This directory is designed as a starting point with different options if you’re looking for more responsible brands. Please still do your own research and make sure the products are right for you and the brands align with your personal needs, ethical/sustainable values.

There’s also a directory of women’s clothing organized by country.

Please note: this list contains some affiliate links. You’re not only supporting great brands but your purchase also helps out My Green Closet! See the disclosure policy for more information on the use of affiliate links.


Directory symbols:

♻ = use recycled or deadstock materials   🐰 = totally vegan    👍 = certified fair trade    💙 = favourite brand I own

Ally Bee (UK)
Antiform (UK) ♻
ArmedAngels (DE) 💙
Bhalo (AUS)
Beaumont Organic (UK)
Bibico (UK)
Birdsong (UK)
Bleed Clothing (DE) 🐰
Christy Dawn (US) ♻
Complexgeometries (CAN)
Conscious Clothing (US)
Deadwood (SWE) ♻
Della (US)
EcoVibe (US)
Eileen Fisher (US)
Encircled (CAN)
Folkdays (DE)
Free Label (CAN)
Grammer (US)
Groceries Apparel (US)
Here Today Here Tomorrow (UK)
Hessnatur (DE)
Honest By (BE)
Hoodlamb (NL) 🐰
Indigenous (US)
Industry of all Nations (US)
Jan ‘N June (DE)
J.Jackman (DE)
Jungle Folk (CH)
Kings of Indigo (NL)
Komodo (UK)
Kowtow  (NZ) 💙
Kuyichi (NL)
Lana (DE)
Lanius (DE)
Les Sublimes (FR)
Liz Alig (US)
Lovjoi (DE) 🐰
Lowie (UK)

Made & More (BE)
Mata Traders (US)
Matter (SGP) 💙
Miakoda (US)
MUD Jeans (NL) ♻ 💙
Nancy Dee (UK)
Nicole Bridger (CAN)
Nomads (UK)
Noumenon (NL) ♻🐰
Osei-Duro (US)
Passion Lilie (US)
People of Leisure (US)
People Tree (UK) 👍💙
Phil & Lui (DE)
Proud Mary (US)
Raven + Lily (US)
Recolution (DE) 🐰 💙 code green15 for 15€ off
Reformation (US)
Sitka (CAN)
Skunkfunk (SPN)
Slumlove (US)
Studio JUX (NL)
Study NY (US)
Sustain (US)
Synergy Organic Clothing (US)
Tamga Designs (CAN) – video
Tauko (FI)
Thief & Bandit (CAN)
Thinking MU (SPN)
ThokkThokk (DE)
Thought (UK)
Toad&Co (US)
Tonlé (US, AUS) ♻
Vaute (US) 🐰
Vege Threads (AUS)
Wintervacht (NL) ♻
Wunderwerk (DE)
Zero Waste Daniel (US) ♻


Online Stores

(Carrying multiple brands)

Good Cloth (US)
Greenality (DE)
Hazel & Rose (US)
Helpsy (US)
Kaight (US)
Loveco (DE) 🐰
Love Justly – discounted brands (US)
Modavanti (US)
My Fair Shop (DK)
New Classics (CAN)
Rêve En Vert (UK)
Sancho’s Dress (UK)
Shift to Nature (AUS)
Sheer Apparel (UK)
Thread Harvest (AUS)
True Ethic (US)
Well Made Clothes (AUS)


Secondhand Stores ♻

Bead & Reel Rescued Collection – ethical brands (US)
Etsy – vintage
Fisher Found – secondhand Eileen Fisher (US)
Kleider Kreisel (DE)
Mine & Yours (CAN)
Poshmark (US)
Slowre (US)
ThredUp (US+CAN)
Tradesy (US)
Vestiaire Collective

Re-worked Secondhand

Frankie Collective (CAN)
Neo Thread Co. (US)
Re/Done (US)

Clothing/Dress Rentals

Clotheque (FR)
Glam Corner (AUS)
Kleiderei (DE)
Kleiderrebell (DE)
Lena Library (NL)
Rent Frock Repeat (CAN)
Rent the Runway (US)
Style Lend (US)
The Fitzroy (CAN)
Wear the Walk (UK)


Ecoalf – outerwear (SPN)
Elle Evans (AUS)
Fibre Athletics (US)
Girlfriend Collective (US)
Jaya Organics (DE)
Mandala (DE) 💙
Patagonia (US)
ShareHope (US)
Teeki (US)  ♻ – 10% off with this link
Yoga Democracy (US)


All Sisters (SPN)
Elle Evans (AUS)
Finch Designs (CN)
Liar the Label (AUS)
Margaret and Hermione (AT)
Mymarini (DE)
Now Then (SPN)
Odina (US)
Reset Priority (SPN)
Shapes in the Sand (AUS)
Underprotection (DK) – review
Woodlike (DE)


Underwear & Lingerie

Aikyou (DE)
Anekdot (DE) ♻
Ayten Gasson (UK)
Azura Bay – multiple brands (CAN)
Baserange (FR)
Blue Canoe (US)
Boody (US)
Brook There (US)
Comazo | earth (DE)
Do You Green (FR)
Hessnatur (DE)
Lara Intimates (UK) ♻ 💙 – video & post
Luva Huva (UK)
Naja (US)

