Hygge Holiday in Belgium

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Last Updated on July 28, 2023

Ben and I recently planned a little trip to the country. We wanted to relax; spend time hiking and walking in nature; cook meals together; and just enjoy some time away from the city. We stayed in a beautifully renovated barn on a Belgian farm and it couldn’t have been a more lovely holiday.

We filmed a lot and I edited this video. I hope you enjoy coming along on our little “hygge” holiday.

I love cooking with Ben, so a trip to relax out in the country for me definitely involves making some delicious meals. We picked up groceries at a bio-market on the way and ended up making:

  • Mushroom and leek risotto (Minimalist Baker’s recipe) with garlic bread
  • Pancakes with berries and pineapple (we had pancakes for breakfast on a couple of days, but also brought some muesli)
  • Baked sweet potatoes, hummus, and kale chips – one of my favourite simple meals
  • Sun-dried tomato, mushroom, and spinach tofu quiche (adapted from Oh She Glow’s recipe)
  • “Cheesy” pasta with kale and tomatoes (a cashew, garlic “cheese” sauce + veggies – Minimalist Baker has a bunch of different vegan Mac n’ Cheese recipes)

We found the farmhouse on Airbnb. I’ve found Airbnb is great for farming, glamping, cabin, and rural destinations (and you can get €30 off your first trip if you book with this link!)

The house was not only gorgeously designed and decorated but it’s in a great location within driving distance to lovely little towns and lots of parks with walking trails.

This was a perfect vacation for us and just what we needed to relax and recharge.

What’s your ideal holiday?

*Indicates an Airbnb referral link, you get €30 and I get a €15 credit.

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  1. Julia
    | Reply

    Beutiful! The location, the house, your video…! The food also looks amazing :-). Thank you for sharing this! Would you mind sharing what area of Belgium that was?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      It’s near the German border just past Aachen, the area is called Lontzen. 🙂

      • Julia
        | Reply

        Oh, so that’s not far at all :-). Sounds (and looks) like a great option to get out of the city once in a while. Thank you!

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