Sustainable Socks – Top 16 Eco Friendly Sock Brands

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Socks are something many of us use regularly, and they’re a great way to support sustainable and ethical brands as they aren’t an item most people can (or want to) buy secondhand. Also, since they don’t have the same fit issues as clothing, they are easier to order online and more affordable at a lower price point than clothes.

Whether you’re looking for fun colours and patterns or classic neutrals, these are some great sustainable and organic sock brands I’ve found — many of which we’ve tested out and love!

(please note: some affiliate links are used in this post which means we may get a small commission)

Conscious Step

Sustainable, organic socks from Conscious Step that give back!
Ben & I in our Conscious Step socks

Organic cotton and fair trade socks in solids as well as many colourful patterns. Every pair donates to a partnered charity or organization, with many to choose from!

The brand offers socks for adults and kids. My husband and I both own Conscious Step socks and we like the snug fit and arch support!

Price: $12.95-14.95 USD

Size Range: S-L & Kids

Values: Fair Trade, GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX certified, Sustainable materials, Factory transparency, Gives back, Vegan

Availability: Based in the USA, ships to to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries

Q for Quinn

Image credit: Q for Quinn

Colourful socks, mostly for kids but also with some great adult options. Q for Quinn has both organic cotton and merino wool options. Their un-dyed baby socks are perfect for little ones with eczema or sensitive skin.

These are a huge hit in our family, we love the soft cotton and the matching family sets are super fun.

Price: From $18 USD for adult socks (lower in packs)

Size Range: S, L, & Kids

Values: GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX certified, Gives back

Availability: Based in Canada, ships international

Psst. You can also use coupon code MYGREENCLOSET for 10% off Q for Quinn!


Image credit: Subset

Our favorite underwear brand has done it again! Their new sock line is soft, lightweight, comfortable, and the perfect essentials for dressy or casual wear.

Subset’s organic cotton socks come in both crew and quarter styles in classic, neutral colors to easily go with everything you own.

Price: $13 USD

Size Range: S/M & M/L

Values: GOTS certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, Fair Trade certified, Plastic-free packaging, Body-inclusive models, Take-back recycling program

Availability: Based in USA, ships to America and Canada

Friday Sock Co.

Images from Friday Sock Co.

A great option if you’re looking for fun patterns and graphics. I love the “mismatched” idea and these also make great, useful gifts for adults and children.

Their socks are made in Italy from OEKO-TEX certified cotton, and they also have a recycled cotton collection.

Price: $13-17 USD

Size Range: Two adult sizes, one for women (US 5-10) & one for men (US 7-12) & Kids

Values: OEKO-TEX certified, Sustainable materials

Availability: Based in Canada, ships international

Harvest & Mill

Images Harvest & Mill

With a focus on local production and regenerative agriculture, Harvest & Mill offers a selection of organic, undyed and color-grown cotton socks. Great for those with skin sensitivities!

We really appreciate how Harvest & Mill takes sustainability to the next level with circular fashion initiatives.

Price: $10-11 USD

Size Range: S-L

Values: Sustainable materials, Factory transparency, Vegan, Carbon neutral, Plastic-free packaging, Made in USA

Availability: Based in USA, ships international

Kind Socks

Images from Kind Socks

Fun and colourful patterned unisex socks in crew and ankle styles. Made from organic cotton in a GOTS-certified factory in Turkey.

Price: € 9-10 Euros

Size Range: 36-40, 41-46 (European sizing)

Values: GOTS certified, gives back

Availability: Based in Sweden, ships international


Image from PACT

Variety of sock styles (classic, ankle, knee and no-show) for men and women in neutral colours, made from organic cotton. They also have sock packs which are a great affordable option.

I have some of their ankle socks and love them!

Price: $14-24 USD (2-3 packs)

Size Range: Two adult sizes, one for women (US 6-10) & one for men (US 9-13) & Kids

Values: GOTS certified, Fair Trade certified, Carbon neutral, Plastic-free packaging

Availability: Based in USA, ships international

Organic Basics

Images from Organic Basics

Classic, neutral socks for men and women in a variety of cuts as well as sport socks (which include anti-odor technology). You can also save some $ with their sock packs.

