Toddler & Young Kids Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Just like with my own capsule wardrobes, the more you do them the better you get! I’m very happy with how this spring/summer capsule wardrobe for my 2 1/2 year-old daughter worked out. There are enough clothes for all her needs, for us to do laundry approximately once a week, and I love this fun colour palette with tons of mix and match options.

When planning this capsule I used many of the same considerations as for fall/winter, however temperature was even more important this time. Spring where we live can range from very chilly to quite hot so we need options for both extremes. I could split this up into 2 separate capsules one with the tees, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and layers for spring, and the other with the tanks and shorts for summer, but I think with kids just doing 2 capsules per year is easiest.

For the colour palette I went with bright blue, a light aqua blue, and a contrasting yellow, and coral. The capsule is anchored with navy, grey and white as the neutrals. With any prints or graphics I tried to find pieces that had most of these colors in them for maximum versatility.

Why More Bottoms than Tops?

Typically with any of my own capsules I have significantly less bottoms then tops, however I’ve found with a toddler they go through bottom changes equally if not faster than tops. Especially with things like potty training and in summer when they sit and climb on everything. My daughter will also wear either leggings or shorts under the couple dresses.

Brands & Budget

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As I talked about in my tips for buying sustainable kids clothing on a budget most of this capsule wardrobe is secondhand which then allows me to spend a little more on some new sustainable items to fill in the gaps. For those new pieces I got quite a few organic items from Hanna Andersson – they regularly have sales which is a great time to stock up for the next season.

I also scored the adorable, recycled raincoat and natural rubber rain boots from Frugi, and the yellow puddle pants are from Canadian brand Faire Child.

I haven’t had much luck finding good quality and comfy shoes secondhand, so her shoes are from Native Shoes, part of their Sugarlite line (blue pair) which can also be send back for recycling when worn out, and HeyFolks (brown pair).

Underwear and socks obviously aren’t part of a capsule wardrobe, but our favourites are the cute organic ones from Q for Quinn.

Check out this post for more of our favorite sustainable kids clothing brands.

Here’s a few more outfit examples and there are endless ways to mix and match this kids capsule wardrobe!

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