Testing Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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When switching to more natural beauty products nail polish can very difficult. There isn’t “natural” polish but there are nail polishes without the most common toxic ingredients. Non-toxic nail polishes are typically labelled as 3-9 free indicating the ingredients they are free from.

We tested 5 different brands including:
Little Ondine – US  UK*
100% Pure


Overall we found 100% Pure and Pacifica to last the longest but personally I don’t like the smell. I also really liked being able to peel-off the Little Ondine polish so that’s why it’s my top pick.


Thanks to Gabby, Nathaniel, and Lauren for joining me 🙂



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  1. Pastaveia
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    Thanks so much for this!! I’ve been looking for a non toxic nail polish for a while. Especially with the holiday season coming up.

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