12+ Sustainable Bra Brands

I know bras are already challenging to find, sustainable and ethical bras are even more difficult, and if like me you wear a “non-standard” size (for reference I typically wear a 30E) it can seem impossible. So I have not only made a video reviewing some of the bras I own, but here’s also a roundup of some eco-friendly bra brands to check out. ๐Ÿ’š

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My Favourites

Lara Intimates

Hands-down my favourite bra is Lara Intimates’ Wren style. It’s my go-to bra and I love it so much I now have it in two colours!

Lara Intimates uses surplus fabrics and notions from other lingerie brands and manufactures everything in-house in their London studio. They have a great “find my size” tool and the largest size range I’ve seen from a conscious brand – plus plans to expand it further! I also have a post more about Lara and how to measure yourself and order a bra online.

Lara Intimates Ava bra (left) and Wren bra (right)

-The Breakdown-
: wire-free bras & briefs
Conscious Highlights: reclaimed materials, made in-house, made-to-order, zero fabric waste, body-inclusive models
Size range: 26A – 36I
Ordering: based in UK, ships international

The Very Good Bra

If you’re looking for natural materials this is your bra! The Very Good Bra claims to be the world’s first zero waste bra – all components, even things like the elastics, labels, and hook/eye closures are naturally derived and the bra will biodegrade in your compost! While many eco brands just focus on the main material, TVGB goes the extra mile.

-The Breakdown-
: wire-free natural bra & brief
Conscious Highlights: all natural materials, biodegradable
Size range: 30C/32A – 38DD
Ordering: based in Australia, ships international

Luva Huva

My other favourite bra is from Luva Huva. All their bras are made to order and they also offer custom sizes. Everything is made in-house in their Brighton studio, and they use a variety of sustainable materials as well as surplus/remnant fabrics and trims. The bralette I have from them is a couple years old but still super comfortable and in good shape.

-The Breakdown-
: bras, briefs, lingerie & sleepwear
Conscious Highlights: eco materials, made in-house, made-to-order
Size range: 30A – 40E + custom sizing
Ordering: based in UK, ships international

More Bra Brands

Some brands I haven’t personally tried but who offer sustainable and ethical bras and lingerie.

Uye Surana

Beautiful, feminine, and sexy lingerie made for a variety of shapes and sizes. Their pieces are ethically made in NYC or a family-run factory in Colombia in small batches from a variety of materials (some sustainable, some not).

Ethical bra brands - Uye Surana, size inclusive, made in NYC

-The Breakdown-
: Bras, briefs, & lingerie
Conscious Highlights: small batch production, some reclaimed materials, body-inclusive models
Size range: 28A – 42H + custom sizing
Ordering: based in US, ships international

Organic Basics

Basic, wire-free styles made from organic cotton and also have some “invisible” underwear made from recycled nylon.

Sustainable bra brands - Organic Basics, organic cotton bra

-The Breakdown-
: bras, underwear, & basics
Conscious Highlights: GOTS certified organic cotton, certified factories (check out the various certifications each factory has here)
Size range: XS – XL
Ordering: based in Denmark, ships international


One of my favourite underwear brands has now also launched a bralette line! They have classic and comfy styles made from organic cotton in a fair trade certified factory. Knickey also has a virtual fitting room to help you get the best fit as well as their “first pair guarantee” to make shopping online easy

Sustainable bra brands - Knickey organic cotton, fair trade bra

-The Breakdown-
Products: underwear & bralettes
Conscious Highlights: GOTS certified organic cotton, Oeko-Tex certified, Fair Trade certified, use sustainable packaging, take-back recycling program
Size Range: XXS โ€“ XXXL
Ordering: Based in USA, ships to America and Canada


Proclaim’s bralette comes in 3 nude shades! Made in Los Angeles from recycled plastic water bottles.

Sustainable bra brands - Proclaim made from recycled water bottles in 3 nude shades

-The Breakdown-
: nude bralette
Conscious Highlights: recycled material, ethically made in LA, body-inclusive models
Size range: S-XL
Ordering: based in US, also ships to Canada, Australia and the UK


Using all surplus, deadstock, and reclaimed materials, Anek. creates beautiful bra and pantie sets, locally made in Berlin or their factory in Poland.

