Quit Fast Fashion
Quit Fast Fashion

Are you ready to Quit Fast Fashion?

This ebook/workbook is designed to help you change your shopping habits and build a wardrobe that reflects both your style and values.

Quit Fast Fashion takes a very holistic view, so you’re not going to find a list of bad/good brands, or instructions like “how to become a conscious consumer in 3 easy steps!” Instead, it gives you tools and techniques to adapt to your unique wardrobe and slow fashion journey.


Who is this workbook for?

Anyone who would like some guidance with assessing their wardrobe needs, changing their shopping habits, gaining insight into how their clothes are made, and taking a more conscious approach to fashion!

It’s written for someone who is newer to slow fashion, so if you are already a ways into your journey some of the chapters and activities might already be familiar or common practice for you. However I think no mattereveryone can gain knowledge, tips, and tools from this book. Regardless, if you find it’s not valuable for you then you can contact me to receive a refund within 2 weeks of purchase.


How to Purchase

The ebook is available for purchase as a 50-page PDF document, or comes with monthly Patreon support at the $10 level.

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