Our Sustainable Wedding + Tips for an Eco Friendly Celebration

A video about our eco friendly wedding and some of the things we did to try and cut down on the environmental impact of our celebration. As well as what I would do differently now.

My Top Tips for a more Sustainable Wedding

(many of which will also save you money!)

  1. Keep it as small as you can
  2. Try to select a location that limits travel (or offer a shuttle service)
  3. Opt for ethical and sustainable rings
  4. Consider digital invites and RSVP options, or if you want paper look for recycled stationary
  5. Get married outdoors or choose a location that requires minimal decoration
  6. Use natural, upcycled, or secondhand decorations
  7. Rent equipment and decor
  8. Use local and organic flowers, live plants, or skip the flowers all together
  9. Rent wedding/bridesmaids dresses and wedding part outfits, choose secondhand outfits, or shop from sustainable brands
  10. Serve local, seasonal, vegan/vegetarian, and/or organic food
  11. Ensure scraps and leftovers are composted or saved instead of throwing food away
  12. Choose reuseable dishes and cutlery
  13. Support local/organic wineries, breweries, and distilleries
  14. Use green makeup or sustainable salons
  15. Opt for consumable favors (or skip them)
  16. Make a registry with items you need, a travel/experience registry, or ask for charity donations or money
  17. After the wedding donate or sell what you can
Our sustainable wedding - flowers and bouquets were growing in my mother in-law's garden!
Our flowers were grown in my mother in-law’s garden!

Photos by Ryan & Beth Photography 

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