Minimalist Apartment Tour

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My most requested video is finally here! I hope you enjoy this tour of our home in Germany.

My husband Ben and I try to live minimally but still have a functional space that meets our needs and feels comfortable. Even though this apartment is not the ideal place for us, I think we’ve managed to create a nice space with it that works well for our lives.




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  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Thanks Erin!

  2. Anna
    | Reply

    Thanks for this apartment tour – despite not loving the apartment, you’ve managed to make the most of it and make it into a lovely space. I was curious about what travel steamer you use and whether or not you recommend it?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Hi Anna, I got one from Rowenta, it’s worked pretty well so far for a travel steamer. I unfortunately had to get it quickly and there wasn’t a lot of time to read reviews, so there might be a better one available. I’d definitely recommend reading up on the different brands. It does it’s job though, I just don’t have experience with any other travel steamers to compare it too.

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