Nico (AUS)
Only Hearts (US)
Organic Basics (DK)
Pact (US)
Pansy (US)
Saint Basics (NL)
Style Saint (US)
Svala (US)
Swedish Stockings (SWE) ♻
Thunderpants (NZ, US, UK)
Underprotection (DK) – review
Uye Surana (US)
Wama (US)
White Rabbit NY (US)
Woron (DK)

Pachacuti – hats (UK)
Purple Mango (AUS)
Yellow 108 (US)


Angela Roi (US) 🐰
Corkor + belts, wallets (PT) 🐰 – use code MGC10 for 10% off
Elvis & Kresse + belts, wallets (UK) ♻🐰
Mates of Nature (DE) 🐰
Mother Erth (US) ♻
Rok Cork (CAN)


Artisan & Fox (US)
Bang Bang Bijoux (CAN) 💙
Blair Lauren Brown (US)
Chic Made Consciously (US) ♻
Fremdformat (DE)
Novica (US)
One Happy Leaf (AUS) – video
Pyrrha (CAN) 💙
Wild & Arrow (SWE)
Wild Fawn (UK)


Ahimsa (BRA) 🐰
Allbirds (NZ, US)
Bhava (US) 🐰
Bourgeois Boheme (UK) 🐰
Ethletic (DE)
Indosole (US)
Nae (PRT) 🐰
Nicora (US) 🐰
Sydney Brown (US) 🐰
Veerah (US) 🐰
Veja (FR)


ArmedAngels (DE) 💙
Bleed (DE) 🐰
Brave GentleMan (US) 🐰
Brothers We Stand – multiple brands (UK)
Dedicated (SWE) 💙
Deadwood (SWE) ♻
Ecoalf (SPN)
Industry of all Nations (US)
Kings of Indigo (NL)
KnowledgeCotton Apparel (DK)
Kuyichi (NL)
Living Crafts (DE)
Nudie Jeans (SWE)
People Tree (UK) 👍
Phil & Lui (DE)
Recolution (DE) 🐰 💙 use code green15 for 15€ off
Slumlove (US)
ThokkThokk (DE)
Thought (UK)
Wunderwerk (DE)

Baby & Children

Bannor Toys (US)
Beru Kids (US)  – review
Devon’s Drawer (US)
Filemon Kid (SWE) – review 
Go Gently Nation (US)
Green Toys (US) ♻
Little Green Radicals (UK)
Living Crafts (DE)
Maya Organic (IN) 👍 – wooden toys
Mini Mioche (CAN) – review
Noni Bee (US)
Ouef (US)
Ouistitine – toys (CAN)
Pigeon (UK)

100% Pure (US, EU)
Akamuti (UK)
Birchrose + Co. (US)
Dr. Bronner’s (US) 👍
Dr. Hauschka (DE)
Evan Healy (US)
The Innate Life (CAN) 💙 – video use code MYGREENCLOSET for 15% off
Lily Lolo (UK, US)
Living Libations (CAN)
Magic Organic Apothecary (UK) 💙
Meow Meow Tweet (US) 🐰
Nature’s Essential Garden (CAN)
Oil + Water (US) 💙 – review – use code MYGREENCLOSET10 for 10% off
OrganiCup (DK) 💙 – review – use code MYGREENCLOSET for free shipping
OSEA Malibu (US)
Pure Skin Food (DE)
Red Apple Lipstick (US) 🐰
RMS Beauty (US) 💙
Sappho (CAN)
W3ll People (US)
Wild Carrot Herbals (US)
Stores with Multiple Brands

Amazingy (DE)
The Choosy Chick (US) – use code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% off
Ecco Verde (EU)
The Green Jungle (CAN)
The Green Kiss (CAN)
The Green Vanity (CAN)
Najoba (DE)
Pure Nature (DE)

Avocado Store – furniture, decor & miscellaneous (DE)
Bambeco – home goods (US)
Boll & Branch – home textiles (US)
Buy Me Once – home & lifestyle (US)
Grüne Erde – home, clothing, & beauty (DE)
Manufactum – home & miscellaneous (DE)
Novica – decor (US)
Our Green House – baby (US)
Sari Bari – home, baby, & accessories
The Ultimate Green Store (US)
Under the Canopy – home textiles (US)
VivaTerra – home, clothing & accessories (US)


Sewing, Knitting & DIY

Aura (IN)
Delyla (CAN)
Lebenskleidung (DE)
Offset Warehouse (UK)
Organic Cotton Plus (US)
Siebenblau (DE)
Simplifi Fabric (US, CAN)

Friday Pattern Company – sewing patterns (US)

Natural Recycled Yarn (US) ♻
Izzy Lane (UK)
Wool & the Gang – recycled denim and recycled wool yarn ♻

Maiwa – natural dyes (CAN)
Wild Colours – natural dyes (UK)

Zero Waste

Bee’s Wrap – reusable food wraps (US)
Eco Brotbox – food containers (DE)
Greenvelope – digital cards & invitations
OrganiCup – menstrual cup (DK) – review – use code MYGREENCLOSET for free shipping
Soul Bottles – water bottles (DE)
Stasher – silicone food bags (US)
S’well – water bottles (US)



For a list of blogs, books, documentaries, and organisations visit resources.