Sustainable, 2hand, & Minimal Nature-Themed Nursery

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Last Updated on August 14, 2021

Before moving into and getting our new house ready (you can watch both the process and final house tour) I got the most questions and interest in what we’re doing with the nursery and what kinds of cooking/dining stuff we have so I’ll be doing a more in-depth post about both!

Note: this post contains some affiliate links

With a new baby on the way and a new house I was looking forward to planning a space for our child to grow in and enjoy. I wanted something comfortable and engaging but without a lot of clutter.

The room gets beautiful light and I really wanted it to be bright and inviting. The first thing I did was figure out the colour palette – I definitely wanted something gender neutral. After going through tons of paint colours I just kept going back to white however a plain white room also seemed bare and boring especially since we weren’t planning on having a ton of decor items; that’s when I came across Farrow & Ball’s wallpaper and decided doing an accent wall was the perfect way to bring some colour and design into the room and also be something for baby to look at from the crib.

I chose their Atacama print in a lovely green which has abstract flower and cactus shapes. This then set the tone and theme for the rest of the room. I decided on a colour palette of grass-green, white, muted yellow, and orange accents.

For the other walls in the room we went with a warm white also from Farrow & Ball who makes eco-friendly, non-toxic, and baby-safe paints.
(note: I reached out to them and they kindly gifted me the wallpaper and paint)

Painting over the yellow walls made such a difference in the room!

I knew we were getting a secondhand crib in white and because of the beautiful wallpaper I really wanted to get an open bookshelf that would show the paper through and not be too heavy-looking in the corner. After a lot of searching on buy/sell sites, I finally found this white ladder shelf which works perfectly.

On the shelf we keep some books, toys, a couple succulents, and the top shelf is the perfect place for a baby monitor. I also got a lovely fair trade, woven grass basket from Ten Thousand Villages to keep some toys in and my mother knit a couple cozy cotton blankets which we have out for snuggling.

The only thing I’d still like to add is a little mobile above the crib which I’m planning on DIY-ing and will update the post with once it’s finished!

For the other side of the room I found this yellow dresser which provides more than enough storage for clothes, bedding, and some odds and ends (there is no closet in the room). Next to it there’s a little basket which we use as a clothing hamper and I was able to get this wooden glider frame secondhand and DIY’d the cushions which you can see happen in my video. Then we have a little reading/side table with a bunny lamp (which was another great secondhand find), although I’m thinking of painting the lampshade to add a bit more colour. At first I wasn’t sure if we needed a table, but it’s been very useful to keep things at arms-reach.

Corner with glider and dresser

To add some colour to the wall I love getting illustrations and designs from Creative Market, they have tons of posters, cards, images, and graphics which you can print as-is or use to create your own designs. It’s much more affordable than buying prints and they have tons of great baby/nursery designs!

Floral B by tatiletters part of “It’s a Girl Unicorns and flowers” collection (I just changed the colours)

To go with our nature theme I also got this rug with geometric plants (kindly gifted from Made Trade) which is handwoven by artisans from excess wool and cotton. I really like the mix of organic and geometric plant patterns and shapes in the room.

I was happy to be able to use a couple fairytale woodblock prints that my great aunt made in the 50s, and picked up this lovely cut-out pillow from Ten Thousand Villages to make a comfy corner and bring some green to the other side of the room as well as slightly mirroring the wallpaper with some texture.

Putting up books with nice illustrations makes super simple, cute, and functional decor plus it’s fun to change them up throughout the year! We have mostly books about animals and nature so it also fits the room theme nicely.

I also used some of the wooden toys we have on the shelves (the stacking robot is from Little Miss Workbench who I discovered through Buy Me Once and the wooden age-counter blocks are from Canadian brand Whittle Wood) and my mother saved some of the good quality stuffed animals I had as a child which I’m excited to now pass on to my daughter.

Overall I’m really happy with how the room turned out, it’s calm and comfortable but still fun and playful which is exactly the kind of atmosphere I was hoping to create. I’m also thrilled that we were able to get basically everything secondhand or from conscious brands. We can’t wait to enjoy the room more and more as she grows!


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