Eco & Organic Weighted Blankets for Adults & Kids

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

Weighted blankets have become more popular and have been found to help with sleep issues, anxiety ADHD, stress, chronic pain and more. I personally have bad insomnia and while a weighted blanket isn’t a “cure” it does help me sleep better. They also claim to help kids relax (although be sure to get children’s weighted blankets which are lighter than ones for adults).

One big reason that I avoided trying a weighted blanket for so long is the many are made from synthetic fabrics and microfleece with plastic poly pellet filling (a large culprit of environmental plastic pollution). This not only is bad for the environment but I also don’t want to sleep under a pile of plastic.

Luckily more brands have been addressing this issue and offering sustainable and plastic-free weighted blanket options. So we’ve collect our top picks of natural and organic weighted blanket brands.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Many weighted blankets (especially 15-20 lb ones) can be machine washed, however it depends on the weight and your washing machine’s weight limit. To check the weight limit of your machine read the manual – if you don’t have the physical copy they can often be found online. Most blankets also recommend not using a dryer and hanging to dry.

Home machines typically can’t handle 25 lbs or more though, so for these you need to take them to a commercial washer or have them dry-cleaned.

Different materials also require different care so for each brand we’ve listed their washing requirements to help with you decision.

Sustainable & Natural Weighted Blankets

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I have a Bearaby blanket and these are not only a very stylish option but I love how the knit construction cocoons around you. (Check out my video about testing the Bearaby blanket)

They are only made from fabric with no filling and they have options in organic cotton, Tencel – their “Tree Napper”, and recycled PET velvet (although I would recommend the natural ones over this one). They also have a queen/king size option and their organic cotton “Nappling” which is a weighted blanket designed for kids.

Washing: Some Bearaby blankets can be machine washed and dried if your machine can handle the weight, but 25lbs+ and the velvet napper must be dry cleaned.

Weights: 6 lbs (kids), 10 lbs – 35 lbs (adults)
Cost: $139 – $149 (kids), $199 – $399 (adults)
Values: Sustainable Materials, fabrics are Made in Green by OEKO-TEX and Fairtrade International certified, Vegan, Plastic-free Packaging
Based In: USA, they have both a Canadian and US site

Image credit: Baloo


With both weighted throw and comforter options, Baloo’s blankets are made from plant-dyed cotton with glass bead filling. They also have a kids option naturally-dyed with lovely colours. They also offer a linen duvet cover.

Washing: Some of Baloo’s blankets can be machine washed as long as your machine can handle the weight. They recommend taking the king size blanket and all comforter options to a commercial washer.

Weights: 9 lbs (kids), 12 lbs – 25 lbs (adults)
Cost: $149 (kids), $159 – $269 (adults)
Values: Sustainable Materials, Vegan, Gives Back, Carbon Neutral
Based In: USA, ships international


Saatva offer a weighted blanket in 100% organic cotton velvet with glass bead filling. If you like the fuzzy, plush fleece blankets, this is a great natural alternative!

Washing: Saatva recommends dry cleaning their blankets.

Weights: 12 lbs – 20 lbs
Cost: $345 – $445
Values: Sustainable Materials, Fair Trade Certified cotton
Based In: USA, only ships within US

Image credit: Sommio


A knit weighted blanket option for those in the UK and Europe! Sommio’s knitted blanket is made from 100% organic cotton.

Washing: Their knitted blankets can be machine washed as long as your machine can handle the weight.

Weights: 7 kg – 10 kg
Cost: £184 – £229
Values: Sustainable Materials, Made in the UK
Based In: UK, ships international

Image credit: WeeSprout


A comforter style exclusively for kids, WeeSprout‘s weighted blankets are made from 100% organic cotton with glass bead filling.

Washing: WeeSprout suggests using a duvet cover and primarily washing that. The blankets are hand wash or dry clean.

Weights: 5 lbs – 10 lbs
Cost: $79 – $89
Values: Sustainable Materials
Based In: USA, ships US only

Image credit: Karmara


Karmara’s “switch” weighted blanket is a comforter style made from organic cotton with glass microbead filling and comes with an organic cotton cover. They also have the same style in a children’s version.

Washing: Their blankets can be machine washes as long as your machine can handle the weight. They do not recommend using a dryer.

Weights: 3 kg – 6 kg (kids), 6kg – 12kg (adults)
Cost: £100 – £120
Values: Sustainable Materials, Made in Europe
Based In: UK, ships only within the UK

Silk & Snow

Another knit weighted blanket option. Silk & Snow’s blanket is 100% cotton (not organic) and comes in a variety of colours.

Washing: Their knitted blankets can be machine washed as long as your machine can handle the weight.

Weights: 8 lbs – 25 lbs
Cost: $180 (kids), $250 – $320 (adults)
Values: OEKO-TEX Certified,
Based In: Canada, ships within Canada and US.

Have you tried a weighted blanket? What did you think?

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