4 Things to Know This Black Friday

Last Updated on November 29, 2021

Black Friday and the whole sale weekend can be chaotic and oxytocin-fueled. If you are looking to snag some deals these are a few things you should be aware of to approach the next few shopping days more mindfully.

A lot of sales aren’t actually that good.

Companies are known to use clever and deceiving tactics to get you excited about their sales and think you’re getting a great deal. For example brands will use “loss leaders” where they have a few products deeply discounted to entice customers and make it seem like they have amazing sales but knowing that people will still buy other things at a profit. They might also have these items in very limited quantities so they sell out quickly to generate further excitement.

Brands have also been found to inflate their “original prices” so the sales look even better (everyone prefers getting 50% off instead of 20%) and some even list an original price which never existed, it was always intended to sell at the “sale price”.

Sales make us buy more.

Shopping gives us a short term “high” by triggering oxytocin in the brain and this increases when we feel like we’re getting a good deal. Being aware that you are actually fighting your own brain chemistry can help with more mindful shopping.

A great way to keep this in check is by asking yourself if you would still want the item if it wasn’t on sale.

Check out my video on the psychology of shopping:

Where is your money going?

There are unfortunately a lot of destructive and unethical companies out there so try to support brands that align with your sustainable and ethical values.

Manufacturing in a conscious way often means that the prices better reflect the true cost, so this can mean that these brands have a higher price point. Sometimes they can be out of budget so sales are a great way to score some pieces you’ve been eyeing!

Make sure your purchase is right for you.

When you are ready to buy something always ask these 10 questions to avoid impulse purchases, lots of returns, and so you know it’s something that you’ll get a lot of use from!

Are you taking part in sales this year?

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