Jailyn’s Glasses

Jailyn Dyer | USA |


I got my first pair of glasses in fourth grade. I needed them and could see better with them for sure, but it was an awkward time for me and glasses only made it more awkward. I always saw them as something that got in the way.

When I got older I switched to contacts and loved the freedom of not having to look through frames. I could see more in my periphery and leave behind those dang uncomfortable glasses. Later I had Lasik and didn’t need glasses or contacts.

But as I got older my vision started to change again. After nearly 11 years with perfect vision, I noticed that some things were fuzzy. I asked the doctor about it and even though he said that I could get by without them, I had grown used to the sharpness of perfect vision.

So I bought my first pair of glasses. But these couldn’t be any glasses, they had to be different. I didn’t want to run into the same feelings from childhood. And I found the perfect pair.

I kept them for a long time, but eventually, I needed a new prescription and the manufacturer wasn’t in business anymore. No one I contacted would put new lenses in glasses they didn’t carry. So I settled on a new pair, yet I couldn’t let go of my old pair. They had become part of my identity.

I still keep my old glasses for watching television or as an emergency backup pair. And sometimes I wear them just because I like wearing them. My new glasses are great too, but they’re not as special as the ones that taught me I didn’t have to be ashamed of wearing glasses. I think of them as an accessory now, not a burden, and I like that change.


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