Sustainable bra brands - Anek. made from reclaimed materials
photographer Colette Pomerleau 

-The Breakdown-
: bras & briefs
Conscious Highlights: reclaimed materials, ethically made in Berlin or Poland
Size range: XS – L
Ordering: based in Germany, ships international

Mary Young

They have both a Canadian site and US site.

A variety of cute styles and cuts all ethically made in Canada from bamboo fabric and nylon mesh.

Ethical bra brands - Mary Young made in Canada.

-The Breakdown-
bralettes, briefs, & bodysuits
Conscious Highlights:
some sustainable materials, Oeko-Tex certified (bamboo), made in Canada
Size Range:
XS – L
Based in Canada, ships international


One of the few conscious brands who offer both underwire and wire-free styles. Nico uses mainly lenzing modal and recycled cotton and their products are made in Australia or in their GOTS certified (working on fairtrade certification) factory in India.

Sustainable bra brands - Nico

-The Breakdown-
: bras, briefs, & swimwear
Conscious Highlights: eco materials, made in Australia and GOTS certified factory in India
Size range: 30A – 36DD
Ordering: based in Australia, ships international


Specializing in bras and lingerie for small busts. Aikyou uses primarily organic cotton and their pieces are sewn in a fairtrade factory in Croatia. They are also in the process of getting GOTS certified.

Sustainable bra brands - Aikyou, organic cotton and fairtrade

-The Breakdown-
: bras, briefs & tanks
Conscious Highlights: organic cotton, fairtrade certified factory, vegan brand
Size range: XS – L
Ordering: based in Germany, ships international


I wanted to include Naja because they are one of the few brands offering molded-cup bras. While not all their products are sustainable they do have an eco-friendly bra collection made from recycled synthetics and a zero waste collection made from reclaimed fabric.

Sustainable bra brands - Naja

-The Breakdown-
: bras, briefs, & activewear
Conscious Highlights: some sustainable materials, factory primarily employs single mothers
Size range: 32B – 36DD (in eco bras)
Ordering: based in US, ships international

Azura Bay

I also need to mention Azura Bay because they are a great online boutique with a variety of sustainable and ethical bra and lingerie brands! They are based in Canada but have a US store as well.

What’s Missing?

Even though I’d love to see brands with larger size ranges, it’s great that there are at least some offering more inclusive sizing.

Also check out my underwear round-up for your bottom half! Plus you can find out more bra/underwear brands in the directory.

Are there any eco bras I missed that you love?


All images not of me are from the brand’s websites.

17 Responses

  1. Punam
    | Reply

    Loved this post! There were so many brands I’m just hearing about for the first time!

  2. Nauchira
    | Reply

    Quick question, when you ordered the boody’s bra did you order a small or medium? You’re the closest example I have in terms of what size bra to buy when the sizing are in letters.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I have it in a size S and the band fits well, the cups could be slightly larger but it’s still really comfy. Hope that helps!

  3. D Peters
    | Reply

    Repurposing fabric is great, but have you researched how synthetics affect our bodies?? They have been linked to cancer and many other maladies. I donโ€™t consider anything made from synthetics to be eco friendly.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I have done quite a bit of research into it and a lot of the evidence of synthetics affecting health is pretty weak. Most of the health issues actually seem to have to do with fabric treatments (which can be on synthetic or natural fibres) or chemicals used during care – things like fabrics softeners (I have a whole post about fabric softeners here: https://mygreencloset.com/never-use-fabric-softener/). Many “natural” fibres like viscose actually have even more toxic production processes than synthetics so it’s hard to say that synthetics are bad and natural fibres are good.

      However if you have some good studies/sources for those claims, please share them! I’d really love to check them out!

      • J
        | Reply

        Cottons, wools, and silks are more natural.

        Viscose, I believe, is lab made.

