Easy Colourful Eyeshadow

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I try to keep my makeup collection minimal but versatile. My makeup look is generally simple but I also like to be able to do more creative looks occasionally without buying new products.

Colorful eyeshadow


The colours in my versatile eyeshadow palette are:

  • brown (also used for brows and contour)
  • black or grey (which can also be used wet as an eyeliner)
  • white (also used as a highlight)
  • red or pink (which I mainly used as blush)
  • and then a “fun” colour – I currently have this copper shimmer shade

This eyeshadow look only used 3 shadows (plus the brown for brows). I started with black in the outer corner and into the crease in a triangle shape, it’s a blueish-black so looks purpley when layered with the red. The red shadow is then put into the center of the triangle, on the outer-half of the eyelid, and blended with the black. Next I put the copper shadow on the inner-half of the eyelid and a little into the crease. On the lower lid I used the red again on the outer corner and copper in the middle.

Easy colourful eyeshadow

What do you think of this makeup look?


My eyeshadows are from Red Apple Lipstick* (black – black magic and I also have brownie points for shadow/brows, and buttercream for shadow/highlight), PuroBio* (red – Marsala), and Couleur Caramel (copper – I believe this shade is no longer available though).



*indicates an affiliate link, for more information please see the disclosure policy for more info.

  1. Christel
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    You are a natural beauty, the colors are magic!

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