Sustainable/Ethical Fashion

Why exactly is wrong with fast fashion?

We often hear that fast fashion is “bad” but here’s what the issues are.

I’m new to conscious fashion and it’s a bit overwhelming, where should I start?

That’s so exciting, you’ve made a huge first step and it doesn’t take much to begin your slow fashion journey! 🙂

I have a playlist of videos which is a great place to start learning more and what actions you can take and you can also learn how to start your ethical wardrobe without spending a cent.

Where can I find sustainable/ethical brands?

Check out my brand directory! I also have roundups which go into more detail about brands and a map of stores carrying conscious brands.

Is it possible to shop consciously on a budget?

Definitely! I have a video more about affordable ethical fashion tips.

Do you think it’s ethical to buy fast fashion secondhand?

I do, but there’s a few things to consider that I explain in this video.

What’s the best way to research if brands are sustainable/ethical?

Check out this video about researching brands and also this video on how to contact brands and ask for more information.

How can I tell if brands are trustworthy/greenwashing?

I have a video about how to spot greenwashing.

Repairing vs. buying secondhand vs. buying from eco brands – what’s better/more sustainable?

Each have sustainability pros and considerations that I discuss in this video.

What do you think of renting clothes? Is it sustainable?

I have a video all about clothing rental including the pros and cons, how it works, and my thoughts on the sustainability aspect.

Capsule Wardrobes

How long have you had a capsule wardrobe?

I built my first capsule in the summer of 2014 and have been doing them ever since!

Why do you have a capsule wardrobe?

There’s so many amazing benefits to a smaller more curated wardrobe, in this video I share 10 ways a capsule wardrobe can change your life.

Is it possible to have a colourful capsule wardrobe? All the ones I see are mostly neutrals...

White a lot of examples do use neutrals, it’s definitely possible to have a lot of colour! Check out this video about building a colourful capsule, and I also have a video on how to incorporate colourful prints into your wardrobe.

What should I do with my old clothes?

Don’t throw them away! Check out this video for some options.

Personal Qs

How did you become interested in slow fashion?

I have a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Technology and through studying I started to learn more about the ethical and sustainability issues in the industry and knew these were things I couldn’t keep supporting. This started my journey to find alternatives that better aligned with my values and to build a more conscious wardrobe.

What’s your actual name?

I know this is a bit confusing – my first name is Verena and my middle name is Erin. I used Verena Erin as the name for my short-lived clothing line so my website and social media handles use VerenaErin, however most people Icall me by my middle name Erin, although either is fine!

Where are you from/based?

I’m Canadian, I was living in Germany for the last few years however my husband and I recently moved back to Edmonton, Canada.

Do you sew?

Yes! I love it and even host a community for sewists called The Sewcial Club through my Patreon.

Are you vegan and/or zero waste?

While I strongly support these movements I don’t believe in black & white/all or nothing approaches. I prefer using terms like plant-based and low waste and have a video more about this.