My Daughter’s Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

We’ve been busy and I unfortunately didn’t have time to photograph my daughter’s fall/winter capsule so I wanted to make sure to post her spring/summer wardrobe.

I now have a preschooler who is more interested in choosing her clothes and has opinions about what she likes to wear. So this capsule was more of a collaboration, and I loved it! She picked out some favourite pieces from the thrift store and we built the rest of the capsule wardrobe around those.

Special Considerations

It’s been a HOT spring. Typically I’d have some more longer options and layers and we’d transition capsules a little later but the weather has been way warmer than usual so this capsule mainly has shorts, tees, and tanks.

We have more weekly activities. My daughter goes to Forest School once a week and gets very muddy so we have a specific outfit for those days that are older and easy to clean. So also does some sport activities so we made sure to have stretchy and comfy options for those.

She likes wearing dresses. While I previously opted for a more gender neutral wardrobe now that my daughter is older we’re incorporating more things she likes and she gets to experiment with her style. She picked out a few dresses at the store

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Even though my daughter picked some items and colours, we still managed to create a very versatile wardrobe with lots of outfit combinations.

When determining how many pieces we need, I always plan kids capsule wardrobes around the number of outfits needed before it’s laundry time. We do laundry roughly once a week, so for this capsule I aimed for 10 outfits. My daughter usually wears shorts or leggings under her dresses so we went with 10 bottoms and then a few more tops/dresses so have a little variety.

Because it’s been so hot one layering piece is fine and then for outerwear we also have a rain coat and puddle pants.

If you’d like to learn more about how to build a kid’s capsule wardrobe, check out this post.

3 Responses

  1. emma lundaahl

    They have stolen this too

  2. Robyn

    Super cute! I’m thankful that my kids both have older cousins who we got hand-me-downs from. It made life so much simpler.
    My daughter is 10 now, and she’s found a few treasures at the thrift store that she absolutely loves, but sometimes it’s hard to find just the thing she has in mind (she’s currently searching for a pair of overalls, because she grew out of her last pair). Perhaps I need to try poshmark or thred-up, but then I have to figure out sizing (which feels like a moving target)!

    • Verena Erin

      I’ve found local buy nothing groups and FB Marketplace great for getting specific kids clothing items I couldn’t find at the secondhand store. 🙂