I’ll have a Green Christmas

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It’s December! Here are some tips and ideas of things you can do to make the holidays a little greener.

(Please note: this video was kindly sponsored by Greenvelope)
Give mindfully
  • Give gifts you know will get used instead of random stuff. Experiences, consumables, your time, charity donations, and digital gifts (subscriptions, games, e-books, music, etc.) all make great gifts without waste.
  • Avoid glossy wrapping paper and wrap gifts with recycled or upcycled materials, or things that can be reused.
  • Send digital cards and invitations which saves paper (and often plastic) as well as shipping and trash. Greenvelope offers beautiful, paper-like designs and useful features.


Ask for conscious gifts
  • Ask for things you know you’ll use, support sustainable and ethical brands, or ask for donations to an organization or charity you support.


Use natural or secondhand decorations

There are lots of easy and beautiful DIY’s using natural materials, check out my Green Christmas board on Pinterest for some inspiration 🙂

This year my DIY decorations included (click links for tutorials- some are in different languages so use google translate):




Host greener parties and dinners

And instead of buying a new party outfit, shop your closet or get one secondhand!



Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! xx

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