Top 5 Edmonton Refillery & Zero Waste Stores

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Last Updated on February 12, 2024

The increasing demand for sustainable shopping options in Edmonton in creating an exciting community of refillery, zero waste, and bulk stores. These stores promote sustainable practices and reducing plastic by offering customers the opportunity to refill their own containers and purchase products in bulk. Here are our favorite places to refill cleaning and personal care products as well as get other pantry and household essentials.

Re: Plenish

Nestled in the Ritchie neighborhood, Re: Plenish is a zero-waste store providing customers with a wide range of package-free products. From bath and body items like shampoo, conditioner, and soaps, to makeup, cleaning products, and sustainable lifestyle products, Re: Plenish has it all. With an inviting atmosphere and helpful staff, Re: Plenish is a must-visit zero waste destination.

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Located in photogenic Manchester Square, Carbon Environmental Boutique is a store for all things sustainable. This bright boutique offers a carefully curated selection of eco-friendly products, including a refill station for soaps, detergents, personal care items and cleaning supplies Carbon prioritizes sustainability and non-toxic ingredients and researches all products and suppliers to ensure they’re selecting the best products.

Earth’s General Store

Earth’s General Store has been a pioneer in the Edmonton sustainable scene for over 30 years. Located on Whyte ave, this store offers a selection of bulk and refillable products, ranging from organic food items and pantry staples such as beans and coffee, to personal care and household cleaning supplies. Earth’s General Store is committed to promoting sustainable living, they have a wide variety of plastic-free, vegan, fair trade, and organic options. The store also supports local farmers and suppliers, further strengthening the community’s sustainability efforts.


At their Queen Alexandra location Kolya offer refill options for soaps and bath and body products, as well as has a great selection of loose teas.

In particular, they are a fantastic store for anyone wanting to DIY their own skincare. Kolya sells a variety of carrier oils, butters, clays and more, as well as a variety of beauty containers and jars for making your own products.

Eco Chick Mobile Refills

As the name suggests, Eco Chick Mobile Refills is a mobile refill service that brings products directly to your doorstep, making it easier than ever to embrace a zero waste lifestyle. Eco Chick offers soaps, personal care items, laundry detergents, and more. They source sustainable products primarily from small, Canadian businesses, including cruelty-free and vegan options. Customers can schedule a visit and owner Rosie will fill your containers right from the van!

Edmonton is home to a growing community of refillery and bulk stores, offering an array of sustainable and package-free products. Whether you’re seeking zero waste solutions, organic pantry staples, or refillable personal care products, there is a store to check out!