these.


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