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Quit Fast Fashion takes a holistic view, so you’re not going to simply find a list of “bad” and “good” brands, or “3 steps to become a conscious consumer!” Instead, it works from the foundation of your existing closet, needs, shopping habits, lifestyle and values to help you take a more mindful approach to your wardrobe.

This is not a process of sacrifice, deprivation, or giving up the things you like, as one might assume, but a way to tune in to your personal needs and curate a wardrobe that ultimately gives you fulfillment and joy.

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About the Author

Verena ‘Erin’ Polowy became passionate about sustainable and ethical fashion when she learned about the incredible impact clothing has on people and the planet while working on her degree in Fashion Design & Technology. After graduating she worked with various clothing brands in design and production positions, as well as with individuals as a personal shopper and stylist, while continuing to learn about the fashion industry and how things could be done in a better way.

About 6 years ago Erin started the My Green Closet youtube channel and posted her first video, she has been spreading awareness and her passion for conscious fashion through videos and her blog ever since.