Why I No Longer Buy Matt & Nat

I used to be a huge Matt & Nat fan. The first bag I invested in over 10 years ago was from Matt & Nat, and since then, almost all of my bags have been Matt & Nat. But sadly, I’ve had some heartbreak.

First of all, I want to say that I love their styles and that they’re vegan, and the bags can be good quality (although the quality seems to have gone done over the years). I used to recommend them for all these reasons, but have now stopped promoting them and removed them from my directory. Here’s why:

They’re not transparent and I can’t get any information about their manufacturing.

About two years ago I was looking for a backpack, and I checked out Matt & Nat. Reading through their website, I had some questions about their transparency page and manufacturing process. I don’t like companies that use vague/general statements like “the conditions of the workers developing it are up to par with our standards” so I sent them an email asking for more information about their ethical/labour standards, whether they worked with a lot of factories or just a few, and asked them to elaborate on their SA8000 certification, because the website only says that “One of our factories operates by the SA8000 standard“. I got a response saying, “I have forwarded your inquiry to the appropriate representative who will be able to give you more information on this“, and then… Nothing. After a few months I sent another email, and again, no response.

I also took part in Fashion Revolution’s #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign asking Matt & Nat “Who made my bag?” which, unsurprisingly at this point, also got no response.

I regret buying the backpack from them, even though it’s a great size and I love the style because I also learned that:

The majority of their bags are made from PVC.

We know that synthetic vegan leathers are not good for the environment, but PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is significantly worse than the other common material PU (polyurethane), as it has a negative impact throughout its production and life cycle and may also possibly be hazardous to our health. On Matt & Nat’s website they even say that “PU is always preferred over PVC, as it is less harmful for the environment“, so I assumed that most of their bags were PU. They also present themselves as being an eco-conscious company, using recycled bottles and cork (and it is awesome they use those materials!), but it turns out a lot of their bags are still PVC. The bag’s outer material is also not included on their website listings, so it’s very difficult to know whether or not a bag is made from PVC.

I checked the tags on my bags, and most of them, including the backpack, are PVC. Currently Matt & Nat’s ‘Dwell’ and ‘Vintage’ collections – which make up the majority of their bags – are made from PVC.

Finally, Project Just (sadly no longer available) also recently released a profile on Matt & Nat that confirmed my worries about their transparency; their investigation also found that there is no information about whether or not Matt & Nat monitors any of the environmental impact of their supply chain.

So, in conclusion, I think their styles and availability is a pro, and I like that they’re using some eco materials like cork and recycled PET, but until they offer more information about their manufacturing process and their current and future use of vegan leathers/PVC, I don’t feel comfortable supporting them and can’t help but feel there is greenwashing going on.

Updates – Things Are Worse Than I Thought

UPDATE: It’s been mentioned in many comments (check them out below) that Matt & Nat does not seem to treat their employees well and has a lot of negative and worrisome reviews on Glassdoor.

UPDATE: I removed a little part of this post saying “they moved their production from Canada” this was included because I remember when I purchased my first bag 10+ years ago being told it was made in Canada (although this might have been a mistake from the shop employee or me misunderstanding because they are a Canadian company) when I looked into them again years later they were manufacturing in China and I assumed they moved production. However it has been brought to my attention that the bags were never made in Canada.

UPDATE: I spoke with a store owner who had a bad experience working with Matt & Nat. They told me the bags come shipped in excessive plastic packaging and when dealing with Matt & Nat they can be rude and also aren’t very transparent with answering questions about their product and manufacturing.

UPDATE: Matt & Nat reached out to me saying they read this post and wanted to answer my questions. While they did provide more information, some of their answers were confusing/vague and I have yet to get a response to my follow-up questions. They also offered to send me a free bag to “restore my faith in their brand”  which honestly makes them seem even more shady to me – I want answers, not a bag.

What are your thoughts on Matt & Nat?

For some alternatives check out my round-up of sustainable bag & purse brands!


