80+ Ethical & Sustainable Plus Size Clothing Brands

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Last Updated on April 17, 2024

Unfortunately sustainable and ethical brands offering plus size clothing is still a niche within a niche (learn more and join the discussion about why there is a lack of size inclusivity in sustainable fashion), however there are some beautiful slow fashion brands offering conscious clothing for all sizes!

I’ve compiled over 80 sustainable brands who offer plus sizes (at least size 2X with some up to 6X and even custom sizing). This list will continue to be updated as well, so bookmark and check back. 🙂

Casual, Everyday & Formal Clothing

Ace & Jig (US) colourful clothing featuring artisan textiles – Sizes up to 4X

Alice Alexander (US) variety of styles made-to-order in-house from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 4X

Aliya Wanek (US) minimalist pieces made in the US from natural materials – Sizes up to 2X

Altar (US) dreamy styles made in Portland from organic and deadstock fabrics – Sizes up to 6X

Images from Altar

Anne Mulaire (CAN) knitwear for work, everyday, or lounging all made in-house in Canada (read our legging review and interview or learn how they developed their amazing fit) – Sizes up to 6X

Arraei (CAN) romantic and minimalist styles, made in Canada from natural materials – Sizes up to 3X

Beaton (CAN) linen garments made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Birdsong (UK) cheeky graphics and fun colours ethically-made from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 3X/UK 24

Connally Goods (CAN) sustainable and inclusive everyday clothing and accessories, made in Canada – Sizes up to 6X + custom sizing

Cherry Velvet (CAN) retro and vintage-style dresses made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Christy Dawn (US) dreamy dresses made from deadstock fabrics and organic and regenerative cottons – Sizes up to 3X

Dazey LA (US) Colourful casualwear made-to-order in LA – Sizes up to 3X

Dressarte (FR) custom, made-to-measure classic & formal pieces from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 2X + custom sizing

Eileen Fisher (US) huge variety of sustainable and ethically made, timeless garments – Sizes up to 3X

Encircled (CAN) comfy staples and versatile styles made in Canada from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 2X

Franc (CAN) casual basics and knits made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Free Label (CAN) sustainable basics and loungewear made in Canada (read our interview)- Sizes up to 4X

Images from Free Label

Hackwith Design House (US) breezy dresses and drapey linen pieces, made in the US – Sizes up to 4X

Hernest Project (CAN) comfy and sustainable lounge and sleepwear – Sizes up to 4XL

Hours (US) styles exclusively made for plus size women – Sizes 14-28

IGIGI (US) customizable work and formal dresses ethically made-to-order in Ukraine – Sizes up to 32 + custom sizing

Jamie + The Jones (US) drapey minimalist pieces made in the US from natural materials – Sizes up to 4X

Kaela Kay (CAN) colourful dresses and statement pieces made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X/22

Loud Bodies (Romania) romantic dresses and feminine styles, made to order – Sizes up to 10XL

Lucy & Yak (UK) best known for their dungarees and bright, colourful prints – Sizes up to UK32

Mara Hoffman (US) both classic & statement pieces made form natural and sustainable materials – Sizes up to 3X

MarketPlace: Handwork India (US) fair trade clothing made in India from block-printed, batik, hand-dyed and other artisan fabrics – Sizes up to 4X

Mata Traders (US) plus size collection of patterned fair trade dresses – Sizes up to 2X

Mettamade (CAN) comfy basics and knits made in Canada – Sizes up to 4X

Miakoda (US) comfy casual, lounge, and yoga clothes, made in the US from sustainable materials (I love their comfy leggings!) – Sizes up to 4X

Images from Miakoda

Mien (US) minimalist, classic and casual styles made in LA from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 3X

Nettle’s Tale (CAN) classic wardrobe staples made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Oge Ajibe (CAN) sustainable clothing made in Canada – Sizes up to 5X

Only Child (US) sustainable basics made in-house – Sizes up to 4X

Passion Lilie (US) sustainable and fair trade clothing featuring artisan fabrics – Sizes up to 2X

Poplinen (US) casual tees and basics ethically made in LA from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 3X

Sarah Sue Design (CAN) sustainable statement and staple pieces, made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Seasalt Cornwall (UK) large variety of classic and colourful styles – Sizes up to 28UK

Simone’s Rose (CAN) sustainable, small-batch womenswear, made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Sotela (US) sustainable line made in-house focusing on fit and body fluctuations – unique size system

The Standard Stitch (US) – tees and loungewear in a range of colours – Sizes up to 5X

State (US) colourful clothing made in the US – Sizes up to 3X

Symbology (US) artisan block-printed garments, great for unique and formal dresses and options – Sizes up to 3X

