Minimalist & ‘Consumable’ Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens

Last Updated on November 3, 2022

Gifts are always tricky when it comes with wanting to live more minimally and clutter-free or trying to reduce your environmental impact and make more sustainable choices, but whether you are the gift-giver, or parent trying to request more conscious or sustainable gifts for kids, here are our tried and tested gift ideas that minimalist and eco-minded families and kids will appreciate.

Sustainable and Minimalist Gift Ideas for Kids

Tickets or Memberships

This is an easy, exciting, and clutter-free gift, that allows the celebration to extend beyond just the special day! There are tons of options for experience gifts depending what the child is interested in, but here are a few great ideas for places you can gift tickets or memberships:

  • movie theatre
  • waterpark
  • museum
  • science centre
  • sports event
  • amusement park
  • gallery
  • escape room
  • ski hill
  • theatre

Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars

Swirling fizzy colours, fluffy bubbles, fruity or floral scents, and sustainably shimmery water- bath bombs are not only enjoyable for adults but kids love them too!

Lush makes bath products that are particularly fun for children and teens and one of our go-to “consumable” and clutter-free gifts. They have tons of bright colours and scents and I appreciate their attention to low waste packaging as well as cruelty-free and ethically-sourced ingredients (they’re one of the few brands that proudly uses child labour free mica).

Minimalist gift ideas for kids - Bath Bombs and Bubble bars
Some of our picks for kids are Unicorn Horn and Rainbow bubble bars, and Groovy Kind of Love bath bomb


A great digital, zero waste gift that can offer adventure, discovery, education, and screen-free entertainment. is hands-down my favourite place to get audiobooks from, they have a fantastic variety of books and a wonderful mission to support local bookstores. You can gift individual books or a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. They have a huge young adult selection and a well-curated assortment of kids audiobooks.

Sustainable & Minimalist Gift Ideas for Kids - Audiobooks

Anything Needed

Practical and useful gifts don’t have to be boring – does the child need new pjs, a backpack, winter coat, shoes? Look for a fun option or something that really fits their style for a gift that will be sure to get a lot of use.

Check out our list of sustainable children’s brands for some great consciously-made products!

Eco Friendly Art Supplies

Drawing, painting, and crafting is always a great gift – they allow for endless creativity and are items that can be used up to reduce clutter!

Earth Hero has a great selection of sustainable art supplies for kids including beeswax crayons, natural playdough, non-toxic paints, and more!

Eco art supplies from Earth Hero - Sustainable Gift Ideas for Kids


This is a classic experience gift and can be a fun way to make memories. Give the child coupons they can redeem for things they’ll enjoy. Here’s some ideas:

  • movie night
  • trip for ice cream
  • staying up late
  • choice of dinner
  • extra screen time
  • treat of choice

One “Big Ticket” Gift

This is what we do with my daughter! Instead of everyone giving individual gifts (which often don’t align with our sustainability and minimalist values) we ask friends and family who want to give a gift to instead contribute towards one more expensive “big ticket” gift which we know she’ll love and get a lot of use from! This has been a fantastic way to keep gifts in our home more sustainable and minimalist while also being able to get some very special and well loved toys.

Trying to do this for a birthday party? Look into throwing a Fiver Party!

If you are the gift giver and want to go this route, ask the parent if there is something the child is saving up for and if you can get a gift card and contribute towards that, or if there is a special item you and some other people could buy together.

Looking for more sustainable gift ideas? Check out our green gift guide!

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