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Last Updated on February 14, 2024

I got my first pair of Knickeys (now named Subset) about four years ago and since then have been slowing replacing my underwear and bras with Subset to the point where they now make up the majority of my underwear drawer. So suffice it to say I’ve had a lot of experience with their styles, fits, and fabric to do a thorough review!

(Please note: this post contains Subset affiliate links which means we get a % commission from sales. I also received some Subset products as gifts and purchased some myself. However gifted products do not affect my reviews.)

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Subset Underwear Review

Undies are up first because they are my faves. When anyone asks me what sustainable/organic underwear I recommend, I always say Subset. The organic cotton (95%) is super soft and their elastics are a nice blend of being lightweight and not digging in but also with decent stretch and recovery – very comfortable!

Underwear Styles

Subset has a great variety of underwear styles depending what your looking for. They have 3 rises; low, mid, and high. As well as some different cuts including thong, bikini, brief, hipster and retro brief depending on what type of style and coverage you’re looking for.

Subset high, mid, and low rise underwear

I personally prefer their high and mid rise styles. I have the high-rise brief in a few colours and also the high-rise thong. They have the most cuts available in the mid-rise, with the hipster and brief style being my two favorites (although I’m interested in also trying the new fuller-coverage retro brief style!).

For colour options they have the classics; black, white, and grey, as well as a few nude-ish shades, and a navy blue in their core collection. Then they regularly add fun and bright limited edition colours.

If you want to try all the styles check out their Starter Set.

Knickey high-rise thong in ‘Peachy Keen’


Subset’s underwear come in a size range from XXS – XXXL and I find their size guide to be accurate and true to size. If you’re between sizes they recommend sizing down.

However if you’re still unsure of sizing and fit, Subset also has an amazing “First Pair Guarantee” return policy for US customers to help you find the best fit without any worries.

Many of the styles also give you the option to see it on a few models of different sizes which I love!


On average my Subset undies have lasted about a couple years with proper care (no dryer!) before the fabric and elastic are very obviously starting to get worn out. So the quality is good!

Also the idea that you need to replace your underwear every 6-12 months? That’s a total myth. Especially if you stick to natural fabrics which are more breathable, and properly wash them after every wear there is no time limit for underwear!

The only quality issue I’ve ever had with a Subset product was with my very first pair which I got right before my pregnancy (pictured below). After a while some stitching must have broke and the elastic came off in one section but this definitely could have been because I wore them for a while during pregnancy (although Subset now has maternity underwear!) which likely put extra strain on the elastic. It was a simple repair though and I’ve never had this happen with any other pairs.

My first pair of Subset undies


Their undies are all $17 USD per pair, except for the maternity underwear. Which honestly is a very good price when compared to many other organic cotton undies. Of all the brands we’ve collected in our sustainable underwear round-up Subset is top 2 for affordability and the most affordable of any organic cotton options.

Subset Bralette Review

Since I had become such a fan of their underwear I was very exicted when Subset added bralettes to their collection in their same soft, organic cotton. Bralettes are trickier with fit though so there are some ‘winners’ an some that just don’t work for me.

Bralette Styles

Subset has four bralette styles, the sportier ‘scoop’ and ‘tank’ styles, a classic triangle style, and a cute keyhole cut-out. Of the four bralettes three have adjustable straps (the Tank, the Triangle, and the Keyhole) and two have hook-and-eye closures (the Triangle and the Keyhole) while the other two are pull-over styles (the Scoop and the Tank). Overall their styles feel very intentional, each has unique attributes and no two bras serve the same purpose, so you’re likely to find at least one that works well for you.

The Scoop bralette in Lunar

Note that the both the Tank and Scoop have princess seams which are fairly visible under clothes if that’s something you care about.

Quality & Comfort

All the bralettes are self-lined in their soft organic cotton which adds extra support and also makes them super comfy. They are definitely good lounge bras but more supportive than many other bralettes I’ve tried – for me they strike an ideal balance between comfort and support, not tight and restrictive but also feeling secure.

The fabric, elastics, and components are all high quality and incorporate sustainable materials. I’ve had no quality issues with their bralettes.

The Tank bralette in Beach Bum

Sizing & Fit

Subset’s bralettes use letter sizing instead of alpha-numeric and are available in a range from XXS – XXXL. Be sure to check out their Fitting Room for sizing, measuring and fit info.

Sizing for me was a little tricky because I have a larger cup to band ratio. On Subset’s size guide I fall under size M for band but size L for bust. So to test them out I ended up getting two styles in the L (Scoop and Keyhole) and two in the M (Tank and Triangle).

Subset Bralette Fit for Larger Busts & Cups

So even though letter sizing isn’t ideal for most with larger cups I was still pretty happy with how most of the styles fit. Also along with the rebrand they have now added options in a couple styles with fuller cups for larger busts!

The Keyhole bralette in Midnight Moon

The Keyhole is my favourite and top pick for larger cups. It has good support, winder straps at the front/top and I like the cup shape. It also has the most adjustability with both slider straps and a hook-and-eye closure.

Both the Scoop and the Tank have a similar fit although the Tank has adjustable straps. Sizing down in the Tank was a good call and I find it comfortable in the band and also not too small in the bust. Although I do prefer the larger straps on the Scoop, and I think if I had sized down it would also be a fave because my only current issue with the L is the band being a little loose.

For for about the fit, watch my try-on fit review of both the Keyhole and Scoop styles.

The Triangle bralette in Peachy Keen

Finally the Triangle unfortunately did not work for me. It is my newest bralette from Subset and the one I was most unsure of because typically triangle styles don’t work well for my larger cups, which is also the case with this bralette. The style is very cute and the fit is not bad with the adjustable straps and closure however because of the shape of the cups and lower neckline I spill out a bit whenever leaning forward and then need to constantly re-adjust. If you have larger cups I’d recommend the other 3 styles over the Triangle.


Their bralettes are all $48 USD.

Subset Socks Review

Subset also offers organic cotton socks, made from a blend of 76% organic cotton, 22% polyamide, and 2% elastane. They come in a crew and quarter (ankle) style in 3 classic colours; white, grey, and black.

The socks are very lightweight with a slim fit – a more “dressy” sock compared to the chunky or athletic styles I mainly see from sustainable brands. These are true wardrobe staple socks.

I’ll update this post in a few months with my thoughts on the quality and longevity of the socks after I get a check to wear and wash them many times.

Subset’s Ethics & Sustainability

All Subset undies and bralettes are made in a Fair Trade Certified factory in India so we know workers are paid a living wage and certain ethical standards are met.

They have a traceable and transparent supply chain from farm to retail. Subset uses GOTS certified organic cotton and are GOTS certified themselves meaning that all stages meet GOTS environmental and social criteria. Subset’s fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified.

Their products are packaged and shipped plastic-free using sustainable and recycled boxes and paper products. Subset is carbon neutral and offsets the shipping of each order, the transportation from India to the US, and their manufacturing emissions.

Recycling Program

Don’t know what to do with your old or worn out underwear? Since underwear typically goes straight to the landfill, Subset also has a recycling program where they will take back both their own as well as old undies from any brands. The underwear gets shredded and turned into insulation, carpet padding, or furniture stuffing.

When you send underwear for recycling you get 15% off your next order so it’s really a win-win! Unfortunately though the recycling program is only currently available in the US.

Shipping & Ordering

Subset is based in the US and they ship domestically as well as to many international countries.

For Canadian customers if your order is less than $150 CAD you typically don’t have to pay any duty charges but likely still have to pay tax.

Have you tried Subset’s underwear, bralettes, or socks? What did you think?

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