Favourite Small-Batch Green Beauty Brands

When you first get into green beauty it’s mostly the big brands you hear about. Lush was definitely my (and probably most people’s) introduction to more natural products, then I found 100% Pure, and moving to Germany it was easy to get brands like Lavera and Weleda. However one of my favourite things now is discovering small, indie brands who make wonderful products. So I want to share a few favourites I’ve tried.

(Please note this post contains some affiliate links)

The Innate Life

This Canadian hair care brand started with only a few hair treatments but have slowly been expanding their range. They focus on beneficial herbs, botanical blends, and high quality ingredients. I’ve been using their products for over a year and a half and keep going back to them. While I love using their shampoo and conditioner, my top picks would actually be their scalp treatment – it’s amazing for dryness and to nourish your scalp, and also their rose hair elixir – a few drops can really help dry ends and frizziness.

The Innate Life hair oil

Since I have collaborated with them before, they also kindly gave me a discount code – if you use MYGREENCLOSET at checkout you can get 15% off your order! 🙂



Magic Organic Apothecary 

I first discovered this UK brand through the owner of The Choosy Chick (which is a great place to order it in North America). All of MOA’s skincare products are made in England with a strong focus on yarrow, which is a herb with a rich history of healing, that they combine with other herbal extracts and oils. Their Hello Sunshine body oil has been amazing for summer and has such a great bright, citrusy scent.

I’ve also really enjoyed their Aphrodite facial oil, but probably the product I love most is their Green Balm – it has been my go-to multi-purpose product especially when camping and road-tripping this summer. It can be used as an oil cleanser and to remove makeup and I’ve also found it great for any dryness (which I’m getting a lot more since moving back to dry Alberta) as well as bug bites, itchiness, redness/irritation, and I even put it on sunburns.



Oil + Water

This small batch skincare brand is all hand made in New York and I love their focus on minimal, high quality, beneficial ingredients. After trying out their starter set I fell in love with the gentle, moisturising skin care routine (you can watch a skincare video I did in partnership with Oil + Water here). My favourite product of theirs is probably the face oil; after experimenting with a lot of different oils I know that argan works really well for me which is the base of their oil, it absorbs nicely without being too heavy or greasy. The oil also contains other moisturising and calming ingredients like chamomile which is really helpful for the redness I get.

Additionally they have a beautiful face mist, clay mask, and soaps – basically everything I’ve tried I’ve loved. ☺️ Plus I also have a discount code – with MYGREENCLOSET10 you can get 10% off the Oil + Water line!



I love finding brands that value natural ingredients and work hard to create formulas that deliver all those beneficial plant properties to our skin and hair. Learning more about green beauty has been such a cool journey – it’s incredible all the amazing properties and things plants can do for our skin and bodies!


What are your favourite natural ingredients or indie green beauty brands?



Photos using the products by Dennis Wilhelms Photography

4 Responses

  1. Agnes
    | Reply

    For Europe (Austria / Germany), I want to recommend especially “Pure Skin Food” for face care and “Less is more” for hair care, both from Austria and producing locally there. Both brands seem similar and comparable to the ones that you mentioned regarding their approach, philosophy and products.
    “Pure Skin Food” offer face products in a layering system, 100% organic and vegan. I use a toner and face oil (before, I always used conventional creams). They also offer body products.
    “Less is more” offer organic certified products especially for hair but also for body and scents. I use their products for irritated scalp which seem to help the best so far of all the products and methods I tried.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I unfortunately was kind of disappointed in Pure Skin Food’s mask I used – it was really messy and didn’t seem to do anything. Haven’t tried their oils or other products though.
      Less is More sounds interesting, I’ll check them out! Thanks for the rec 🙂

      • Agnes
        | Reply

        You are welcome!
        To be fair, it is my first experience with a layering system for skin care, with a liquid toning moisteriser (I use Everlasting Rose) and oil (I use the one for dry and mature skin), so I can’t really compare. At least these products work for me.
        Maybe I get a chance to get some US- (or Canada) based brands that you recommended when I will be in Chicago in April, especially the hair products of “The Innate life”.
        Regarding “Less is more”, I use their “Neem scalp relieve shampoo” and their “Herbal tonic”.

        Thank you for your helpful content and your mission or approach of informing about and promoting sustainable lifestyle in a positive way!

  2. Henna
    | Reply

    I heard about The Innate Life though didn’t try their product yet. But after reading this beautiful review, I’m very much interested to use their product. Especially that herbal shampoo is really impressive. I will definitely try this shampoo and yes, let you know my feedback also. 🙂

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