Toddler Fall & Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Last Updated on May 2, 2022

Ya’ll know I love my capsule wardrobe and I’ve been loving having one for my daughter too! Especially now that she’s more interested in picking out her clothes for the day, a simplified wardrobe makes it easy to find things and put together outfits. Plus having a kids capsule wardrobe has definitely helped us save money when buying clothes for a growing toddler (even with buying from sustainable brands!).

I’ve talked about the many benefits and how to build a capsule wardrobe for children both here on the blog, and also did a podcast interview about it, so let’s jump right into this season’s capsule!

Special Considerations & Lessons from Last Season

As with any capsule, there are always lifestyle, seasonal, and personal factors that play a role. Plus every capsule is a learning opportunity that you can take into the next one. Here are some things that I took into account with planning this wardrobe:

Potty Training

My daughter is currently 2 and while she is mostly potty trained we are still not fully accident free, so having a couple extra pants/leggings was important.

Overalls, dresses, rompers, and any styles that are difficult to pull down or get in the way is also something I avoided, as well as pants with flys or waists that can’t be pulled down. We want to make potty independence as easy as possible!


We live in a very old house with not the best insulation. Last winter she rarely wore her short sleeve tops, even under the layers so I’ve learned from that and this year only gone with long sleeve tops.

Comfort & Mobility

Children are active and all over the place! I want to make sure the clothes let her move, play, and explore without restriction. So looking for stretchy fabric and flexible cuts was a priority. This was especially important with pants – I avoided denim and stiff fabrics and went mostly with leggings and harem style pants.

Style & Colour

I have always leaned toward a more gender neutral capsule wardrobe for kids. For each capsule I plan a rough color palette based around what we already have and any key wardrobe items I want to include. While neutral colours make capsule planning easier, I also know that my daughter likes wearing colour so I incorporate a few bright colours and prints. Here is the colour palette I went with for this capsule:

My “key colors” were dark green, yellow, and coppery-orange and then I used grey for neutrals and some blue as a nice contrast colour.

Items in B’s Fall/Winter Capsule

As you can see, there are still a few items I’m waiting to arrive and I will update this post when they do. I may also add in one more layer in winter if we find shes wearing them a lot.

In order to have lots of mix and match options, I try to keep certain colours in certain areas. So in this capsule I kept the greens, greys, and neutrals more in the tops, and then went with the bright yellows, orange-y and red tones in the bottoms and layers. I love the contrasting combinations of yellow and orange with deep greens, blues, and greys!

Finally to round-out the full wardrobe, for outerwear and shoes we have:

  • 1 fall jacket
  • 1 snowsuit
  • pair of sneakers
  • pair of rain boots
  • pair of snow boots

I’d love to know if you also do a capsule wardrobe for your kids and how it works for you. 🙂

Also if you’d like to know what organic and sustainable kids brands I recommend, here are our favourites.

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    Thanks, this is so helpful! My son is only 13 months, so I’m still new to toddlerhood and figuring it all out! I’ll head back to your post from last year too.

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