Top 10 Canada Made Clothing Brands

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Last Updated on March 5, 2024

While Canada might not be known globally for our garment industry, a surprising amount of clothing production still happens here! By purchasing clothing made in Canada you are keeping money in the community and supporting local businesses, Canadian sewists, garment workers, and the growth of the fashion industry in Canada.

Here are our favourite sustainably-minded and made-in-Canada clothing brands from coast to coast:

(please note this roundup was created in partnership with Anne Mulaire and contains some affiliate links)

Anne Mulaire

Anne Mulaire - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Anne Mulaire

Looking for comfy, sustainable staples? Be sure to check out Anne Mulaire. Founder and designer Andréanne has successfully built an inclusive brand with deep environmental values, that celebrates her Anishinaabe/French Métis heritage.

Anne Mulaire is proudly Canadian made and has excellent transparency around their supply chain and manufacturing. They even use fabrics which are made in Canada! All their clothing is made in-house in their vertically-owned factory which allows them to produce small batches and made-to-order garments and also means they can ensure living wages for all employees.

We especially love their winter leggings (they’re the only brand we’ve found who makes sustainable leggings for Canadian winters!) and their zero waste collection which repurposes remnants and fabric scraps into new styles.

Use discount code GREENCLOSET for a free Anne Mulaire bamboo headband (printed or solid) with any purchase.

Size range: XXS – 6X
Located in: Winnipeg

Image credit: Anne Mulaire

Encircled - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Encircled


Our go-to brand for versatile basics. Encircled has a large collection of soft and comfy essentials and convertible garments. They use a variety of sustainable materials and are one of the few B Corp Certified clothing brands in Canada.

Encircled manufactures in factories that are all within 60km of their Toronto studio.

We love their Dressy Sweatpants – the perfect combo of comfy and pulled-together style.

Size range: XS – 4X

Located in: Toronto

Nettle's Tale - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Nettle’s Tale

Nettle’s Tale

Starting out as an inclusive swimwear brand designing flattering and supportive styles for different bodies. Nettle’s Tale now has also expanded into offering a clothing line of comfy loungewear and everyday essentials.

Nettle’s Tale manufactures their clothing and swimsuits from recycled and sustainable materials in a local, Vancouver factory.

Size range: XS – 4X

Located in: Vancouver

Atelier B - Top made in Canada clothing brands

Atelier B

With over 12 years experience designing and producing slow fashion in Canada, Atelier B focuses on minimalist, timeless garments. They use natural materials and are proud to have a zero waste production process where even the smallest scraps are repurposed.

Atelier B produces their clothing either in their studio or in local workshops all within 10km of their studio. They also offer made-to-order garments as well as repairs and alterations.

Size range: XS – 4X

Located in: Montreal

Thief & Bandit - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Thief & Bandit

Thief & Bandit

Oozing artsy, cool-girl vibes Thief & Bandit‘s garments and statement prints are instantly recognizable. This Canadian brand makes unique clothing, swimwear, and childrenswear in their Halifax studio. Their garments are not only sewn in-house but their fabrics are also hand-printed with their custom silkscreen designs.

Thief & Bandit prioritizes natural and sustainable materials and non-toxic inks.

Size range: XS – 4X

Located in: Halifax

Oge Ajibe - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Oge Ajibe

Oge Ajibe

Built on a foundation of sustainability and inclusivity, Oge Ajibe‘s eponymous line features versatile pieces as well as some statement styles made from reclaimed fabrics.

Oge Ajibe produces all the clothing herself, made-to-order in her studio.

Size range: XS – 5X

Located in: Vancouver

Free Label - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Free Label

Free Label

Free Label is all about comfort and fit and after wearing one of their raved-about bras we have to agree they’ve got it down!

Free Label produces their clothing in small batches at a local factory.

Check out our interview with Free Label here.

Size range: XS – 4X

Located in: Vancouver

Image credit: Free Label

Modern Sunday - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Modern Sunday

Modern Sunday

Breezy, romantic pieces made from deadstock linen. Modern Sunday is a relatively new brand but takes sustainability seriously, incorporating many conscious practices throughout their production.

All their clothing is made to order in their Toronto studio.

Size range: XS – XL

Located in: Toronto

Harly Jae - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Harly Jae

Harly Jae

Feminine style in neutral colours made from natural materials. Harly Jae embodies a slow fashion philosophy, designing with care and intention.

Their pieces are all made locally in a Vancouver factory.

Size range: XS – 3XL

Located in: Vancouver

Preloved - Top made in Canada clothing brands
Image credit: Preloved


One of the original upcycling brands, Preloved has been using repurposed, reclaimed, and deadstock materials for over 20 years!

Their clothing is made in-house in their Toronto studio/factory.

Size range: XS – XL

Located in: Toronto

And for more made in Canada clothing be sure to check out our huge list of Canadian Slow Fashion Brands

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