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  1. Fernanda
    | Reply

    Wow, this is very informative. I have been finally investing more into High-quality vegan brands even though it is more expensive ( most of the time). I was just about to buy my first Matt and Nat work backpack for the first time and after reading this it is clear that I have to do some research… I am in the fashion industry and I had no idea that they manufactured in China…

  2. Mel C.
    | Reply

    I am very disappointed too! I saw a light blue Matt and Nat backpack bag in the Oprah magazine and loved the look and idea of it…and that it was vegan. So, I checked on it and for my birthday in March, I purchased it. I would say within 3 weeks the silver pulls started to rub off and turn pink like a cheaply made bag might do. I contacted the company several times, but they kept telling me that it was not a warranty issue. We went round and round and finally they are at least sending me new zipper pulls for me to figure out how to replace. Their customer service ppl are very snippy and not very professional. They act like it’s my fault the bag is having issues. The threading is starting to fray, but dare I mention it … it will fall on deaf ears. It’s very unfortunate as I won’t be buying from them again either.

  3. Helen
    | Reply

    Any thoughts on LaBante London? I have a wallet from them I quite like and their customer service was great.

  4. Grace
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful and thorough review! You answered my concerns, but unfortunately I am left not knowing where to buy a high-quality, environmentally positive, and human rights supportive laptop bag… Any recommendations?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Hi Grace,

      I have some bag brands in the directory linked at the top of the site. I hope that’s helpful.

      Update: I also just posted a round-up of 12 sustainable bag & purse brands 🙂 https://mygreencloset.com/sustainable-bags-purses/

  5. Kate
    | Reply

    I have been buying Matt and Nat for ages for my daughter and I for all the reasons stated above. This Christmas as
    always I bought us both Matt and Nat purses from the Matt and Nat store at Sherway Mall. I spent $400.00 on 2 bags
    only to discover when I got them home that the clasps were not working on the bags. I immediately called the store
    and was told “the clasps are not suppose to work, people keep returning them, but believe me that’s the way the bag
    is suppose to be” Really?????!!!!!!! Because any purse I’ve ever bought is suppose to close. I took them both back to the
    store and again was told that’s the new way they make the bags. Who buys a purse that won’t close. Come on! Any way
    I returned them both but was not given my money back and given a gift certificate. With the poor customer service and
    the cheap state the purses were made, I don’t even want Matt and Nat bags any more, also to hear they are made in China it actually makes sense, why they are so cheap and just NOT the Matt and Nat I used to buy. So sad!!!!

  6. Simon
    | Reply

    Would you be able to publish Matt & Nat’s response please?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I was planning on sharing it but their initial response was vague and confusing and they unfortunately still haven’t responded to my follow-up questions and requests for clarification.

  7. Layla
    | Reply

    I am DONE with Matt and Nat, they have the WORST customer service like Gunas (another terrible company i tried to support) and in both cases I get bitchy emails and no one trying to make anything right. Both have crap quality and crap customer service.

    • MS
      | Reply

      Both companies are shady. I spent so much money on supporting both of them in the past.
      Gunas unlike Matt & Nat, don’t use PVC. But believe me the quality of their bags are horrible and they call themselves “luxury” bags. They have no idea what luxury products are supposed to look like. Gunas’s bags are priced high because they spent silly on marketing/affiliate marketing. Their bags are in fact very cheaply made in Korean. Not to trash Korean factories – there are amazing factories producing expensive products in both Korea and China. But Gunas and Matt&Nat are not expensively made, thet are cheaply made.
      I’m like you – don’t with both brands. Just shady, green washing, bad customer service, rubbish products!

    • Helen
      | Reply

      Omg yes – Gunas customer service is TERRIBLE! Glad to find someone who agrees.

      I have had a great experience with Angela Roi – any thoughts on them?

  8. Lisa
    | Reply

    This makes me so sad. I have been purchasing for 14 yrs. I actually still have my 1st purse as it looks great. I will say the quality has been declining. My last knapsack the handles cracked really quickly – yet my previous one the zipper broke based on my over stuffing. I was just looking up their site and thought to look up reviews. So here I am. This was really informative as were the comments. I am pissed at my own naivety. I thought I was buying a proud product and being Canadian made me even happier from my home town.

  9. Cat
    | Reply

    As a clarification, I used to work at Matt & Nat and they *did* make their products in Montreal, Canada when they first started. As they grew, a common issue for customers was the price, which was even higher than it is now. The founder made the decision to move production to China to make the bags accessible to more people. My understanding was that he was quite involved in quality control at that time. It sounds from the glassdoor reviews that the company has now changed hands, and it hasn’t been a positive change, which is too bad, because I always found the founder was trying his best to make the world a bit better.

