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To me conscious fashion means… Present to the world the best version of me through an awesome outfit that no one was forced to sew.


What influenced you to start thinking more about how your clothes are made?
I worked for an apparel company, then they decided to move their business to Central America. I didn’t know what was all about until I heard that the salaries over there were practically a joke! And the brand is one of the must expensive in the sports wear market. Then I started reading and watching documentaries about environmental harm related with clothes production.


What have you learned or discovered on your conscious fashion journey?
I’m impressed of how many entrepreneurs are trying to make a statement with sustainable fashion! There’s a big alternative market for the ones who care and want to live in a clean and fair planet. And about me… well, I thought I was meant to be shallow for the rest of my life because be on trend was a huge deal for me when I was younger. Now I see fashion as a way to express myself but I wanna do it my way not how magazines tell me to.


Do you have any difficulties with shopping inline with your values or areas you’re working on improving?
I moved to an small town, a very touristic destination in the Caribbean. Malls are being built in the last couple of years and the “artesanal” products are too expensive. The target is the foreign tourist not the local costumer. So I choose shop second hand and specific hand made garments that I’ve being getting during vacations here in Mexico.


 What are your wardrobe staples?
My current location has 2 weather seasons: hot spring and hotter summer 🤦🏻‍♀️ So maxi dress and maxi skirts are my thing. printed fabrics, and plane basic tank tops to match. Also denim shorts are on my current weekend outfits.



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