Londre Swimwear Honest Review (Large Bust)

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Last Updated on November 22, 2023

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Londre Bodywear‘s sustainable one-piece swimwear and bikinis are described as “insanely flattering” and “the most flattering swimsuit”. So when looking for new swimwear I decided to test these claims!

I took Londre Bodywear’s crossback one-piece on a recent trip and as a size-L, petite woman in her 30s with a mom-bod I wasn’t sure how the revealing cut was going to work for me. I especially wanted to see how the swimsuit worked on a larger bust (DD/E cup) since most styles don’t look very supportive.

After some testing here’s my review:

Style and Fit

Too Sexy?

I honestly think it’s impossible to not look good in one of Londre’s swimsuits and their flattering claims are well-founded however whether you actually feel confident, sexy, and comfortable is another story.

The suit shows a lot of skin which I learned was a little too much for me. While I’m usually very comfortable showing some skin at the beach, the cleavage + side boob + cheeky cut all at the same time pushed my comfort. I ended up wishing it was either higher cut at the neck, had more fabric across the bust, or more coverage on the bum. I often felt like I wanted to pull it up or down for a little more coverage but that of course just makes the other side more revealing.

*Important to note though: I went on the trip with my in-laws which certainly contributed to the feeling of showing too much skin and I mostly wore my other swimsuit when hanging out with family. It wasn’t the best scenario to wear a revealing swimsuit, and I likely would have felt more comfortable if it was just with my partner or friends. I’ll update this review once summer comes and I have more opportunities to wear it in other situations!

Although the suit definitely delivers on it’s promise of being flattering. The material is very stretchy and compressive and they clearly spent a lot of time developing their cut to hug and highlight curves, and create beautiful shapes.

If you want a sexy swimsuit and are comfortable showing a lot of skin then definitely check Londre out!

Image credit: Londre Bodywear

With that said though, since they do make such high quality sustainable swimwear and clearly have flattering and well-fitting cuts, I’ve actually ordered another suit from them, the Bond Rashguard. I plan on doing a lot of swimming and water activities with my family this summer, so I think it will be a great suit for more sporty/active things and also have some protection from the sun! Very excited to test it out this summer.


I found their size chart to be accurate and the size I went with based on my measurements (L) worked well and was true to size. They also have a very helpful “Calculate my Size” feature which will recommend a size based on whether you prefer a tighter, regular or looser fit, and you can see how it will fit across your bust, waist, and hips.

Even though I went with a slightly looser fit in some areas, it still felt compressive and snug, even when wet. The recommended size fit how I expected it too which is always great (especially when ordering a swimsuit online!) Although if it doesn’t fit they do offer free exchanges.

Londre Bodywear has an inclusive and plus size range with sizes from XS – 5XL available. They also have some one-piece options for people who are taller/have longer torsos.


I choose the crossback one-piece suit because it is supposed to be a more supportive version of their most popular suit, The Minimalist. While I wouldn’t recommend this suit if you’re looking for good support and want do a lot of swimming or water sports, it still surprised me the amount of support it gave with so little fabric across the bust.

The support all comes from how compressive the fabric is – so there are no cups and nothing under the bust for support. This means that especially if you have large cups like me, your breasts will move and shift around. I felt secure enough that I wasn’t going to slip out but still needed to do some readjusting, especially when swimming and playing in the water.

If you are looking for a little more support you can choose a tighter fit on the bust using their ‘Calculate my Size’ tool, or some of the two-piece swimsuit styles provide support under the bust.

Image credit: Londre Bodywear

Quality & Price

The key element to Londre’s flattering suits is their high-quality fabric which has great stretch and retention and is double-layered for opacity and compression. This is definitely not filmsy swimwear!

The suit is also clearly well-sewn and made to last. Since Londre manufactures locally in Vancouver they are also able to regularly visit their factory, ensuring not only ethical manufacturing but also quality construction. Londre claims their workers are paid “above living wage” which is what I always want to hear.

Londre’s swimwear ranges from $138 – $168 CAD for one-pieces and $78 – $148 CAD each for tops and bottoms. Which I think is a fair price, especially considering you are getting a very good-quality, sustainable, and ethically-made swimsuit.

If the price point is out of your budget though, keep an eye on their ‘Final Few’ section and they also have sales a few times a year.

Image credit: Londre Bodywear

Sustainability & Fabric

Londre Bodywear uses a fabric made from primarily recycled plastics bottles, blended with some Chitosante (an anti-bacterial and odor-resistant fabric made from byproduct shellfish shells) and spandex/elastane. Their fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified and all water used in production is recycled in a closed-loop system.

Note for vegans: Since Chitosante comes from shellfish shells some vegans avoid it, however some are also okay with it because of the byproduct and waste aspects. It’s a very personal decision.

In their production and cutting Londre works to minimize waste, and also has a recycling, take-back program for old suits.

Additionally, Londre gives back to ocean clean-up, reforestation, and coral reef restoration projects.

If you’re interested in getting a swim, use Londre Bodywear coupon code VERENA15 for 15% off!

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5 Responses

  1. Lynds
    | Reply

    Exactly the kind of review I needed! Thank you! Mom bod with larger bust is such a niche and this review helped immensely! How was the under boob sweat issue with no fabric there? that might be a deal breaker 🙂

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      There’s no fabric under the bust but because the neckline is low and also shows some side-boob it’s fairly breezy. So I never had bad sweat issues, although might be more of an issue in a different cut, or if it’s super hot out.

  2. Lexa
    | Reply

    I love everything about what I’m reading about this brand, and how they do business. I’m tempted to support, but hesitate because of the material used: recycled water bottles …

    Bathing suits need to be washed often, and micro-plastic particles can be released into our water from washing clothing made of recycled plastic such as water bottles.

    The willingness to reabsorb the bathing suits at the end of their life, is a definite plus for me with this brand.

    I love supporting local, and am on the fence about getting one at this time.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      If I helps, I use a Guppyfriend Bag to wash swimsuits and the few synthetic items I have. It catches the micro-fibers released during washing so they don’t enter the water system.

  3. Leah Wise
    | Reply

    You look great in this suit! I would feel the same as you about skin. I don’t feel comfortable showing a lot of butt, so this would be hard for me. I almost always wear a boyshort style.

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