Green Gift Guide 2018

Since we’re getting into the holiday season ❄ here are some of my gift ideas to shop consciously and support some amazing brands!
This gift guide contains both North American and European based companies, but most ship internationally. Also almost everything is under $100!

$ = 20 $/€ or under            $$ = 21-50 $/€           $$$ = 51-100 $/€

(note: this post is possible through partnerships and affiliate links, by shopping through this guide you can support great brands and also My Green Closet!)

Comfy & Cozy Gifts

Who doesn’t like snuggling up in the winter?

Miakoda’s joggers are a super soft bamboo and organic cotton blend, ethically made in NYC. Perfect for a cozy weekend or the drapey cut can easily be styled for a cute casual look. I’m told they’ll also be releasing soon a thicker winter fabric for extra warmth.  $$$

Comfy and cosy gift ideas

Candles instantly add cosiness to winter evenings, especially one in a lovely vintage-inspired mug ☕. Prosperity Candles from Accompany are fairly made by women refugees in the US who are working to build a better life for themselves. $$

What’s cosier than a soft organic cotton blanket to wrap yourself in? Living Crafts cable knit blanket is both warm and decorative perfect for a movie night or adding a hygge accent. €€€


Those staples that everyone needs.

If you know anyone who hates their uncomfortable bras or has trouble finding bras in their size, get them a gift card for Lara Intimates. Their bras are not only incredibly comfortable (I wear my Wren bra almost everyday) but they’re also sustainable and ethically made, plus Lara has an amazing size range from 26A-36I ! ££- £££

Essentials for her

For a special gift, how about a pj set naturally dyed with plants like chamomile and lavender? Sustain’s garments utilise the amazing colours, properties, and tradition of plant dyes for truly unique and slow fashion pieces. $$

Socks are another great staple gift – who doesn’t need socks? Especially during the holidays I love a cute print. Thought is my go-to for eco-friendly printed socks and their box sets make a great gift££

Gifts for him

Like socks it might not be the most creative gift but it will be appreciated and used – some nice hemp and organic cotton Wama underwear. Everyone can use underwear (socks and underwear are literally all my husband wants for gifts) and these not only are a classic cut and colour, but also really comfy. Plus hemp is super sustainable! $$- $$$ for packs

A classic pullover makes a great gift for winter. This one from ThokkThokk can be worn on its own or easily layered, it’s organic cotton and both GOTS and Fair Trade certified. They also have a bunch of different styles for men and women€€€

Pampering & Self-Care Gifts

A treat for winter skin is Oil + Water’s delicious smelling and carefully crafted skincare products. I think the body oil and sea clay soap would make especially lovely gifts – the soap was designed to evoke a spa feel with sweet orange, sage, and eucalyptus essential oils and seriously smells amazing, while the body oil is a nourishing and luxurious blend of plant oils. Use code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% off. $$

pampering gifts

For someone who loves home-spa treatments a jade roller is a lovely, relaxing skincare tool. This Jade Chi Roller from The Choosy Chick can be used to cool puffy under-eyes, roll out facial tension, improve skin elasticity and also is really nice to roll oils or a sheet mask into the skin. Use code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% off. $$

And let’s not forget treating your hair. The Innate Life has beautiful hair oils and masks full of nourishing botanical ingredients like their Rose Hair Elixir where just a couple drops will calm frizz and hydrate dry winter hair and for the guys they even have a beard oil. Use code MYGREENCLOSET for 15% off. $$

For Story Lovers

The gift I’m going to be giving to most people this year is a subscription to audiobooks, it’s like Audible but way better – instead of your money going to Amazon, Libro partners with and gives a portion of proceeds to local bookstores, when you sign up you can select which store you’d like to support. As an added bonus you can also get a free audiobook yourself for the first month! If you like it and stick around, with this link it also gifts me a book too – thank you 💕 $- $$$

Story gifts

Jewellery with a special story – The Met Store’s jewellery is all inspired by historical adornments or art. These unique Hellenistic pieces are modelled after ancient Greek jewellery sets, they also have a Byzantine collection inspired by that time period, and a venus pearl collection inspired by a Rubens painting. Perfect for history or art lovers, and their new collections are made in the US from fairly minded stones and recycled metals! $$$- $$$+

Globein believes “every product has a story”. Their boxes contain an assortment of home, lifestyle and food items which support artisans around the world. You can gift a monthly subscription box or shop their previous boxes or individual products. $$- $$$+

Travel Gifts

The adventurers and explorers in your life.

Cotton Peshtemal towels are perfect for anyone who travels or camps a lot. Getting a Turkish towel for travel was one of the best switches I’ve made – they’re super light and compact, dry quickly, and can double as a scarf, cover-up, or beach/picnic blanket. They’re so much more practical and versatile than a bulky fluffy towel and I recommend them to everyone. $$

travel gifts

Super durable and sustainable, grünBAG uses all recycled materials from things like surplus tarps, old sails, and party tents. Their toiletry bags come in a variety of colours and are perfect for staying organised at home or on the road. They also have a great selection of bags and backpacks. €€€

For home or travel, La Aquarelle’s sleep masks are designed to block light and sit comfortably. They’re naturally dyed in a variety of colours and plant dyes, and made from all natural materials including the filling; you can select your outer-material from a choice of organic cotton or bamboo silk. They also have aromatherapy masks with sachets of lavender. $$

For the Cook

Share cookbook is a collection of recipes from the organisation Women for Women International. It’s a unique and special gift for those who love to cook featuring recipes and stories from women around the world. $$

