15+ Sustainable Bags, Purses, & Backpacks

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Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Bags are tricky when it comes to sustainability – there are a lot of different materials and they all have pros and cons. Leather comes with a slew of tanning, ethical, and cruelty issues while the vegan options typically are plastic or have plastic coatings (learn more about what types of leather alternatives there are and the environmental pros/cons in our Vegan Leather Guide). So there are different things to weigh when deciding on a sustainable handbag, purse, or backpack.

I’ve rounded up some brands using a variety of eco friendly bags materials and manufacturing in a more sustainable way to help you find the best option for your needs, style and values.

As with my other round-ups, there is a mix of USA, Canada, and European based sustainable bag/accessory brands.

(please note: some affiliate links are used in this post which means we may get a small commission)

DoneGood Marketplace

DoneGood is fantastic for finding conscious brands in one place, they vet the brands on their platform and you can also filter by values to find what you’re looking. They have curated a large selection of fair trade and ethically made bags and wallets in a variety of materials from recycled and upcycled options, to handwoven fabrics, to leather, and vegan options. Our top picks from DoneGood to check out are:

  • Looptworks – variety of upcycled bags made from things like sails, wet suits, seat belts, coffee bags, reclaimed fabrics and more
  • Deux Mains – upcycled inner tube and leather bags and accessories made by female artisans
  • Nisolo – ethically-made, minimalist, high-quality leather handbags and goods
  • Mayamam Weavers – colourful handwoven cotton bags
  • Catrinka – artisan made bags with unique accents

Eco Friendly Bags Made from Cork

Cork seems to currently be one of the better options for sustainable bags. It’s a natural and renewable material (although cork materials typically come with a synthetic backing) and it can be flexible and durable similar to leather.

Eco friendly cork knapsack from Corkor
Image credit: Corkor


Made locally in Portugal, Corkor‘s eco friendly bags use FSC® certified, sustainably harvest cork. They have a great range of styles and natural colours, and also are PETA-Approved vegan which ensures there are no animal products used throughout the production.

(Use code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% off!)

Products: backpacks, crossbodies, handbags, clutches, messenger bags and wallets
Values: vegan, natural cork material, FSC® certified, locally made in Portugal
Ordering: based in Portugal, ships international

Sustainable tote bag from Rok Cork
Image credit: Rok Cork

Rok Cork

A Canadian brand who manufactures their vegan bags in family-run workshops in Portugal from Portuguese cork. Rok Cork has a variety of classic, sustainable purse and handbag styles but made from cork with interesting colours and details.

Products: totes, satchels, crossbodies, and wallets
Values: vegan, natural cork material, ethically made in Portugal
Ordering: based in Canada, ships international

Image credit: Svala


Cute vegan handbags made locally in LA. Svala has a cork collection as well as a Pinatex line and some PU pieces. Their convertible backpack/purse in particular seems like a great idea!

Products: totes, crossbodies, backpack, clutches, and wallets
Values: vegan, natural cork material, Pinatex, made in LA
Ordering: based in USA, ships international

Upcycled and Recycled Bags

I think recycled materials are the most sustainable option since no new materials have to be created (saving a lot of resources and energy) and it also saves existing materials from going to waste.

Sustainable sports/travel bag from grünBAG - made from recycled sails and seat-belts
My sport/travel bag made from recycled sails and seat belt straps


Using almost entirely re-purposed and recycled materials (like tarpaulin, sails, advertising banners, and car safety belts) grünBAG makes a collection of long-lasting and functional bags.

I own one of their travel/gym bags and both my husband and I use their toiletry bags and they are not only really functional but also amazingly durable.

Products: backpacks, shoulder bags, sports bags, and cases/pouches
Values: recycled materials, made in-house or in an atelier in Poland
Ordering: based in Denmark. ships international

Image credit: Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse use innovative and long-lasting materials like repurposed fire-hoses, printing blankets, and parachute silk for their sustainable bags, they also have a collection made from leather off-cuts. As another sustainable feature they offer lifetime repairs on their products.

Products: shoulder bags, clutches, travel bags, and wallets
Values: recycled materials, made in-house or in a factory in Turkey, gives back
Ordering: based in UK, ships international

Image credit: Mariclaro


Upcycled bags using unique materials such as vintage car interiors, seat belts, and aviation materials. All Mariclaro bags are made in their studio in Ontario, Canada.

