What’s in my Beach Bag

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My beach/pool essentials:

Sunscreen is a must. I’m currently using Eco Cosmetics SPF 30, which is an okay sunscreen. The ingredients aren’t the best compared to other eco-friendly sunscreens, and I don’t like the feeling of it on – it’s kind of sticky, though I prefer that to a greasy sunscreen – so I want to try some other brands as I still haven’t found one I love.

Hat and sunglasses, again for sun protection. (Both pictured are secondhand)

 A water bottle – my husband and I always bring our S’well (pictured) and Soul bottles on any outdoor adventure. You have to stay hydrated, especially on a hot day!

Snacks are also essential. I like to bring fruit in my bag, and on a hot day, juicy fruit is especially delicious. Veggies and hummus are also great, and although it’s not the healthiest, we’ll usually pick up a bag of chips on the way too.

– Something to read. I love lying outside with a book and am a huge fan of e-readers because of how compact they are. I also always have podcasts on my phone, and on a lazy beach day we might listen to some episodes as well.

– Of course I need a swimsuit. Earlier this summer I was still using a swimsuit that I’ve had for over 5 years but unfortunately, this was its last summer, so I recently ordered a new one from Underprotection.

Towels are another obvious one. I don’t want to wreck our nice bath towels, so we usually also bring a blanket to lie on. However, I’m getting a Turkish towel for camping/outdoor activities because they are light, easy to pack, quick drying and really versatile – you can also wear them! For examples of these towels check out Coyuchi (US), Ottoloom (NZ), and Karawan (FR) – which I’m ordering from Avocado Store.

– Finally, this is not an essential, but I’ll often throw rose water or a hydrosol into my bag. When it’s really hot out, a mist spray is so refreshing! I particularly like chamomile because it can be calming to the skin, and I’ll usually dilute a chamomile hydrosol with some water in a little spray bottle.

I carry everything in an organic cotton tote bag. 🙂


To wear over my swimsuit, I like a loose jersey tunic or dress. My navy tunic is perfect because it’s comfortable, cool, easy to get on and off, and covers my shoulders where I usually burn.


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