Cooking gifts

How about a lovely linen apron? notPERFECTLINEN has a variety of styles from classic, to pinafore, to half aprons, plus a ton of colours to choose from. They take a slow fashion approach and make everything to order from their beautiful, locally sourced linen fabric (Oeko – tex certified), in their family-run studio in Lithuania. €€

For the person who cooks and has a green thumb. This grow kit contain the seeds, starter soil and planters to grown your own salsa! They also have kits to grown your own cocktail herbs and pizza toppings. $

Creative and DIY Gifts

Know someone who loves to sew? Friday Pattern Company offers both print and pdf sewing patterns in cute and modern styles – these aren’t your grandma’s patterns. Plus a portion of profits go to charity. Get a gift card and they can choose the pattern that’s perfect for their style and skill level. $-$$

For knitters, Wool & The Gang offers knit-your-own kits at various skill levels. While not all their yarns are sustainable they do have some recycled ones like their ‘Heal the Wool’ recycled wool yarn, ‘Jersey be Good’ yarn made from fabric off cuts, or  ‘Billie Jean’ upcycled denim yarn knit kits. $$- $$$

Colouring is both relaxing and creative. Ten Thousand Villages colour-your-own poster is fairly made supporting workers in rural areas of Bangladesh. $$

For the Minimalist

The person who wants nothing.

Know someone who’s interested in building a capsule wardrobe? Project 333 creator Courtney Carver’s Dress with Less Microcourse is incredibly helpful  and has different activities to get you started, provide guidance, and set the foundation for a successful capsule wardrobe. $

gifts ideas for minimalists

Experiences always make incredible gifts, movie tickets or dinner at a favourite restaurant are good go-tos, or their favourite activity. For something extra unique check out Airbnb’s social impact experiences$-$$$

Finally if someone wants nothing, get them nothing! Donations to favourite charities in their name also make great gifts. 🙂

For the Little Ones

My favourite gifts for the children are books so I was really excited when my ethical blogger friend Holly Rose wrote a beautiful children’s book, Leo & The Lion Learn of Love just in time for the holidays! A lovely story where a wise lion teaches a little boy to love and care for others and our planet. It’s printed with a cradle-to-cradle printer or you can also get digital copies. Use code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% Off. $

I love MATTER Prints who works fairly with artisans to create amazing textiles and garments, and they now have a children’s line which actually makes use of the off-cuts from their adult clothes! Their adorable red weekend dress is super versatile and can be dressed up for a holiday dinner or worn casually, the loose cut also makes it easy for kids to grown in. $$$

Not your average toy truck, this one is a recycling truck! Kids can learn about sorting paper, metal, and plastics plus Green Toys are made from recycled milk jugs! They are tested to ensure they are phalate and BPA free plus they have no coatings or paints to worry about. $-$$

I hope you find this helpful for your conscious holiday shopping and thank you so much to the brands who partnered on giveaways!

conscious holiday gift guide
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10 Responses

  1. Steph
    | Reply

    I remember when microfiber towels were a trend. Would you say that Turkish towels are more sustainable?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I don’t know much about microfibre towels but I believe they are synthetic and I assume also release plastic micro-fibres into the water, so natural fibres would be more sustainable.

  2. Camelia
    | Reply

    Such great ideas and recommendations! I’ll keep coming back to this when I need to buy a gift, thank you 🙂

    I have a question. I see a lot of these sustainable underwear companies use spandex or even nylon (Boody) in their underwear. Wouldn’t that make them hard to recycle at the end of their life? I was wondering if it would be more sustainable to buy something made of 100% organic cotton vs something with hemp or bamboo, which are theoretically more sustainable fabrics, but I’m wondering if the addition of synthetics makes them less sustainable in the end. What do you think? I know there’s so much to take into consideration and you’ve definitely done a lot more research than I have on this subject, so I value your opinion 🙂

    Also, I was looking into buying a Libro membership for a friend, but I don’t know how much they can offer for Europe. They say “While a la carte audiobooks are available in most countries around the world, the membership offering is only valid for customers in the U.S. and Canada” 🙁

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Hi Camelia,
      I actually have a video all about why spandex is important in clothing, you can watch it here: It does make them less sustainable from a biodegradability/recyclability perspective but it also greatly improves the wear and longevity of garments which is more sustainable. Underwear especially would become super saggy and misshapen without any spandex.

      I’m unfortunately not sure how the Libro membership works in Europe. It’s definitely focused on the US but I assumed it could be used from anywhere.

      • Camelia
        | Reply

        Hi Erin,

        Thank you so much for your reply, I just saw it. I watched the video, very helpful. I guess I’ve had some bad experiences with clothing that had elastane in it and was convinced they wear out better if it’s just cotton. For instance, I bought my husband some t-shirts with elastane from H&M that he could wear under clothes and all of them practically became dresses, they stretched out so much in a short time, while the one white t-shirt that is 100% cotton and that I bought from an Italian underwear store has kept its shape for years. I usually wash my clothes at low temperatures and only air dry, but I might have washed some of the white t-shirts at higher temperatures, I don’t remember. Maybe the ones from H&M were just very poor quality.

        • Verena Erin
          | Reply

          Yeah that sounds like a fabric quality issue.

  3. Mama Squirrel
    | Reply

    I like the suggestion of the map from Ten Thousand Villages! I’ve already ordered several gifts from them this year (shh, don’t tell my family).

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Nice! They have great gifts 🙂

  4. Charlotte
    | Reply

    Lovely ideas! And personally I was thinking of getting some new socks with prints and I think I’ve just found the ones I want, thanks!

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      That’s awesome! Which print are you getting?

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