Price: $15-17 USD (cheaper per pair in packs)

Size Range: S-L

Values: Sustainable materials, GOTS certified organic cotton, Factory transparency, Carbon neutral, Gives back

Availability: Based in Denmark, ships international

Maggie’s Organics

Maggies Organics rainbow organic cotton socks
Baby B & I in our rainbow Maggie’s Organics socks

Large selection of organic cotton and wool socks in a variety of styles and cuts (for adults and babies), including classic, ankle, sport, and dress socks in colours, patterns and neutrals.

Price: $8.50-28 USD

Size Range: S-XL & Kids

Values: Sustainable materials, GOTS certified, Factory transparency, Made in USA, Gives back

Availability: Based in USA, ships international

Swedish Stockings

Recycled fashion socks
Images from Swedish Stockings

Best known as a sustainable tights/stockings brand, Swedish Stockings also had a selection of fashion-forward sock styles made from their recycled nylon.

I have both a pair of open knit and over-the-knee socks and love using them to add some style and interest to an outfit.

Price: $19-40 USD

Size Range: S-XL

Values: Recycled materials, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, Take-back recycling program

Availability: Based in Sweden, ships international


Images from Allbirds

Unisex socks made from a blend of Tencel, Merino wool, recycled nylon and spandex, and available in a selection of cuts and colours. Some styles have wicking and anti-odor features.

Price: $14-24 USD

Size Range: S-XL

Values: Sustainable materials, Carbon neutral, Plastic-free packaging, B Corp

Availability: Based in USA, ships international, also have a Canadian store


Organic cotton colourful and neutral socks with buttons to keep pairs together in the wash. Qnoop offers socks for women, men, and kids in classic styles.

Price: € 9.95 Euros (cheaper per pair in packs)

Size Range: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 (European sizing)

Values: GOTS certified organic cotton,

Availability: Based in the Netherlands, ships international


Images from Thought

Huge selection of colourful patterned socks for women, men, and kids. Thought’s socks come in classic and ankle styles, mostly made from a bamboo and recycled polyester blend but also with organic cotton, hemp, and other options.

Price: $10 USD (cheaper per pair in packs)

Size Range: Two adult sizes, one for women (US 4-7) & one for men (US 7-11) & Kids

Values: Sustainable materials, Plastic-free packaging

Availability: Based in UK, ships international


Images from Boody

Bamboo socks in neutral colours for women, men, and babies. The socks come in a variety of styles: classic, ankle, sport, and no-show.

Price: $8.95-13.95 USD (cheaper per pair in packs)

Size Range: 3-9, 9-12 (US sizing)

Values: Sustainable materials, Vegan, B Corp, OEKO-TEX certified, Plastic-free packaging, Take-back recycling program, Gives back, Factory transparency

Availability: Based in Australia, ships worldwide

Are there Sustainable Compression Socks?

This question popped up recently and I found two brands to share!

Comrad (USA) – A company specializing in compression socks. They have a new style made from recycled cotton.

Rockay (Denmark & USA) – A running/athletic brand with a compression option made from recycled nylon and recycled elastane.

3 Responses

  1. Kad
    | Reply

    Love crew socks made from sustainable fibers and I have tried some of these brands! We also heard about Bear Fiber ( launching hemp socks made with hemp from the US!

  2. Jessica
    | Reply

    I am surprized that you promote brands wich sold whool socks… They are not ethical at all. With “Large selection of organic cotton and wool” you don’t try To discourage people To buy them and don’t spread awareness about this issue. (I am only talking about this post because I appreciate that you condamn animal testing and I appreciate that you promote sustanability). Please people don’t buy whool this is animal exploitation and suffering in this post you can find many cotton socks 😉. This is just a crtique of this post, also your work is really cool.

    • Verena Erin
      | Reply

      I’ve talked a lot about wool and the sustainable/ethical issues, this video series has the most info:
      Wool falls in a weird middle ground for me because the fibre is incredibly durable, it can last for ages and has many properties you can’t find in other fibres like cotton. Many sheep also need to be shorn for their health and safety (because they have been bred for centuries to overproduce wool), and it’s one of the few things that can more easily be farmed in a regenerative way. I personally believe there is a way we can use wool in a responsible and symbiotic way and both the brands mentioned who use wool are fairly transparent and have credentials regarding their wool sourcing.
      It’s up to everyone to make their own decisions and I want to provide better options in different categories and areas (for example in my bags & purses post I still highlight some leather products even though I personally don’t wear or buy new leather because I still want to give people better options who are seeking out leather)

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