Images from Symbology

Thief & Bandit (CAN) – whimsical, hand-printed fabrics made-to-order in their studio – Sizes up to 3X

Tonlé (US) zero waste clothing ethically made from scraps and reclaimed materials – Sizes up to 2X

Tradlands (US) focus on quality, timelessness and natural materials – Sizes up to 3X

Tuesday of California (US) – colourful pieces made from deadstock and local fabrics – Sizes up to 7X

Two Fold Clothing (US) Linen and natural fiber clothing made-to-order in the US – Sizes up to 3X

Unbelts (CAN & also has a US store) comfortable, stretchy, ethically made belts – Fits up to 5X

Uniform (CAN) natural, minimalist pieces made-to-order in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Wulfka (US) sustainable knitwear with unique design details – Sizes up to 4XL

Sustainable Plus Size Jeans & Denim

Coco Copper jeans (left) & Warp + Weft jeans (right)

Coco Copper (US) jeans made in LA from denim milled in sustainable European heritage mills. – Sizes up to 36

Nudie (intl.) variety of styles with stores internationally – Sizes up to 38

Pearls of Laja (DE) organic cotton jeans made for different body types – Sizes up to 37

Warp + Weft (US) vertically integrated, ethically made denim – Sizes up to 24 (dress size)

Eco Friendly Plus Size Activewear

Images from Girlfriend

Alder (CAN) transparent and ethically made hiking/outdoor apparel – Sizes up to 4X

DAY/WON (US) activewear made in the US from mainly recycled materials – Sizes up to 5X/32

Girlfriend (US) colourful leggings and activewear made from recycled bottles – Sizes up to 6X (watch my Girlfriend Collective review)

Miakoda (US) comfy casual, lounge, and yoga clothes, made in the US from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 4X (in the process of expanding all styles to 4X)

Prana (US) active and outdoor apparel made from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 3X

Ethical Plus Size Underwear & Lingerie

ColieCo (PRT) ethically made lingerie and swimwear from sustainable and reclaimed materials – Sizes up to 3XL

Hara (AUS) bamboo bralettes, undies, and loungewear made in Australia – Sizes up to 5X

Subset (US) organic cotton undies made in fair trade certified factory. They also have a great recycled program for old underwear! – Sizes up to 3X

Mayana Genevière (CAN) lace bras and lingerie made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Origami Customs (CAN) underwear, lingerie and swimwear, including body and gender-affirming options and styles, made in Canada – Sizes up to 5X + custom sizing

Pantee (UK) underwear and bras made from deadtsock jersey knits – Sizes up to 3XL

Proclaim (US) inclusive nude undergarments – Sizes up to 3X

Thunderpants (US) underwear with cute prints and fun colours, made from organic cotton in the US – Sizes up to 3X

TomboyX (US) underwear designs and styles made for everyone across the gender spectrum – Sizes up to 6X

Uye Surana (US) beautiful and sexy lingerie, ethically made in the US and Colombia – Sizes up to 3X

Sustainable Plus Size Swimwear

Nettle’s Tale (left) & Saltwater Collective (right)

Bold Swim (US) bright colours and sexy cuts made form a proprietary “biodegradable” nylon – Sizes up to 2X

Dazey LA (US) colourful printed swimwear, made-to-order in LA – Sizes up to 3X

Hackwith Design House (US) one and two-piece styles with wrap and tie details – Sizes up to +4.5/28

Londre (CAN) sexy and unique styles made in Canada from sustainable materials – Sizes up to 4X

Mara Hoffman (US) classic and colourful swimwear and coverups – Sizes up to 3X

Nettle’s Tale (CAN) variety of cuts and styles from sporty to sexy, made in Canada – Sizes up to 3X

Saltwater Collective (CAN) cute cuts in a variety of colours made in Canada from recycled materials – Sizes up to 2X

Thief & Bandit (CAN) – whimsical, hand-printed swimwear made-to-order in their studio – Sizes up to 3X

Unika Swim (CAN) sexy swimwear for all sizes made in Canada from recycled materials – Sizes up to 4X + custom sizing

Are there any sustainable plus size clothing brands missing? Please share them in the comments!

17 Responses

  1. Leesa
    | Reply

    Dont forget Big Bud Press and i think Arq!

  2. Susan Uptone
    | Reply

    Thank you for this list! So many of my favorites are here, such as The Standard Stitch and Girlfriend. Looking forward to trying some new brands.

  3. Mia
    | Reply

    These alternatives to Shein may be ethical and plus-sized, but they don’t seem to get that plus-sized girls are SICK of looking frumpy!!

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Some of the styles might not be what you’re looking for, but they definitely aren’t all “frumpy”. Thief & Bandit, Kaela Kay, Loud Bodies, Londre, Cherry Velvet, Alter – just to pick out a few. I think it’s pretty harsh to call them all frumpy.