  10. Montana
    | Reply

    Thank you for publishing this, I wish I had read it before I dropped $100 on a pair of ankle boots from them. You would think spending money like that means the shoes will last at least one year, right? Apparently not. I guess I’ll fix them myself and wear them for now, but I’m not going to be a repeat customer. I love supporting companies that make vegan products! However from the company reviews and the reviews of everyone else who has had their products fall apart on them, Matt & Nat is not the company to support.

  11. Lisa
    | Reply

    I wish I had seen these comments before I purchased. I’ve been looking for a good quality vegan bag with sustainable production which is not easy to find. I went to the store in NY and liked the styling and the quality so I ordered three bags online. Before I even received my bags, two went on sale so I contacted them to have the discount applied. They told me they have a 24 hour price adjustment policy and would not honor my request. All three bags are going back and now that I read all these comments I’m glad I’m returning them. I even wrote to the president but no reply. Horrible customer service.

  12. Rachel Estrada
    | Reply

    So does anyone have any suggestions on quality brands that are PU and not made in China and vegan that are priced similarly?

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Check out my brand directory! Under “accessories” there are some bag brands. 🙂

      • Rachel Estrada
        | Reply

        Where can I find your brand directory love?

        • Verena Erin
          | Reply

          It’s linked at the top if you click “Directory”

  13. Barbara
    | Reply

    Thank you for this post. I bought my first Matt and Nat bag in 2004 for $49. I’ve bought countless bags since then even the company rebranded themselves to be “high-end” and the prices are now probably triple what they once were. I feel that they are just capitalizing on the vegan trend, I know that is why I purchased their bags (and for the minimalist design), but now I no longer want to support the company. There are moe and more options available to those who want to support vegan, sustainable and transparent companies.

  14. Natalie
    | Reply

    Thank you for this post and everyones comments. I recently stumbled across this company thinking they produced an environmentally friendly product, but after reading everything concerning their product materials, lack of transparency, ethics and accountability I am now taking my business elsewhere.

  15. Gisle
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for posting this as I’m a vegan. And I have 2 oMatt & Nat models in black & thought they were still made in Canada but had my doubts. And I”m perturbed that they their bags come of as PU but are actually PVC. And if they are made in China that means that they are manufactured in factories that put out more toxins in the air, so much so it makes L.A. air seem like thee rainforest. And the conditions are wretched for these forced labourers in China who often don’t receive pay & work 24/7 – 7 days a week. If 1 of the individuals gets tired &if their head hits the assembly table they are removed & even jailed in a false charge & their families aren;t allowed to visit them because they aren’t even around sometimes as their organs are harvested for uber rich people around the world who don’t want to wait for transplants inter respective countries. Also often shoes & boots & bags & clothes, expensive Shampoos like Aveda state that they are made in Canada -right! When they are assembled in China – so technically made there but we pay the same price like with Pajars, Clark shoes & boots etc..as when they were made here those those Co’s outsourced & in doing so cut jobs here & still charge the prices like they are made here. They are made for probably !/10 or less of the cost as making or ‘assembling’ them here.

    • Kelso
      | Reply

      As a former Aveda employee, I can attest that Aveda products are NOT made in China. The company is honest, ethical and very transparent about all of their ingredients and manufacturing practices, and are always seeking to improve the quality of their products.

  16. Indre
    | Reply

    I am not buying again! They do not have customer service! I ordered a wallet which came to me fully cut and damaged! Although Ive sent photos and tried to contact customer service, nothing happened. They said they would do a change or a refund when they get back the damaged order. Yet no one is willing to book a carrier. Horrible. Will try to return the wallet att my own expense, but I lost hope that I am getting a refund.

  17. Gayle
    | Reply

    I am stunned. I was told they manufactured products in Canada. I knew nothing about their use of PVC which is horrible. No more for me!

  18. darlene
    | Reply

    Thanks. I too will spend my money elsewhere now. But where? Please advise. Where can I buy vegan shoes/boots/bags????? That are ethical and enviromentaly kind?


  19. Nagg
    | Reply

    The best thing you can do for the environment is have a small closet and stop buying all this crap! You only need one high quality leather bag to last you a lifetime.

