Sustainable Fabric & Yarn Stores

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Making your own clothing is already a lot more sustainable and ethical than buying new, but it’s even better to source eco friendly materials if you can!

For all you sewers and DIYers, this roundup is a list of places where you can find sustainable and ethical fabric stores as well as yarns, dyes and other materials for your projects!

(please note: some affiliate links may be used in this roundup)
Sustainable and Ethical Fabrics

Where to Buy Organic & Sustainable Fabrics

Bibs & Boots Fabric (Canada) – Quality knits and other fabrics with some organic options.

BULK HEMP WAREHOUSE (USA) – Sells a variety of hemp products include fabrics.

Core Fabrics (Canada) – Have eco friendly options as well as deadstock fabrics.

Earth Indigo (Canada) – Organic and eco-friendly fabrics.

FABCYCLE (Canada) – Deadstock fabrics.

FAB SCRAP (USA) – Reclaimed and deadstock fabrics. I also have a video where I visited them in NYC.

Former + Latter (Canada) – Quality sustainable fabrics, sold in .1 m increments instead of half or full meters (good for saving money and waste as you can get exactly the amount you need).

GAIA CONCEPTIONS (USA) – Undyed and some naturally dyed knit fabrics.

LEBENSKLEIDUNG (Germany) – Large variety of organic and sustainable materials.

LITTLE COCALICO (USA) – Custom fabric printing with organic, sustainable, and American-milled fabric options (great alternative to Spoonflower!)

MAIWA (Canada) – Natural fabrics and many white and undyed options for dyeing.

Merchant & Mills (UK) – “Slow fashion” quality-focused sewing supplies and some sustainable fabrics.

Montloup (Canada) – Canadian manufacturer with organic cotton and hemp knits, including un-dyed and colour-grown options. Low MOQs starting at just 1m

Offset Warehouse (UK) – Fabrics for all kinds of different clothing craft and interior projects, including unique sustainable fabrics like pineapple, banana silk, and recycled/remnant fabrics.

Organic Cotton Plus (USA) – GOTS certified fabric retailer with a variety of organic fabrics. Especially good for undyed and colourgrown cotton materials.

Our Social Fabric (Canada) – Non-profit with reclaimed and deadstock fabrics

RAWGANIQUE (USA + Canada) – Organic cotton, linen, and hemp fabrics.

SIEBENBLAU (Germany) – Variety of mostly organic fabrics.

SIMPLIFI (USA + Canada) – Good variety of sustainable fabrics, some unique prints.

Sustainable and Ethical Knitting Yarns

Where to Buy Sustainable & Organic Knitting Yarn

Darn Good Yarn (USA) – Unique selection of yarns including fabric yarn from recycled saris.

GARTHENOR (UK) – Organic wool yarns in both natural and dyed colours.

IINOUIIO (UK) – Recycled wool yarns.

Natural Ewe (Canada) – Naturally dyed yarns made from organic, natural and sustainable fibres.

Natural Recycled Yarn (USA) – Etsy store with reclaimed and recycled natural-fibre yarns.

Organic Cotton Plus (USA) – This organic fabric retailer also has a collection of organic yarns and naturally-dyed wool.

Rosy Green Wool (Germany) – GOTS certified organic merino wool.

VEGAN YARN (Canada) – hand-dyed, sustainable, vegan yarns.

WOOL AND THE GANG (USA & UK)- some (not all) recycled and sustainable yarns and knitting kits.

Indigo Shibori

Where to Buy Natural Dyes

These stores have a great selection of natural dye materials as well as helpful instructions on how to use them.

MAIWA (Canada)


12 Responses

  1. […] checking out your local fabric shop first. Otherwise, many websites sell fabrics, including sustainable and ethical fabrics. You can also reuse old clothes, bedsheets, or towels—whatever materials you have already lying […]

  2. Riya Sen
    | Reply

    I love your blog! I’m always looking for sustainable fabric and yarn stores in my area.

  3. Rosie Gunn
    | Reply

    I’m after some woven sustainable fabrics to make some wrap dresses in for my brand.
    are you able to help with this?

    Thanks so much,

  4. Cara
    | Reply

    oooh I LOVE FabScrap.
    If you volunteer for an hour you get a few lbs of free fabric, and a discount on anything beyond that. Their warehouse is better than their SOHO store FYI!

  5. Marie UK
    | Reply

    There’s also ‘A Kind Cloth’ who sell eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics.
    They are sustainability focussed, and it’s good to see more sustainable fabrics becoming more accessible 🙂

  6. Siraju Jalloh
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been looking for fabrics sources and you made my life so much easier. I plan on starting a sustainable fashion brand but finding fabrics sources for sustainable fabrics are really hard. This really help a lot Thank you so much !

  7. Kelsey Dean
    | Reply

    You should also check out a company called Mountain Meadow wool. They are a family owned wool mill in the US that sources from local ranches to make their yarn and 100% wool clothing. Their use a very sustainable process without the use of harsh chemicals. I also believe they offer a organic yarn. Thank you for sharing this article!

  8. Marion
    | Reply

    Hi Verena,

    You have also Fibre Bio (FR) which is a company working with India. They offer white fabrics and products (organic cotton, peace silk, linen and merino wool) in white (ready to dye) and they have also a natural dye service. They can dye on demand with natural colors only.
    I have tested their fabric and they are really good quality.
    Thank you for this article, it is really interesting.


  9. Bridget McVennon-Morgan
    | Reply

    Sister Mintaka (UK) does some organic, tencel and repurposed nylon fabrics, there’s Raystitch (UK) which has some organic stuff, Merchant & Mills (UK) -some organic but mostly linens, Jelly fabrics (UK?) which does stretch organics, The New Craft House (UK) does deadstock, Like Sew Amazing (UK) also has deadstock, Sew Me Sunshine (UK) deadstock and organic. There’s a Danish shop MeterMeter which does a sustainable range as does My Fabrics (Germany). Spoonflower has an organic fabric as well. It’s really encouraging that organic, sustainable and deadstock fabrics are so much more available now! Thank you for doing this!

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