Products: messenger bags, laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks, travel bags, and wallets
Values: repurposed and upcycled materials, made in Canada
Ordering: based in Canada, ships international

Sustainable backpack made from recycled ocean plastic


With a mission to clean up the ocean, GOT Bag not only makes functional, water-resistant backpacks and bags from recycled plastic, but they’re fully involved in the supply chain – employing fisherman and citizens directly to help clean up and collect plastic. Their bags are thoughtfully designed for adventurers, students, or everyday functionality and many styles are waterproof.

Products: backpacks, hip bags, sports bags, wallets, laptop cases and pouches
Values: recycled materials, warranty and repairs
Ordering: based in Germany, but they have both US and EU online stores

Bags Made from Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Leather isn’t something I personally buy new for ethical reasons, however I understand that other people like it for the look and durability. So here are a few brands producing leather bags in a more sustainable way (and using safer tanning methods – chrome-tanned leather is something you want to avoid):

Regenerative, vegetable tanned leather, sustainable bags from CGC
Image credit: CGC

CGC (Central Grazing Company)

Of all the leather brands out there, CGC stands out for their transparency and sustainability. They have a traceable supply chain, work with farmers to focus on regenerative farming, and only source hides from AWA (Animal Welfare Approved) farms. The leather is vegetable tanned and the bags are made in the US.

Products: currently 1 handbag style
Values: traceable and certified, supports regenerative farming, vegetable tanning, made in USA
Ordering: based in USA, ships within USA

Image credit: O My Bag

O My Bag

Based in The Netherlands, O My Bag has a wide-variety of styles made from leather that is locally sourced near the tannery; it comes from either local meat by-products or from cows that died a natural death. The bags are then ethically made in one of their factories.

They also have vegan apple leather options as well.

Products: large selection of women’s and men’s bags
Values: “eco-tanned” leather, transparent and fair production, carbon-offset shipping emissions
Ordering: Based in Amsterdam, ships international

Image credit: Ms. Bay

Ms. Bay

Purses and handbags made from fish-leather, sourced as a by-product from the food industry (which would otherwise be thrown away) that is then vegetable-tanned.

Ms. Bay also uses recycled linings and packaging, and manufactures their bags in SA 8000 as well as some fair trade certified factories in India.

Products: crossbodies, clutches and wallets
Values: rescued/recycled materials, vegetable tanning, certified factories
Ordering: based in Belgium, ships within Europe

Eco Friendly Bags Made from Textiles

Image credit: Malia Designs

Malia Designs

Variety of bags (even laundry and yoga bags!) made from natural fabrics as well as upcycled feed and cement bags. Malia‘s bags are fair trade and made in Cambodia, they also donate to support children and fight trafficking in Cambodia.

Products: wallets, totes, crossbodies, clutches, yoga and travel bags
Values: rescued/recycled and sustainable materials, fair trade, gives back
Ordering: based in USA, ships to Canada and USA

Vegan Bags Made from PU

I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not a fan of Matt & Nat and their greenwashing, so I wanted to share at least one alternative for vegan synthetic bags. It’s actually been incredibly challenging to find brands in this category that have good quality, and are transparent about their ethics and manufacturing. I think other materials are definitely preferable to synthetics, but I also I wanted to share “Matt & Nat style” vegan-leather bags that at least aren’t PVC (which is a lot worse than PU). Although if you know of any better brands in this category please let me know!

Vegan purse from Angela Roi
My Angela Roi cross body I’ve had 6+ years

Angela Roi

I purchased a cross-body years ago from Angela Roi when my main criteria for bags was just that it was vegan. I’m happy that, with a little care, the bag is still a major workhorse in my wardrobe and my go-to bag.

Angela Roi makes vegan polyurethane (PU), apple leather, and cactus leather bags in Korea and in my experience they are quite high-quality. Style-wise they are a great alternative to Matt & Nat!

Products: crossbodies, shoulder bags, and handbags
Values: PETA certified vegan, apple leather, cactus leather
Ordering: based in USA, ships within USA (although you can also order internationally from these stores)

Sustainable Bags Made from Other Materials

Image credit: AAKS


Colourful bags made from raffia (a fibre from raffia palm leaves). AAKS bags are all made in Ghana by fairly-paid artisans using a traditional hand-weaving technique. (Bags also have leather details)

Products: shoulder bags, crossbodies, and totes
Values: natural materials, made by local artisans
Ordering: based in Ghana, ships international (for free)

Image credit: HFS Collective

HFS Collective

HFS Collective uses a variety of eco-friendly materials such as recycled and deadstock materials, Pinatex, raffia, organic cotton, and more. The bags are all made locally in Los Angeles.