  20. SP
    | Reply

    Thanks for posting this and pressuring them to give you a proper response. I contacted them after the straps on my favoirite bag started cracking. No response. I got another and the same thing happened. I realised that perhaps their vegan leather straps just aren’t sturdy so I contacted them again to ask if they repair or sell replacement straps. No response. I called and was given the runaround. Both bags went to landfill. I stopped purchasing their merhandise just based on that but had no idea they are such a nefarious company. I ended up buying a vintage leather bag that outlasted the two Matt and Nat bags combined. I’m done with them.

  21. […] lining (You can read a full blog post on Mat & Nat and why I no longer purchase their products here). To me leaving out key information, like that your product is made from PVC but then promoting […]

    • Ashley G
      | Reply

      DO NOT buy their products! I had been a customer for over 10 years and this company definitely does not care about customer loyalty. Because they do not have a phone number they very easily just ignored my email asking to speak to a supervisor/manager. Also because many of their products are not sold in their actual store they do not come with a warranty. (Many stores that sell their products do not seem to know this). I just lost so much money recently buying a purse and sunglasses that wore out and broke after just 2-3 months of use. I treat my things as carefully as I can so this is pretty ridiculous.

      I am shocked that a company with such terrible practices is still thriving. We have to spread the word!!

    • Ace
      | Reply

      I have also had horrible experiences with Mat and Nat. I will never shop there again! On my first and only experience with them, the cashier misinformed me of their return policy (which is non-existent) and I ended up wasting 100+ dollars because they wouldn’t return an item. They have given me a gift card that does not even work. I really wanted to like them but after reading all of these comments I see that I am not the only one with negative experience in a variety of categories.

  22. KA
    | Reply

    The one sentence I’m stuck on in your post is that they moved their production from Canada. I worked at Matt & Nat in 2004 and they made everything in China then…I don’t believe that they ever produced anything in Canada. There were rumors when I worked there that they removed “made in China” stickers from their merchandise though, so possibly that’s where the misconception comes from. I wouldn’t put it past them. I will say that all the Glassdoor bad reviews are true…it’s a dismal employer. I’m confident that if they treat their Canadian employees the way they do, then the situation in China must be awful.

    • Hiba
      | Reply

      Hi KA, I’m doing some research on vegan brands and have spoken at length to Verena about her post. It would really help if I spoke to you about this as well. If you could reach out to me on this email address I can explain further: greeninitiatives.work@gmail.com

  23. Carolyn
    | Reply

    This is so disheartening to read. As a vegan and Montrealer, I guess I put way too much blind trust simply because they were vegan and “local”. I did have a not so good customer experience ordering online now that I live in Europe(they charged my card for a confirmed purchase, even though the items were actually out of stock and they didn’t process the return very quickly…I have worked in payment processing, so I know the time it takes for the refund with the financial institution), but most companies suck when they try to go international with online sales, so I just shrugged it off.

  24. sarah krupnik
    | Reply

    They don’t care about their customers. I received a handbag as a gift from my kids. I was happy with the purse for 3 months at which point I noticed that the vegan leather (pvc) on all the corners was wearing off.I sent a email and photos to the company. They were not understanding in the least and told me that it was just normal wear and tear.I asked if I could exchange the purse and was told that they only exchange defective items.The corners have gotten worse and I need to figure out a way to fix it maybe I should ask Matt & Nat if duct tape would be a good fix!??

  25. Victoria
    | Reply

    I am so disappointed to hear this! For a few years now, I have happily worn my Matt&Nat bags and sandals, proud that I could have such fashionable, good quality products NOT made of leather. About a year ago, I did look into PU and PVC, and was a bit put off when I found out that a ton of their products were made from PVC. I remember looking at their environment page and thinking it was a bit vague! Since then, I haven’t been able to shake that voice in the back of my mind saying… “but think about the plastic!” I’m also disappointed to hear about how badly they treat their employees, and how sketchy they are about their factory standards.

    Shopping has been so difficult since learning about PVC because there are companies that use leather products, but compared to Matt&Nat, they are seriously transparent about their ethical and environmental standards. I’m so torn because I want to buy something that is good quality and will last. The vegan side of me doesn’t like the idea of leather at all, but the environmental side of me hates plastic. IT’S TOUGH.
    In order for more sustainable materials to become popular, companies like Matt&Nat will have to be exposed. So many people (5 minutes ago, I was one of them!) don’t know about the negatives! Thanks for posting this!

