Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

“Green” Date Ideas

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Last Updated on February 20, 2023

In celebration of Valentines Day, here are some eco-friendly ways to spend time with your special someone. Personally I much prefer spending time together than giving gifts, and not only are these great lower-impact dates but they also can be very affordable!

Huge thank you to the My Green Closet community for helping with this and sharing some of their date ideas ?

1. Take a Walk Together

This was the most popular idea and I also love going on walks.

Johanna suggests a “walk in the forest or nature and a picnic” – I think it’s so romantic to have a picnic in a lovely location. Lisa also adds you can walk to a destination you both enjoy, “we will take walks with the end goal of getting ice cream or hot cocoa (bring your reusable mugs or any other reusable items for use of course–maybe even purchase a reusable travel mug or ice cream bowl for your sweetheart to take on the walking date if they don’t have one)” or you can “walk to the library to pick up movies to watch together”. For another nature walk, Jess suggests “how about visiting a local park or nature conversation center?”

Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

2. Go Treasure Hunting

My husband and I really enjoy wandering through antique stores and flea markets. Sometimes we have something we’re looking for but we also just enjoy wandering and looking at all the old and interesting things.

3. Enjoy a Lower-Impact Dinner

Going out for dinner is a classic date night (and definitely my go-to) but you can make it greener by choosing organic, plant-based, or local “farm-to-table” restaurants.

For Lauren’s date they’re going to a restaurant “that has an organic food and wine menu, and they don’t use plastic either, and they support local growers ?”. Kylee suggests “Supporting a really lovely local restaurant that uses season and local ingredients” and as another alternative Jailyn had the idea of “instead of going out for an overpriced meal, donate two dinners to a homeless shelter and have a quiet, romantic dinner at home.”

I also love trying a new plant-based recipe and cooking it at home together.

Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

4. Give Back

A wonderful, fulfilling way to spend time together is giving back to your community. You could volunteer for an organization you support, or maybe join a local park or beach clean-up.

5. Learn Something New

If there’s a topic you’re both interested in, you could attend a talk, tour, or take a course. Kylee also suggests checking out an exhibit at “an art gallery or museum” or “watching an eco-centric documentary over a home-cooked “guilty pleasure” meal”.

Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

6. Play a Game

Playing a card or board games can be a great at-home date, or see if there’s a local board game cafe you can go to and try some new games.

Games are pretty easy to find secondhand or borrow from friends!

7. Listen to some Live Music

Head to a local venue, (ideally with local beers on tap!) and check out a new or favourite band/musician. If you prefer a chill night or dancing until your feet hurt, there’s probably a show for you.

Stephanie also suggests “seeing local bands in eco-friendly pubs or restaurants” and it’s a wonderful way to support artists as well!

8. Sleep under the Stars

Definitely for the warmer months, but I love an unplugged camping night. Pack up some snacks, blankets and a tent and head to a local campground, or camp in your own backyard!

Eco-Friendly Date Ideas

Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas to this post and if you have any other eco-friendly date ideas please share them in the comments!


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