My tried-and-tested favourite clothing brands that appear in capsule wardrobe after capsule wardrobe. These are the brands I regularly wear and recommend to people!

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Most Worn Sustainable Clothing Brands

Encircled (CAN, US) – Love their versatile, comfy but still put-together vibe. My favourite items are their dressy sweatpants and comfy wide-leg pants.

Anne Mulaire (CAN) – Their winter leggings are a staple in my fall and winter capsules (read a review here). Super comfortable and the material is high quality – I wear them weekly in fall and winter and no pilling yet. Their sizing is unique though so be sure to check the size chart!

Wearing a Son de Flor skirt, Thief & Bandit top, and tentree hat

Son de Flor (EU) – Vintage-inspired, romantic linen full skirts and dresses (perfect for twirling). I have a few dresses and a skirt from Son de Flor, they are beautiful, timeless pieces.

tentree (CAN) – I have many tentree pieces, but especially love their cotton “highline” cardigan and sweater dress, as well as their hoodies and lounge pieces.

NotPerfectLinen (EU) – Another lovely linen brand but with much more casual styles. I’ve had a skirt from them for years and just recently added a linen top and dress to my wardrobe.

Colorful Standard (EU) – Great for tees, tops and basics if you’re looking for specific colors – they have a huge selection of colour options.

ArmedAngels (EU) – While I no longer have many of their pieces in my wardrobe, ArmedAngels was a go-to brand when I lived in Europe for casual, work, and everyday clothing.

Thief & Bandit (CAN) – This small brand makes stunning hand-printed pieces. I have a top from them and am hoping to add one of their dresses to my wardrobe as well.

Socks & Underwear

Wearing Subset briefs and bralette

Subset (formerly Knickey) (US) – I love Subset’s comfy organic cotton underwear and bras and they have a great variety of cuts and colours. Read an indepth of Subset review here.

KENT (US) – 100% organic cotton underwear with bio-based elastics, so they are entirely compostable. While the fit isn’t perfect for me, I love that they’re plastic free!

The Very Good Bra (AUS) – Another fully-biodegradable product! TVGB makes more traditional bras styles (as opposed to bralettes) but they are 100% natural and compostable.

Free Label (CAN) – Their compressive, reversible bras are a must-have for me – so comfortable and also great for yoga and other activities.

Q for Quinn (CAN) – I initially started buying their socks for my daughter but they soon became a family favorite as well. They have cute and comfy organic socks and underwear.

Conscious Step (US) – Another family favorite – we all love the fit and designs on their socks and the giving back aspect also makes them a great thoughtful and useful gift.

Activewear & Swimwear

Wearing Tripulse leggings and Wolven bra top

Tripulse (EU) – Plastic free activewear! Their leggings are very compressive and a great natural alternative to all the polyester/nylon options.

Londre Bodywear (CAN) – High quality swimsuits in sexy and flattering cuts made from recycled plastic, read my indepth review of Londre’s swimwear

Wolven (US) – One of the only sustainable brands I’ve found who makes a decently supportive sports bra (their racerback style).

Free Label (CAN) – While not an activewear brand, their compressive, reversible bras are great for yoga, dance, and other activities.


Unbelts (CAN, US) – Their stretchy, comfy belts are a must-have for fixing pant fit-issues, creating a faux-cropped-sweater look, or accenting a waistline.

Swedish Stockings (EU) – My favorite option for more sustainable tights/nylons and they have a great selection of styles. Watch my review and comparison of tights.

Wearing my GOT Bag backpack

GOT Bag (US, EU)- My husband and I both have their backpacks and love them – durable, water-resistant, and great for travel or day-to-day use.

O My Bag (EU) – I only own one purse (more about that here) and chose the apple leather Audrey from O My Bag for it’s timeless design, versatility, and quality.

Pyrrha (CAN) – I have a few of their jewelry pieces and wear them daily – such special, meaningful pieces and made sustainably from recycled silver.


Veerah (US) – I’ve owned a classic nude pair of their Frida heels for years. They’re the comfiest stiletto heels I’ve ever worn, the quality is excellent, and I love the shoe accessories which allow you to change up the style of a single pair of heels.

Nae Vegan Shoes (EU) – I’ve owned a few pairs of vegan shoes and sandals from Nae and they’ve all been comfortable and well-made.

Allbirds (US) – sustainable running shoes are hard to find, and while I do think Allbirds has some areas to improve regarding their sustainability. I have been very happy with their running shoes.