  26. Kiara
    | Reply

    Great summary! To add my experience, I was also in love with their sleek photos and stylish products, but have been very disappointed. The warranty on their products is only 1 year; this says something about what they know of their own quality. Sure enough, at about 14 months, 1 strap on my backpack started cracking severely. I only use the backpack to go to and from work about 2-3 times a week at most. The cracking has gotten so bad I no longer use it, and Matt and Nat will not warranty it or replace the strap. The bag is now destined for the landfill, which defeats the whole ‘ethical’ marketing platform on which they claim. They are mass-producing items that are destined to be garbage just after 1 year! There is clearly a design flaw in their products and they could care less. At this price point, spend your money elsewhere!

  27. Petar
    | Reply

    I bought a Matt and Nat briefcase earlier this year because I enjoyed the style and it was present in a fully vegan store in Melbourne, Australia. I feel guilty hearing all the cases about this company as I was beginning to really look forward to purchasing more of their products. I am glad that I didn’t and that I have found a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for this post!

  28. Christina
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve also been wondering the same things about materiality, considering how bags that are technically made of plastic should be marked up to $125+. It would make sense if they were produced in SA8000 factories of all recycled, or at least safe PU, but to be selling PVC bags for 100+ is such a rip off. It seems like they’re just capitalizing off vegans without actually being an ethical company.

    Returning my order from them today because the color was SO off (quality control, much?) and then came across this.

    I’ve recently come across

    • Christina
      | Reply

      *recently came across the brand Von Holzhausen, who seem to hit sustainability, durability, luxury, and vegan with their “tehnik-leather” bags.


  29. Wynnie
    | Reply

    I also worked at Matt and Nat, a LONG time ago – closer to 14 years ago. I can confirm everything the Glassdoor reviews say and more. In your post you mentioned that they ” moved their production from Canada” – as far as I know, their production was NEVER in Canada. When I worked there 14-15 years ago it was all China. Perhaps at that time they were able to be even less transparent, which may have led to consumers thinking their items were made in Canada. The owners of this company are definitely not people you would want to be friends with! If this is how they treated their staff in Canada, you can only imagine how it is in their factories.

  30. R
    | Reply

    They are constantly posting job positions on employment websites. Without a doubt they are one of the most unethical companies around. Their base does business by manipulation and selfishness. They don’t have the correct people working in important roles at H.O which will continue to result in a steep decline of quality people leaving if someone doesn’t speak up to the base soon.

  31. Annie
    | Reply

    Ahhhhhh… this is extremely disappointing. I was about to buy a bag from them finally and they seem to be one of those vegan bags that is supposed to have quality and minimal sleek design. Maybe should stick to my current second hand for a while…

    • Ashley Gaujean
      | Reply

      DO NOT purchase anything from this company. I had purchased their bags for years and they could not care about customer loyalty or honouring anything resembling a warranty for the price you’re paying. Since they do not have a phone number they also ignore your emails. I have wasted too much money on this unethical company. Please spread the word!!!

  32. Anastasia
    | Reply

    I too have been buying Matt & Nat since about 2008 and just made another purchase today (250.00). Boy was I shocked when I saw a comment on a You Tube channel about their Glassdoor reviews. Absolutely deplorable. The sad thing is is that if that does start to hurt their business they will simply have company shills post positive reviews. It happened with a company that I worked for. When its that many negative its not just a disgruntled employee or two. Sad

  33. Hannah
    | Reply

    Such an amazing and thorough article! Thanks so much!
    I’ve been plant based for the last 10 years, and recently decided to replace my real leather items. I found a used Matt & Nat Wellington bag for $15 (I never buy new. I think it’s wasteful and I’d rather not support a large company), sooo I bought it. I gotta say…it’s NICE, and so far it’s been holding up really well.
    If anyone out there wants to support a rad human and buy a NEW, SUPER LEGIT vegan bag, I HIGHLY recommend Crystalyn Kae bags. They’re super nice, and extremely durable. My sister bought one over 15 years, and she isn’t even vegan. It’s still going strong!

  34. Shahrzad
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. Do you have any alternative suggestions?

  35. Laura
    | Reply

    Thanks for bringing my attention to this, I accidentally stumbled over this post whilst trying to find local stockists as I was about to purchase the Bee crossbody bag, but will now look for alternatives. Really disappointing!