      • Vouvou
        | Reply

        Specifically lound bodies makes me feel frumpy and probably the girl that wrote it. I’m looking for probably 10 years to find the brands that fit me and my personality but I can’t.some of those brands like dazey don’t even have something in my size and they still calling it plus size.

  4. Sylvie
    | Reply

    Dani Marie is an ethical plus size brand with styles up to 4X. Very beautiful natural fabrics. danimariethelabel.com

  5. Frankie
    | Reply

    Origami Customs is an amazing Canadian company! They make customized and handmade lines of swimwear, lingerie, and more for folks of all genders, sizes, shapes, ages, abilities, and gender expressions. Please check out their About Us to see all about their sustainability, I think it would be nice to see more sustainable brands like this that cater to those outside the binary of what is considered the gender norm! ^v^


  6. Krysten
    | Reply

    Thank you for this! This list is absolutely amazing 🤩 I’m adding new shops to my bookmarks as we speak.

  7. Jules
    | Reply

    I love this post! Some to add would be Big Bud Press for 70’s inspired colorful basics and some jumpers (https://bigbudpress.com), Summersault (https://www.summersalt.com) for swimsuits and TomboyX (https://tomboyx.com) for gender neutral underwear, sleepwear and swimwear.

    • Jules
      | Reply

      Also Universal Standard (https://www.universalstandard.com), although I’m not sure exactly how eco-friendly they are. Has anyone been able to find swim shirts/rashguards that are eco-friendly and plus sized?

  8. Amee
    | Reply

    Love this post! I do wish some of the shops had even more expansed bra sizes. And adjustable straps! One issue I have found with S/M/L type sizing on bras is that choosing a size based on my bust measurement doesn’t necessarily take into account my under-bust measurement. So I end up with something that doesn’t provide enough support because the band is too big. And then I’m short, so many of the straps on these bras are too long. I’m trying so hard to only buy sustainable and ethical fabrics but I am hitting a wall when it comes to supporting “the girls”.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I would highly recommend checking out Lara Intimates! They do letter sizing and make amazing bras 🙂

  9. Susan M Kowluk
    | Reply

    One brand you might want to check out is Blue Sky Clothing. They are on Facebook but I can and do spend hours in their Londsdale store in North Vancouver, B.C. The story of the clothing first started getting made and then where and how and the quality. The fabrics are amazing. Bamboo and Modal etc. She now has 5 shops I believe. have a knit top that I wore at least 2 times a week and I have owned it for over 10 years. While it has finally faded a bit…it is still amazing. The sizes are from xs to 4x and the sizing is very generous. I love it so much almost my entire wardrobe is Blue Sky.

  10. Jennifer Strength
    | Reply

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post. Thank you so much!

    Idea for the future: For all the fashion guides, would it be possible to include a rough idea for pricing? It could be as simple as the price of their cheapest garment to the most expensive garments rounded up i.e. $50-$100 or $100-$300. I completely understand that many companies seem “expensive” compared to fast fashion, and we need to adjust our ideas of what clothing should actually cost; however, I’d love to be able to look at a list like this and know which brands are closer to my budget instead of having to click through each one to see if they’re even attainable for me at this moment in time. I think little things like this make the lifestyle more accessible and less disheartening to those who are trying to transition from a fast fashion to slow fashion state of mind.

    Again, I’m extremely grateful for the work you do. Keep it up!! 🙂 <3

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I totally understand that info would be helpful and I’ve tried to do this in the past but found it very difficult to come up with a way to accurately convey the price. For example a brand might carry clothing in the $50-$100 range but then also sells $500 coats or $15 socks, so cheapest and most expensive can be misleading. Doing a rough average instead I’ve had people get angry if says $100-$200 but then they have some pieces that are $400. I also ran into the issue that brand’s collections can fluctuate in price, so when the post is written it might be accurate but maybe the next collection is overall a bit cheaper or more expensive, and unfortunately I just don’t have the time to update posts each season.

      If you have any suggestions or ideas for these issues I would love to hear them though! It’s info I would like to be able to include, I just haven’t been able to find a way to make it work.

  11. Rebecca
    | Reply

    THANK YOU for this list, it’s amazing! Some of my favourites and some new names to investigate. I’d add that Thunderpants is actually a NZ brand with an American arm. So if customers are shopping from the Southern Hemisphere they can also try https://www.thunderpants.co.nz/.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and sadly there isn’t a huge market yet down under for sustainable plus-size ranges but it’s exciting watching the industry grow! x

  12. Ann
    | Reply

    Thanks for this. Great post! I think TomBoyX would be a good additional mention for the underwear section.

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