Welcome to the sustainable, ethical, and slow fashion brand guide!

Here you will find tons of brands producing in a more responsible way, however this directory is designed as a starting point. Please still do your own research and make sure the products are right for you and the brands align with your personal values.

You can check out these roundups for more info and about sustainable & ethical brands in different categories including:

Conscious Shopping Guide

Some of the brands and pieces in my wardrobe that I love and wear regularly.


Encircled (CAN) – Their “dressy sweatpants” are my go-to comfy, everyday pant, and they also have some nice versatile tops. 

MATTER (SGP) – Definitely one of my top brands and I’m so gutted they’re closing down. However they still have a few pieces available. Including their jumpsuits which I adore. 

Mud Jeans (NL) – My top pick for both men’s and women’s jeans – classic styles, I like the fit as well as their circular model!

Miakoda (US) – Love their leggings, the fabric is great quality and they’re super comfy. I’ve had my pair almost 3 years, wear them all the time and they still look great! 

ArmedAngels (DE) – Good all around clothing brand for women and men, I have a few different pieces from them.

Tonlé (US) – A great mix of classic pieces and unique statement styles. I love Tonlé’s zero waste focus and overall ethos around sustainable and ethical fashion.

Living Crafts (DE) Another good staples brands for organic women, men and children clothes and loungewear.

People Tree (UK) – One of the original sustainable and ethical brands, I especially like their dress styles. Some of my PT pieces are over 5 years old and still going strong!

TAMGA (CAN) – Great brand if you love colour, prints, flowy fabrics, and feminine silhouettes. 

Eileen Fisher (US) – I love the couple EF pieces I have but they can be pretty expensive, so also check out their secondhand “Renew” options!

Organic Basics (DK) – All around they have soft, well made staples and a great basic tee (watch my review here)

Tentree (CAN) – My husband and I both like their hoodies and sweats, and they’ve been wardrobe staples this past year. 

Son de flor (LT) – Romantic heirloom linen dresses.

Valani (US) – Classic, feminine, sustainable pieces. I have a beautiful hemp/tencel puff sleeve top from them that I love wearing.

Underwear & Socks

The Very Good Bra (AUS) – Good option if you’re looking for a natural fiber bra (theirs is actually 100% biodegradable!). Be careful with sizing though as the band isn’t very stretchy.

Knickey (US) – Simple, everyday organic undies in a selection of colours and cuts. They also have a take-back program to recycle old underwear.

Organic Basics (DK) – I have a few different styles of underwear from them and they’re soft and comfortable. I really like the wide elastic at the top but this is definitely a personal preference. 

Lara Intimates (UK) – My favourite bras. They’re super comfy and fit great plus Lara has the best size range I’ve seen from any sustainable bra brands!

PACT (US) – Good more affordable option for organic underwear packs and basic socks (the quality of their other pieces can unfortunately be hit or miss though).

WAMA (US) – Comfy underwear made mainly from hemp, my husband especially is a fan! (In Canada you can also find then though Azura Bay)

Conscious Step (US) – Both my husband and I really like the snug fit of their socks and they have some good options for both plain and colourful styles. The brand concept is very cool plus they have many ethical and sustainable certifications.

Friday Sock Co. (CAN) – Another good choice for fun, printed socks and while they are not organic, they do have a recycled cotton collection.


Indigenous (US)

Jan ‘N June (DE)

J.Jackman (DE)

Jungle Folk (CH)

Kindom (US)

Kordal (US)

Kotn (CAN)

Kowtow  (NZ)

Kuyichi (NL)

Lanius (DE)

LA Relaxed (US)

Left Edit (US)

Lemuel MC (UK)

Les Sublimes (FR)

Lights of All (CAN)

Living Crafts (DE)

Liz Alig (US)

Love Faustine (US)

Lovjoi (DE)

Lowie (UK)

Made & More (BE)

Mata Traders (US)

Mate (US)

Matter (SGP)

Miakoda (US)

Mien (US)

MUD Jeans (NL)

Naz (PT)

Neu Nomads (US)

Nettle’s Tale (CAN)

Noumenon (NL)

OhSevenDays (TR)

Organic Basics (DK)

Osei-Duro (US)

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