Products: belt bags, crossbodies, and wallets
Values: vegan, sustainable materials, locally made in LA, gives back
Ordering: based in USA, ships international

Do you have any favourite sustainable bag/purse brands I missed?

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  1. Les

    Hello, not sure if I read too fast last night but will ask anyway: Are there any companies that produce 100% vegan and 100% PVC free purses?

    • Verena Erin

      To the best of my knowledge all the cork and other vegan options listed here are PVC free!

  2. Sarah B

    One really neat shop I know is called Re:New project. They take fabric that would otherwise be thrown away (mostly just personal donations) and upcycle them, also supporting refugees. The bags are quite stylish!

    Thanks for this neat article. So much style!

  3. Ann

    Hi! Love this article and your blog. So much information! I’m wondering if you have looked into Pixie Mood? They are definitely a big step up from PVC Matt and Nat.

  4. Steffen Walter

    I’ve just come across this round-up – thank you for posting it. I’d definitely also add Ethnotek to your range of sustainable/ethical choices. See https://ethnotek.com

  5. Samantha Wynter

    Thanks for this! I bought a GOT bag for my wife’s birthday. I know it will be perfect!!

  6. Denise Thornton

    Thank you for your blog, it is very informative. My favorite is the Mariclaro. Keep up your good work.

  7. Lindsey Morgan

    Absolutely loving this bag roundup! Some are from some of my favorite brands but there are definitely others I’ll have to check out! <3

  8. Isabella

    I would like to suggest you another brand, Italian based (Bergamo).


    I purchased several products from them.

  9. Angeli

    Great to see articles like this! I was surprised that you didn’t mention pinatex. I make cork and Pinatex bags. I would love to hear your thoughts on Pinatex.

  10. Lillian

    Hi. I was wondering if you had any experience with Charlie Feist?

  11. Sophia

    Have you looked into Pixie Mood? I think they also use PU instead of PVC, and I have a few of their bags that I do quite love.

  12. Peter

    Thank you for this information! I’ve been really happy with Will’s Vegan Store. Here’s the information about their ethical and environmental policy: https://wills-vegan-store.com/ethical-environmental-policy/

  13. Mari-Anna Vallas

    Thanks for the great list! Found some new gems 🙂

    A Finnish company Globe Hope is worth checking out; they use recycled/upcycled materials -> https://www.globehope.com/

    and Swiss company Freitag makes recycled/upcycled bags

  14. Liz B

    I’m in the UK and have a LaBante London bag which was a bit of a splurge but I LOVE!! I also have a Hetty+Sam bag, but I’m not sure if they’re as sustainable?

  15. Vanessa Mo

    What about bags freon Piñatex? Do they name the list – and, if not, did you come across any companies using this revolutionary leather made from pineapple?
    I’ve also read that there is such thing as SCOBY leather. Any thoughts on that?
    Thanks for ask these amazing options. I wish I was more aware of the Matt&Nat brand when I was younger. After a few of their bags fell apart on me, literally splitting at the seams, I got the message loud and clear!
    Keep up the amazing work 😁

    • Verena Erin

      Thank you!
      Although I haven’t personally tried it, I haven’t heard great things about the durability/wear of Pinatex. However HFS on the list has a little collection made from it if you’re interested.

      I unfortunately don’t know of any brands currently producing scoby leather commercially – do you know of any I could check out?

  16. purselover

    Von Holzhausen is another great company! Their bags are made locally from a leather alternative that is sturdy and very lightweight!

    • Verena Erin

      Unfortunately they don’t seem to have any information about what the “leather” actually is made from though 🙁

  17. Jailyn Dyer

    Great round up, thank you! I’ve also been very pleased with Looptworks.

  18. Renee

    Great article. I love buying my bags second hand and buying real leather. They last so long some of them esp distressed leather can last a lifetime. This way I keep from adding to the general, buying culture that we are all mostly programmed to engage in. It also helps in a little way reduce waste.