  36. Evelina Utterdahl
    | Reply

    Oh darn!! I fell in love with the brand too for their style and being vegan. But I have to admit after I got it I realised I read the text inside that says the lining is from recycled plastic too fast, cause I thought it was the whole bag that was from recycled PET. I also then realised I knew nothing about the actual making of the bag. Of course by this point I had already used the bag and was about to leave Barcelona, Spain where I bought it.
    Guess I should put some pressure on them and ask about their making of the products and the PVC…

    Cause DAMN their products are beautiful

  37. Victoria
    | Reply

    I have worked with Matt &Nat at one of their branded retail stores, in Canada we have 4 of them, and they are the worst company I have ever worked for. No care or compassion for staff, the owner of the company claims to be vegan and then always is wearing leather Gucci shoes, has leather seats in his luxury Tesla. The products are almost all entirely PVC because the bags made with PU fall apart within a few months. The manufacturering is done super cheaply- you might buy a bag for $145, but it only cost them $10 in China to make. They are VERY cryptic about their manufacturing because it is only 1 factory that abodes to standards. The products are actual shit- we saw SOOO many come back for ‘warranty’ for bad construction that the company wouldn’t honour. These people would make you sick

    • sarah
      | Reply

      I received a Matt & Nat handbag from my kids for mother’s day.They decided that I needed a more structured bag. It’s a nice bag and fits all my stuff. After 3 months the material on corners started to wear and the material under the pvc started to show through. I sent them a email and photos about how dissatisfied I was with their workmanship.I also asked if I could be able to exchange the bag.They apologized and told me that the damage was normal wear and tear and that they only give exchanges on defective merchandise. I argued that the bag was only a few months old but they just didn’t care.Since then more of the pvc has worn away .Maybe I should ask Matt & Nat if duct tape would be a good fix?!

    • Hiba
      | Reply

      Hi Victoria, can you please me email at greeninitiatives.work@gmail.com?

  38. Judith
    | Reply

    Do you know any alternatives? I’ve looked at Denise Roobol.

  39. MC
    | Reply

    I’ve long known they use plenty of PVC and they choose not to explicitly say they do – they are much less of a green company they have touted themselves to be.
    They use green washing and clever marketing to maintain their brand image – funny how most online vegan bloggers would in the same article criticising vegan products made of PVC but support and recommend Matt&Nat which most products are made of PVC!
    They are also completely overpriced, I know the extortionate markup they put on their products made from those Chinese factories capitalising on their brand image.
    There are lots of lovely, honest vegan companies who don’t use any of the above techniques but who actually care about the environment too.

    • Mathilde
      | Reply

      I’m so glad I read this post! Would you be able to give me some names of good vegan and environmentally conscious companies? I’m looking for a good vegan backpack

      • Jolene
        | Reply

        Angela Roi, LeBante London, JW Pei, and Gunas are all great.

    • Hiba
      | Reply

      Hi MC, can you please email me at greeninitiatives.work@gmail.com?

  40. Mirjam
    | Reply

    I don’t find that the quality is that good either. My bag is now 1 year old and the “leather” is already wearing down quite a bit. Combined with this information from you I don’t think I will purchase from them again. I am going to look for a nice secondhand bag instead.

    • angie b.
      | Reply

      Mirjam, initially, I loved both the quality and chic appearance (I received many compliments on it) of my Wellington satchel. However, in addition to its heavy weight (it feels like lead), the “leather” also began showing signs of considerable wear after about a wear, which is quite disappointing. So, one again, I’m on the hunt for a high quality vegan bag. I’ve seen/read good reviews for Angela Roi’s bags. So, I may give them a try.

      • angie b.
        | Reply

        After about a *year*

  41. Marie Reymond
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for your post. It is a real shame, considering the quality of their products. I look forward to your next posts!

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      It’s SUCH a shame. I’ve had (and still have!) so many great bags from them, and definitely gave them the benefit of the doubt more than I would with another brand. The fact that I can’t get any kind of response from them besides my email being sent to someone else is such a bad sign though. Their lack of transparency is so shady 🙁

  42. Andrea Wodtke
    | Reply

    Thanks for this post! Really helpful and confirms feelings I’ve gotten about them after running across their Glassdoor employee reviews. I finally decided to try to get word out about the Glassdoor when someone shared your post with me. It all seems to add up to them being a company to avoid supporting.


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