        • Verena Erin
          | Reply

          Viscose is cellulose based, often made from bamboo or wood pulp which goes through a chemical process. So it’s in this weird middle area. Many do consider it natural though because it has more properties of natural fibers than synthetics but the exact classification is up for debate and is why I put “natural” in quotations when talking about viscose.
          I hope that helps clear it up a bit!

  4. KathleenF
    | Reply

    Sadly, not one of them do a size that fits me. I need a lot of support, and I use underwires because I need that support. I also need an adjustable back, a sensible back band, and straps that don’t dig in. Anything sized S-XL is an absolute no go. Anything without fully adjustable straps is also a no go, likewise bras without underwires and properly molded cups.

    I also hate beige and I want something sexy and pretty, that gives me shape. I love my boobs, I don’t want something that hides them away. The ONLY brand I’ve seen that does something even vaguely like what I want in my size is ยฃ85 a bra. I can’t afford that. Three bras is ยฃ250, and I need to rebuy them every 6 months or so.

    For the time being, I have to buy them from less eco friendly brands. I don’t have another option.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Lara Intimates has bras without underwire that are designed to be very supportive as well as super comfy. If you’re near London they also do in-person fittings so you can try them.

      • KathleenF
        | Reply

        I’m in the depths of Yorkshire, so nowhere even vaguely near London. Every non underwired bra I’ve ever tried has been completely unsupportive. I don’t like the style either, they’re full cup and I prefer balcony bras. From what I can tell, they don’t do enough hooks either.

  5. Sarah
    | Reply

    Free Label bras are Canadian! https://freelabel.com/pages/bras They’re very transparent on their social media.

  6. Gitte
    | Reply

    I am in urgent need of EU (MAINLAND)-based bra brands that are basically like Lara intimates, but, like, not British so I don’t have to worry about there eventually being giant import fees in the future because of shitty brexit. Rather perhaps Dutch, or French, or German, or Danish or just some country that will probably stay in the EU.

    xs-s-m based sizing doesn’t work for me since I am tiny but with a relatively big amount of boobage. Which is frustrating, even in conventional brands. Bras never fit ‘right’, except for the single lara intimates ava bra I have. In 28D (I am in between that and 26DD, more or less)

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Really sorry, but the only brands I know of in Europe that do that sizing are Lara Intimates or Luva Huva and both are UK based ๐Ÿ™

  7. Petra
    | Reply

    I loved your video and your commitment to really finding better options. The only problem I have with this is with brands that ships internationally. Wouldn’t the shipping cause really high co2 emissions? What do you think?


    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      Shipping definitely has higher emissions, but in the fashion industry most products are shipped all around the world anyway – fibres are shipped to a different country for milling, fabrics are shipped for sewing, garments are shipped around the world to distributors and retailers, etc. so unless the product was fully locally made there’s already a lot of shipping involved in the product’s life-cycle. Of course it would be great to avoid that extra shipping impact getting to you but often sustainable brands aren’t available locally and personally I think it’s better to buy products that have an overall lower impact (from things like sustainable materials and manufacturing) and to support brands that I believe are working towards a better industry than to to buy a likely unsustainable and unethical product locally just to save the shipping.

      There also are some things you can do to reduce the shipping impact:
      – you can look for stockists as close to you as possible to order from
      – you can place bulk orders – so instead of ordering many small items, wait till you have a few pieces to order or place an order with friends and family
      – you can avoid using any express services, since if it’s not rushed it allows the postal service the flexibility to wait to pack full loads
      – and you can also look for companies that carbon-offset their shipping (Etsy just announced they’re doing this) or encourage the brands you like to have a carbon offset program

  8. Roxanne
    | Reply

    Sokoloff Lingerie is a beautiful brand from Montrรฉal, in Quรฉbec. They have a sustainable collection.

  9. ls
    | Reply

    I LOVE Naja intimates! Their adriana bralette is my absolute favorite, I have it in 2 colors. My biggest pet peeve about most bralettes is that the seam down the middle of the cups usually puckers and creates visible points under your clothes, but that’s not at all the case with there. Just realized it’s not one of their “eco-friendly” ones though. ๐Ÿ™ Totally going to check out these other brands, thanks!

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