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Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Stylish, Sustainable & Actually Warm Winter Wear ☃️

I live in Canada where winter days can drop below -30°C and we’ve even seen temps down to -40° 🥶 so winter clothing has to be both functional and stylish! All those cute cloth bombers, single-layer dusters, and non-insulated boots unfortunately aren’t going to cut it here.

So I’ve put together a roundup of actually warm, eco-friendly, and ethical winterwear to help my fellow winter-folk stay comfy, cozy and cute during the snowy months.

Environmental & Social Responsibility Quick Symbol Guide

🧵 – Ethically Made (based on available info)
🔍 – Publicly Transparent about Factories and/or Suppliers
🌿 – Use Sustainable Materials
♻️ – Use Recycled Materials
🐰 – Vegan Options Available
🔄 – Has a Take Back/Circularity Program
🎁 – Gives Back

Image from Norden

Winter Coats


Parkas, puffers, and lighter jackets for men and women, Norden’s vegan coats are made from recycled plastics and they also have a circularity program where they take back their used coats for recycling!

Certifications: B Corp, WRAP-certified factory, Peta Approved
Location: Canada, ships to Canada and US
Size Range: XS – XL


Nau has a collection of insulated coats, vests, and jackets made from natural and recycled materials including some recycled down styles (which is reclaimed from duvets and pillows, cleaned and sorted for the best quality).

Certifications: none
Location: USA, ships within USA
Size Range: XS – XL


Images from Patagonia

The sustainable activewear darlings probably have the largest selection of winter coats- especially if you’re looking for coats for performance or outdoor activities. Patagonia uses a lot of recycled materials including recycled down, and many products are also fair trade certified!

Certifications: Fair Trade (not all products)
Location: USA, stores international, ships international
Size Range: XS – XL

Image from Allbirds


You probably know them as a shoe brand, but this year Allbirds launched an apparel line including a winter puffer jacket. It’s made from wool, lyocell, and recycled polyester.

Certifications: B Corp
Location: USA, also stores in Canada, UK, EU, NZ, Australia, China, and Japan
Size Range: S – XXL


Vegan outdoor, casual, and active brand with winter and all weather coats made from natural, organic, and recycled materials. They have styles for different weather requirements.

Certifications: Peta Approved
Location: Germany, ships international
Size Range: XS – XL

Frank And Oak

Images from Frank and Oak

A Canadian brand that understands cold winters – they have a good selection of puffer and parka styles, some rated down to -30°C! Frank And Oak’s coats are made from mainly recycled materials (they don’t say vegan but it doesn’t seem like animal products are used in their coats – double check though).

Certifications: B Corp
Location: Canada, also US store, ships international
Size Range: XS – XL

Eileen Fisher

One of the original sustainable and ethical brands. While most of their coats are pretty thin and better for milder winters, Eileen Fisher does have a few more insulated options.

Certifications: B Corp
Location: USA, ships international
Size Range: XXS – 3X

Image from Ecoalf


Ecoalf has a large selection of puffer jackets/coats in a variety of styles, lengths, and thicknesses. They use different recycled materials and also have vegan winter coat options.

Certifications: B Corp, SA 8000, Peta Approved (some products), Blue Sign, Oeko-Tex
Location: Spain, ships international
Size Range: XS – XXL


A vegan brand with a large selection of parkas that incorporate some recycled materials. They also have a temperature rating on their coats which is helpful!

Certifications: Peta Approved
Location: Canada, ships international
Size Range: XS – 3X

and don’t forget Pre-Loved Coats

Secondhand shopping as a great option for winter coats. My whole family has secondhand winter coats!

It’s more affordable, and if like me, you’re not wanting to support unethical wool or down production, it can still be a way to get those insulating materials without contributing towards a brand’s potentially unethical practices.

Sustainable & Vegan Winter Boots

I’ve found this to be one of the trickiest areas to find sustainable, stylish and functional products, but here are some options to check out!

Wearing my Kamik boots


This year I needed to replace my boots and after a lot of debating I decided to go with Kamik. While I wouldn’t give them full points on their sustainability and ethics, they are still taking steps and have some good goals. They also are one of the only brands who actually have boots:

  • rated for -30°C and below winters
  • styles good for deep snow
  • a variety of vegan options and some more sustainable materials
  • plus get good reviews for durability

These are the reasons why I ended up going with them.

I choose their vegan “Snowpearl” style which works really well with my winter wardrobe. My husband also has a pair of Kamik’s – their “Forester” boots which are a cool hybrid winter/rain boot with removable insulation.

Certifications: none
Location: Canada, also US & EU stores, ships international
Size Range: 5 – 11


If you’re looking for a stylish winter boot, Bhava is the brand to check out! They have a variety of non-PVC vegan leather boots with different levels of insulation, including some platform heel options!

Certifications: none
Location: USA, ships international
Size Range: 5 – 11


Best know for their natural rubber boots, Thesus (previously Alice + Whittles) now also has their vegan “weekend boot” designed for cozy, comfy walking and adventuring. While I don’t think these would cut it at -30 I still wanted to include them because the seem like a good option for those with milder and wetter winters.

Certifications: none
Location: Canada, ships international
Size Range: 6 – 12

Hats, Gloves & Scarves

Many of the coat brands also make scarves, hats, and mittens/gloves, but here are also a few more options for cozy winter accessories!

Ben and I in our Myssy hats


I love their story – Myssyfarmi hats are made in a community in Finland with wool from local, family-farmed sheep, and knit by the local grannies! They have super cute and cozy styles.

Certifications: none
Location: Finland, ships international

Organic Basics

They recently added a new recycled wool collection of hats, scarves, and mittens in classic styles and colours, for something extra lux they even have recycled cashmere options.

Certifications: B Corp, and many of their factories also have certifications such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex, SA8000
Location: Denmark, also US store, ships international

Organic Basics recycled cashmere hat and gloves


I wanted to include Tentree in because they have both wool and a few organic cotton options for those wanting to avoid wool (they don’t specifically say the cotton accessories are vegan but the materials seem to just be cotton and a cork tag).

Certifications: B Corp
Location: Canada, also US store, ships international

Slate + Salt

Artisan made scarves hats and mittens. Lighter woven options as well as chunky knits. They work with fair trade artisan cooperatives and disadvantaged groups.

Certifications: none
Location: US, ships to select countries

I hope this help you make a more sustainable choice with your winter wear. As with all the brand roundups here, I will update if I find any other brands and please let me know your favourite sustainable winter brands in the comments!

Stay warm 💚

Updated Jan 6, 2022

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    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. You turned me off Frank and Oak for purses yet I see you recommend them for Winter Coats. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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      Hi, Frank and Oak doesn’t manufacture purses. Are you maybe confusing them with Matt & Nat?

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    Love this post! For warm weather I love thrifting – I’ve found some pretty cool things 🙂 It seems like you can never not find a cute sweater!
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